Sunday, 30 December 2012

Red Button update....

It's finished!
I've completed my latest Seltham Community College ebook. It's now in the process of being edited and the like. Should be out early 2013.
The next one is called Lucy's Journal and I'm hoping this will tie in nicely with the 2nd Prom Night Special.
Bad news about the Prom Night III that I'd almost finished - when I went looking for it to see how far I'd got and how to tie in the characters from Red Button - it has completely disappeared. You know how I lost a load of work back in May when the hard drive went - Prom Night Special III went with it! So I shall have to start it all over again....
We went to see the Life of Pi last night - it was very good, really beautiful - but very sad. I have to confess to having a bit of sniffle a few times!
Anyways - back to the day job tomorrow :(
One of these days I might win that lottery....
Happy New Year!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

...Ahhh, time to put my feet up and relax...well, not quite - we have 15 coming from Christmas this year - yeah, beginning to feel as though I've bitten off more than I can chew...
Still, who cares if it isn't perfect - I'm sure we'll all have a great time anyway!
I've done all my shopping; there's still a bit of wrapping to do, but that won't take long and we've got the turkey (it's about the size of a Sumo wrestler...)
The weather isn't great - what happened to the cold weather of a couple of weeks back? All we've got is relentless rain - still, could be worse...
Anyway - I sincerely hope that Santa is good to you, that you get all of your heart's desires and that you have a very merry Christmas and a healthly, happy and prosperous new year!
Lots of love

Heather x

Friday, 7 December 2012

The Wolf Moon

It's finished and out there!
You can download it for $0.99 directly from smashwords for the next couple of weeks and then it will be available from all the usual outlets after that.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Excerpt from The Wolf Moon...

I will be releasing this new ebook later on in the month, but just to give you a little hint - here are Chapters five and six...

It was another fortnight before Ylva saw Franklin again. She was in her human form and had gone into town with a couple of friends. She caught sight of him out of the corner of her eye and did a double take. He was on his own walking through the town square.

He looked utterly gorgeous. His dark hair hung untidily in his eyes and he kept pushing it back whilst he chatted on his mobile phone to someone. He was laughing about something and her heart skipped a beat as she watched him.

He disappeared into the book shop.

“I really need some new books for school next term.” She quickly improvised. “I’ll catch up with you guys.” She shot off, leaving her bewildered mates behind.

“We’ll be in the Queens Centre in the food hall.” Her best friend, Orianna, called after her.

Ylva waved her hand in acknowledgement and carried on.

She arrived at the book store a little out of breath and fleetingly wondering just what the hell she was thinking of.

She spotted him over by the autobiographies.

Taking a deep breath, she tried to sound as though she was completely surprised to see him. “Franklin?” She asked.

He whirled around and his eyes settled on her. He looked surprised to see her, but then the smile that broke out over his face was unmistakably one of pure delight.

“Ylva!” he exclaimed. “Hi – where did you come from?” he looked behind her, clearly wondering if she was alone or with other members of the Pack.

“I’m in town with a couple of girlfriends from college.” She explained hurriedly.

“College?” Franklin’s smile faded a little. “Oh, I thought…how old are you then?”

“I’m seventeen.” She said. Her smile faltering a little as it registered with her the reason he was asking. “Why, how old are you?”

“I’m sixteen – I’m in my last year at school though.” He reddened.

“Oh.” She tried not to sound disappointed. “You look older.” She smiled up at him.

Franklin grinned. “Thanks – is it alright to say that you look younger?”

She grinned at him. “Sure.”

“Have you got to run, or can I buy you a coffee?”

“Coffee would be fantastic – there’s a cafe on the third floor.”

“Cool – let’s go.” Franklin put his hand out automatically. Ylva looked at his offered hand for a split second before she took a deep breath and thought, what the hell? She grabbed his hand in hers and grinned up at him. This was turning out to be the best day...




“So what are you studying at college?” Franklin asked as he passed her a cappuccino.

“Oh, thanks.” She took the cup and smiled. “Um, Psychology, Sociology and Politics.”

Franklin looked at her impressed. “Wow – are you planning on University too then?”

She nodded. “Yeah – I’m not sure where yet – the pack elders don’t like us to go far – for obvious reasons – we can be a danger to ourselves in strange places.”

Franklin nodded. “Yeah, I guess.” He murmured looking at her.

“What?” Ylva asked.

Franklin shook his head. “Sorry – I’m just really curious as to what it’s like growing up where everyone is a werewolf.”

“Not everyone is.” She said. “There are some half-breeds amongst us.”

“Really?” Franklin frowned, that didn’t sound quite right – his mother was convinced that humans were about as welcome as a plague of rats... “How’s that then?”

Ylva shrugged. “People don’t always fall for someone in the same village as them, do they? I mean – you wouldn’t necessarily expect to marry someone you go to school with – it’s the same in Bernside. Sometimes ordinary people fall in love with the werewolves and their offspring don’t always carry the gene.”

“Yeah, that makes perfect sense – it was just something my mother said.” He frowned.

“Your mother,” Ylva faltered slightly but then taking a deep breath she continued, “Franklin, can I aske you something?”

He nodded.

“Is her name Stella?”

Franklin raised an eyebrow. “Yeah it is – why?”

“She ran off with a human that she had been forbidden to pursue.”

“Yeah, I did know that – she told me that much at least – and she also said she was not welcome to return – she might have also mentioned to me that I should stay away from you.” He gave her a crooked grin.

Ylva sighed. “Yup, I was told to stay away from you too.” She grinned at him ruefully. “We’re not doing so very well on that are we?”

Franklin grinned back, taking a sip of his drink. “Guess not.”

“So, have you got a girlfriend?” Ylva could have cut her own tongue out of mouth for that question – where the hell did that come from?

Franklin turned red again. “Um, actually yeah I do – her name’s Janey.”

“Janey? That’s a nice name – have you been seeing her for long?” There I go again – somebody stop me!

“A few months – yeah.” He was beginning to look uncomfortable.

“I’m sorry – I have a terrible knack for asking inappropriate questions!” Ylva smiled at him.

“Nah, it’s okay. Janey’s great. She’s really pretty and smart and everything.”

“But?” She held her breath – please tell me there’s a but. She thought.

Franklin looked confused. “There isn’t a ‘but’.” He said looking completely nonplussed.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Ylva looked heartily embarrassed.

“Don’t be. I’m not being a good boyfriend. I keep thinking about someone else.” He swirled the remains of his frothy milk around in his cup as he spoke, his eyes averted from hers.

When he finally looked up at her, Ylva’s heart skipped a beat. He was most definitely interested in her and she just knew that it was she he was talking about.

“Is she a werewolf?” Ylva asked.

“Who – my girlfriend or the girl I can’t stop thinking about?” He went very red.

“Your girlfriend.” Breathed Ylva, leaning closer towards him across the table.

“No, she’s a psychic witch.”

“Oh dear God.” Ylva slumped back in her seat and felt the colour drain from her face. “I really shouldn’t be interfering. I’d better go.”

She stood up.

Franklin looked up at her, his face a picture of complete and utter confusion. “What are you on about?”

“I shouldn’t be here. I shouldn’t even be talking to you, never mind running out on my mates just to be with you. We’re not supposed to be hanging out together.”

“Why not?” Franklin asked, looking completely bewildered, “– what’s so wrong in it?”

Ylva swallowed uncomfortably. “I really like you Franklin – and not only because you rescued me. I really like you anyway. I have done for a while. But we really should stay away from each other though if our families aren’t comfortable.”

Franklin nodded, looking completely miserable about the whole thing. “I guess.” He mumbled.

Ylva got up and gazed at him for a moment as a feeling of utter disappointment flooded through her knowing that she had to leave. Feeling as confused and upset as Frank also seemed to be, she left the cafe, deciding that she needed someone to talk to that was older, wiser and more importantly, usually on her side no matter what...



Chapter 6


Janey was sitting in her bedroom trying her best to keep her mind on her Science homework. It was only revision, so she wasn’t concentrating particularly well and found her mind wandering into Franklin’s.

He hadn’t wanted to come around this morning, saying he had some shopping to do in town.

With it being the Christmas holidays the week after next, she didn’t want to pry into his thoughts for fear of finding out what he was buying her for Christmas, but she was so paranoid about him and that girl from the woods, she simply couldn’t help it.

She let her mind drift and suddenly she was hearing a conversation that she really had no business listening to at all...

“So, have you got a girlfriend?”

Janey waited, holding her breath for the answer.

“Um, actually yeah I do – her name’s Janey.” He sounded cagey. Janey frowned. Now why would he sound like that?

“Janey? That’s a nice name – have you been seeing her for long?”

She’s a bit nosey isn’t she? Janey bristled.

“A few months – yeah.”

Janey grimaced at his answer, but at least he wasn’t denying having a girlfriend, that was something at least...

“I’m sorry – I have a terrible knack for asking inappropriate questions!”

Damn right you do!

“Nah, it’s okay. Janey’s great. She’s really pretty and smart and everything.”

Janey allowed herself a small smile at that.


Janey’s jaw dropped. What a cheek! What does she mean ‘But’?

“There isn’t a ‘but’.”

Janey heaved a sigh of relief. He really sounded confused by her questions – and who wouldn’t – she’s trying to put words in his mouth!

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

And so you should be! Though Janey. His reply however had her feeling completely deflated.

“Don’t be. I’m not being a good boyfriend. I keep thinking about someone else.”

She tuned out of his mind. Her heart was beating fast in her chest and she had gone hot all over. He kept thinking about her.

Janey felt her eyes growing hot with tears. She knew he was interested in Ylva in the same way that he used to be interested in her. She was losing him. She knew it. She just didn’t know quite what to do about it.

She decided to do what she always did when she needed to clear her head. She went down the stairs and got the dog ready for a long walk...

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Update on The Wolf Moon

Having gotten through the chapter from hell, I'm now very happy with the book and it's almost finished.
I'm quite hopeful that this ebook will therefore be out in the next couple of weeks.
Just need to do a little editing and polishing and making sure it makes sense with the next one - Hunter's Moon...
Hunter's Moon concentrates on Draven taking his revenge and introduces a few other characters that have been hinted at in Wolf Moon...

Friday, 23 November 2012

Team Jared or team Ian?

Weighing everything up - I'm leaning more towards team Ian - he loves Wanda...and that love is beautiful...

Just finished reading the best book...

As I think I posted the other day, I went to see the final instalment of the Twilight Saga with my two beautiful daughters on Sunday.
Well, before the movie started, there were of course the trailers and I saw the trailer for The Host...
I've never considered reading it, but the trailer looked so good I thought - well, why not give it go.
I downloaded it onto my Kindle and started to read it....I could not put it down. It's absolutely brilliant!
I've just finished it and I'm sitting here with a pink nose from all the crying - it's superb - you HAVE to read it!!!!
And what's even better is - the movie is out in March so I've got that to look forward to! (Not forgetting that Reckless, by S C Stephens is also out then - bring it on!!!)
Laters xx

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The One that Got Away...

Slightly sooner than expected I've just published my latest title, The One that got away.
It's available immediately through and will be available through all the usual channels in a few weeks.
Hope you love it!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Last one of the Twilight Saga....

Have been to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 this morning with my two lovely girls.
Brilliant! What more can I say?
I'm not going to give away the plot, but the stand off with the Volturi is outstandingly good.
Loved every minute and I can't wait for it to come out on DVD!

Hope your weekend was as great as mine, Laters xx

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

If I Can't Have You...

It's finished and it's out there! You can download it from Smashwords at the moment - then in a few weeks it'll be available through all the usual channels.

Monday, 29 October 2012

My fabulous weekend in London...

I waited for months...but finally the date arrived....27th October 2012 - the night that Muse were playing the o2 in London - and I had my glorious ticket! (Along with my daughter's).
Yes, Jessie and I are huge fans of Muse - I'm afraid I converted her into a fan years ago with my relentless playing of their songs (funnily enough, my younger daughter Chloe can't stand them...weird...she's into One Direction - agreed, the less said the better.)
Anyway...Muse were fantastic - goes without saying I know, but they really were. Matt was in fine voice and he looked pretty damned fine too. It was my fourth Muse concert - I've seen them at Nottingham Arena, Sheffield Arena, Machester Old Trafford and now at the o2 in London...bliss - can't wait for the next tour!
I've got to say - London was just beautiful. We decided to make a weekend of it and arrived in London Royal Docks, Docklands to stay in our hotel. Then we hopped on the tube to London Bridge and strolled down the river to see the houses of Parliament and back again. We had lunch in this fabulous mediterranean restaurant called Troia - I highly recommend it - beautiful food, great service and reasonable prices.
On our way back we went through a street market which was really lovely. Everyone we spoke to throughout the entire weekend was lovely and friendly and I found London (the bit we went to anyway) to be really lovely, really clean and incredibly well managed. I'm planning our next trip - we're going for a shopping weekend closer to Christmas and I seriously can't wait to go again!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

'Red Button' update and 'Over You'...

Just to let you know that Red Button is coming on in leaps and bounds. I'm really enjoying the story and writing it is very easy at the moment - long may that continue!

New idea - One that popped into my head earlier this evening and now has around three thousand words written...Another typical boy meets girl theme, obviously - what else is there in life??
Her name is Sian, his name is Dylan, both a little flirty and neither want to settle down - until they meet and realise that they've found what they've been looking for in each other. With pressures from their friends, and ghosts of girlfriends and boyfriends past, though - will they be able to sustain what they've got - or will they be torn apart through misdemeanours, lies and the underlying desire in each other of the freedom they've lost?

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

...If I can't have you... and ...The One that Got Away...

Two new ebooks on their way. 'If I can't have you' is almost complete - then of course it has to be edited and the like, but I'm confident that it will be out by around the end of November. The second, 'The One that got Away' will be out around March 2013 I'm guessing at the moment.

I'm also working on number 9 of the Seltham Community College series, Red Button - it's coming along nicely, but there's a lot to put in it and I'm figuring on a publishing date of around January 2013.

The follow up to Midnight Moon - The Wolf Moon is delayed at the moment - Again I'm guessing at around April -May 2013 for that one.

Will bring you more updates in the coming weeks - until then - have a great day and see you soon xxx

Saturday, 15 September 2012

"The one that got away..."

I was listening to Paloma Faith's 'picking up the pieces' song on the radio the other day, and I was inspired to write a book about Rachel, a young woman who loses her husband in a car accident when she's only twenty five and he's twenty eight...
I've gotten started and it's coming on nicely - might have it finished early next year, but I can't promise anything since I've got books stacking up waiting to get out there!
I've almost finished "If I can't have you" and that's going through the lengthy process of editing - also doesn't have a front cover yet.
I'm doing alright with Red Button too - again I'm reckoning on early 2013 for a release date - things are way too busy at the moment!
And don't expect to see the Wolf Moon any time soon - I've lost the plot on it completely at the moment, so I'm leaving it a while to see what comes back to me!
Anyway - it's a lovely day today, sunny and warm - there won't be many days like this left in the year - make the most of it! Laters xxx

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Red Button update

Phew - my little fingers have been going like bee's wings today!
I'm really enjoying writing my latest Seltham Community College book, about the Delgardio triplets.
Angelica has a thing about Karl, the bass player of the Red Button band, Ricardo is enjoying his new found status of heartthrob a little too seriously and it being a bit of a tart...and Antonio is trying to hold it all together....
Have just finished my favourite bit of the book so far - a night out that starts out fun, and ends up a bit of nightmare with Toby being stuck on the roof of a hotel and Antonio and Karl having to rescue him...
I would expect that I'll have got this one round about finished at the end of next month, with a release date of November 2012. Well, that's the plan at the moment - of course there are other books that are clamouring to get out there too, so watch this space for more updates!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Red Button Romance

I'm really enjoying myself with this one - to the point that I've actually written the full song "Forbidden" which features in the book - I know the tune and everything - but I can't read or write music, so I'm stuffed on everything but the words....
Anyway - I've already written the end of the book - that's kind of what I started with and I've worked backwards on it - weird I'll agree.
At the same time, though, I've had an idea for another three books - entirely separate from the Seltham series - and entirely separate from each other too  - and once I get an idea, well - you know by now - I get a little obsessed and I can't let them go...
The first one, I've actually almost finished - it's for an adult audience (now don't get excited - it's no 50 shades by any means) as there is a fair amount of swearing and a sprinkling of relationship 'stuff'' that I feel is necessary for the story - unfortunately it doesn't have a title yet....
The second is just at the idea stage - I've done around a thousand words, just outlining the beginning and the third (bizarrely enough since I can't come up with a title for my almost finished one for love nor money) is simply a title - and the title is "Never Invite the Ex to your wedding...." I'm gonna have fun with that one!
Anyway - enjoy the very last bit of your weekend and I'll write soon xxx

Saturday, 4 August 2012

It's last... I present to you "The Genie and the master who loved him."

Okay- so finally it got finished! And I'm happily tapping away at the old keyboard with the follow up - Red Button Romance, which concentrates on the Delgardio Triplets that make up 3/5 of the Red Button band.
I uploaded Genie a couple of days ago to Smashwords, where it is immediately available for purchase at $0.99. It will be distributed to all the usual channels next month or so (Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, Diesel, Apple etc)
I've put the first couple of chapters my additional pages for you to have a sneaky peak - or you can download a sample from Smashwords if you prefer!
Anyway I shall dash off now as my half written chapter is beckoning me!
See you soon

Heather xxx

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Five Spot Burnet - Attenborough Nature Reserve

What an exciting find today at Attenborough Nature Reserve in Nottingham - not so terribly far from our home.
We were walking along when we spotted in the grass this beautiful little moth - it most definitely had five spots not six - we took pictures of it and then compared it to the images on google - it was most definitely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, a FIVE spot burnet - amazing!!!!

Anyway onto other business - The Genie and the master who loved him is almost finished - I'm planning on a release date of mid August after all the checking. Sorry it can't be any earlier but I'm working pretty much full time this week, only giving me a few hours a night to work on it - and I'm so into the Olympics too I can't stop watching it - did you see the opening ceremony? Brilliantly bonkers and completely British!! Loved it!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Genie and the Master who loved him...

Just a quick update - I might be doing a few extra hours on the day job, but I am still committed to my writing at every opportunity and I' coming on great guns with the Genie and the Master who loved him. it's around 90% complete, and then obviously needs tweaking and ensuring that it makes sense.
Once I've finished it, I'll be going back to Wolf Moon to get that one finished - I know where it's going, it's just getting it perfect!
Red Button will be the next one in the Seltham Community College series and I've already started it!
Plus a little reminder that we're in the last week of the Smashwords Summer sale - all of my $0.99 books are free at the moment, so go ahead and give em a try before the end of the month!
So, can't wait till Friday for two reasons - I've got the day off - and it's the start of the Olympics!! Cool!
See you xx

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Finished it...onto the sequel....

Ahhhh what a wonderful story - I've just finished Thoughtless by S C Stephens - it was fabulous.
I've been in a bubble since Thursday night, just sitting reading at every opportunity - the ironing pile is almost as tall as I am and I have to admit that I've pretty much left everything else too!
Anyway, I was delighted to find that there was a sequel to this book and I'm now starting that - tee hee! Can't wait to get into it...
While I'm not reading Thoughtless and Effortless, I am actually still getting on pretty well with The Genie and the Master who loved him (really, I am going to have to think up a new title - that one takes so long to write!) and I'm going to likely have that finished within the month - well, that might be ambitious since I'm covering a colleague's maternity leave now as well as my own hours at work...hmm - well definitely by October then...
I'm also working on Wolf Moon and I have a nice new cover for that one to publish too - again, I fear it will be at least October before that one is published - I just can't convey what I want to convey at the moment - I'm struggling with Franklin's outstanding abilities...I'll figure it out!
Thankfully, it would seem that the rain has finally stopped and we're on our second day of sunshine - I know! Unbelievable - and if the BBC weather is to be believed, this ain't the end of it - here's hoping...
Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I'll talk soon!
Laters xx

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Two new books on the way....

I'm just finishing two new titles - The Real Duke of Circhester and Philip Brunswick is getting married.
I'm really enjoying writing my historical romances - these two are quite short stories and will therefore be retailing at $0.99.
I'm still working on my other titles - The Wolf Moon (Riley's Return) is around about three quarters finished, but I'm having a bit of trouble with Franklin's magical abilities at the moment - he's so powerful in my head but I'm not seeming to get that down on the paper - it doesn't help that I lost so much of this book when my computer hard drive failed and I didn't realise quite how much I'd lost of this one... :(
Anyway - it will all come good in the end and I reckon it will be on sale by September (with any luck).
The Genie and the Master who loved him (which may or may not get a new title before it's released) is coming along nicely - as is Red Button Romance - they both have to fit around the Prom Night Special II so I can't get it wrong!
Once they're done, I shall concentrate on Prom Night III which I've got written quite a lot of....
I can't seem to help it - they just ooze!

Anyway - I truly hope you are getting better weather than I am - it's just constant heavy rain here - the river down the road has burst it's banks and the park is flooded. Let's hope it doesn't get any closer...
Have a lovely weekend. xxx

Monday, 2 July 2012

Smashwords Summer Sale

Just thought I'd let you know that all of my books are currently in the Smashwords Summer sale, making them half price or free!
(Duchess of Chittenden and Highway to Society are the only ones that you actually have to part with your hard earned $1.50)
Check it out!

Have a great day and I'll be back soon with more news of my upcoming books.

Laters xx

Friday, 29 June 2012

Muse - Survival

Just had to say that I am totally stoked that Muse got to be the official song of the British Olympics - obviously you all know that they are my favourite band in the whole world forever, but have you heard it???
It's completely bonkers and totally over the top and absolutely brilliant!!!!!!
Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!!!
Muse - best band in the world EVER!!!!!!!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Highway to Society is out there!

I've just uploaded my latest release - Highway to Society. It follows on from the Duchess of Chittenden, and follows Maisie Bywater's relationship with Matthew St Clair - a roguish highwayman...or is he??
Now that I've finished it, I'm concentrating on getting Wolf Moon nearer to completion - I think I've replaced most of what I lost earlier on last month - and I'm rather pleased with it.
I've had a few new ideas over the last couple of weeks and I'm putting those in place too - my apologies for getting behind with the Seltham series - I lost quite a bit of my Prom Night 3, which was a shame because it involved quite a few new characters that will be in future books - still never mind, I'll just create new ones!
I'm going to start creating new covers for all the books I've published (Already have done a new one for Chosen One) as some of the distrubution outlets now need more pixels or something and my covers aren't good enough! So hopefully they'll look better soon!
Anyway, enough about that - we've been to Chatsworth today - went up to the hunting lodge and walked around the lake at the top (it feeds the fountain next to the house).
I have to say the house is looking magnificent since they've done it all up - gold windows and everything. Gorgeous!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My plan of action for the week...

Sadly my new computer is still having the hard drive replaced, so my old trusty work horse is being flogged to death again (lovingly of course).
I have pretty much finished Highway to Society - last couple of chapters being written today and then I shall be editing and generally being as picky as hell before it goes off for its final read through.
Once that's done, I shall get back the Wolf Moon and the Genie and the Master who loved him - I'm seriously considering shortening this title - it's far too long! I shall keep you posted...
I now have a firm plan for the next Seltham CC book - it will be called Red Button Romance and will revolve around the members of the Red Button group (kind of rivals to the Dudes) and their relationships with each other and other members of the their yeargroup.
I'm still working on my other projects - three other historical romances and of course the next one in the Moon series.
So even though I lost a lot of my work, it's all coming together again and I save EVERYTHING now on a daily basis!!
It's raining this morning but I'm hoping it'll dry up a bit - I've got stuff to plant out!
Have a great day, see you later xx

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Home Sweet Home...

Yes - we're back on home turf again - after the journey from hell!
Whenever we go to Cornwall (which is quite a lot, since it seems to be our spiritual home!) we always drag ourselves and the kids out of bed at around 5 o'clock in the morning (to plenty of moans and phrases akin to "What have I ever done to deserve this" and "Why are you doing this to me" and "But I didn't even know there were two 5 o'clocks in the day..."
So, there we are in the car and on the road for 5.30am - we then arrive at around 11am in St Ives or Newquay (our two fave spots).
We had a slight change of plan to return on Friday morning - we didn't have to leave until Saturday but the weather wasn't great and we'd seen all the 10.50am we set ten to eight in the evening we arrived home. We queued from just outside Lelant all the way home. It was absolutely awful!!!
Anyway, the cat was very pleased to see us a day early and followed by husband around the house like a little lamb! She's so cute.
Hope your jubilee holidays were as good as mine - did you happen to see Madness on the roof of the palace for the jubilee concert - stunning! Made me so proud!!!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Diving Gannets....

Had a change of plan and went to the Minack Theatre instead today - once we'd been there we found this lovely beach at Porthcurno and stayed there for the rest of the day enjoying the sunshine.
The water was clear and that lovely turquoise blue in the shallows deepening to dark blue as it got deeper - we could see Gannets diving for fish a little way out, which was so exciting for me, being a bit of a twitcher - fab day!
Going to Falmouth tomorrow - or at least that's the plan for now - I'll let you know!

Taking a break in St Ives....

We are back in lovely St Ives this week - same place as last summer, well not quite - we've got a much nicer house to stay in this week and I'm feeling very smug to be in such luxurious surroundings.
My laptop's hard drive had died and was un-recoverable - not quite so heart-broken as I was - I realised that most of what I'd done on the Highway to Society was saved and the changes I've been forced to make (well re-write from memory actually) have only made it better and led to a better conclusion - plus a quite likely future spin-off story too so it's all good.
I'm working on it at the moment, plus the other four I was working on, and I should be back on track by the end of the month.
Sadly quite a lot of the Wolf Moon wasn't saved, so I'm trying to put this back together - I'm sure I'll get around to it before much longer and the Genie and the Master who loved him is pretty much intact so I shall get to finishing that soon too.
I will never forget to back-up again - but my God what a horrible way to learn by a mistake!
I didn't dare check what was missing for a few days - and I honestly couldn't work out what I did with my spare time without my computer! It really is almost an appendage!!!!
Anyway - we're off to Newquay today and then probably Perranporth as the weather looks better on that side of the peninsular. Laters xx

Saturday, 26 May 2012

My laptop has died....

I am officially heart-broken. My laptop stopped working mid sentence on Thursday night with four word documents open and being worked on. Apparently the hard drive has failed and it is in the computer repair centre at the moment. He is hopeful that he will be able to recover my data but I'm terribly worried.
I'd been working on Highway to Society and Not your usual Hero, so neither of them were saved (backed up) to my memory stick. I was also making minor changes to Master and Genie and the Wolf Moon, so I'll have to try to remember what changes I'd made if any of them have been lost. I could cry! My laptop was only purhased on New Years Eve - totally unexpected!
Anyway...that's me out of writing for a few days, I hate writing at the main computer and this lovely little net book I'm using right now isn't big enough.... :(
Still, could be worse - at least the sun is shining!
Have a good day and I'll keep you posted....

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Summer has finally arrived!

Ahhh, what a beautiful morning. The sun is shining and the birds are singing!
It's going to be hot, hot, hot today - and I'm going to the day job....grrrrr!
Oh well, as soon as 4pm arrives I'm outa there and on my way home for some gardening and a nice cold lemonade with ice!
I've got tomorrow and Friday off too, so I shall get down to some serious story telling...I'm getting on very well with the Wolf Moon - still need to write quite a lot more though - there's huge gaps between plot lines at the moment and my head is buzzing with ideas - also planning the next one at the same time so I'm threading lines through it for the next one...
The Genie and the Master who loved him is on the back burner at the moment, as I've launched my first Historical Romance, The Duchess of Chittenden, and I'm in the process of completing the follow up to that, Highway to Society.
As soon as I've got that one under way, I shall be returning with gusto to the Genie and the following one, which I'm bouncing around names for at the moment.
I've got a couple more Prom Night Specials on the go too - only I have to be a bit careful of getting the time-lines correct with them, so they're waiting to be published just in case they have an adverse impact on the Seltam Series.
Anyway - I've waffled on enough this morning and there's no sign of life from up the stairs so I'd better go and wake up the rest of the household - school waits for no girls!
Ooh - one last thing - I'm in the process of updating my website and I shall be uploading some more stuff to it - check it out if you like!
See you soon,
Heather xx

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Duchess of Chittenden...

I've finished it at last - this book has been in progress for well over a year!
It's all about Lady Emilia Wolseley. A beautiful young woman who is married to the wrong man!
Isaac Wolseley is a wonderful man, but his heart lies elsewhere and they are both rather unhappy with their current situation.
After reading a very interesting article in a newspaper, Isaac has a fantastic idea that he thinks will be the solution to all of their isn't.
I've had a huge amount of fun writing this book - and I am quite near to finishing the follow up to it, which is "Highway to Society" and follows Emilia's sister Maisie's story about her romance with a rather roguish Highwayman...
They are a little different to my usual style - in that they're aimed at a slightly more adult audience, and of course they're set way in the past too!
I'm also writing a few shorter stories in the same genre and hope to have them published soon too - look out for "The Real Duke of Circhester" "Philip Brunswick is getting married" and "Matilda's escape" - all of which are about the Brunswick family, and are a mini series.
Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I've enjoyed writing them!
I promise I'll get back to the Genie and the Wolf moon now. These two will (almost definitely) be out in June (just not necessarily the 1st of June!)
Laters xx

Monday, 7 May 2012

Oh pussy cat, pussy cat...where HAVE you been???

Saturday afternoon I noticed my lovely little cat Bella sneaking through the gap between the end of the kitchen counter through to the utility room (which is totally her room) as she is quite prone to do.  Her basket sits in prime position on the little table in there so she has a great view of everything around her and she can very easily jump across to the sink (which we don't really use save for washing out the brushes when we decorate - like I said...unused for most of the time) where she likes to sit too.
Anyway, that was around half past one, quarter to two time....I asked Chloe, my youngest daughter at around half past four if she'd fed the cat this afternoon. "Um, no." came her very helpful answer. I put out food and gave Bella a shout from the back door....she didn't come in. This is very unusual behaviour for our little Bella - her whole life revolves around her food bowl - she is particularly fond of Felix wet cat food, which is her evening meal treat...yes I know she's spoiled, you don't have to tell me...
Four hours later (and a fair few shouts from the back door, bottom of the garden, all around the neighbours houses etc etc) she still isn't home. It's getting dark (Before you ask, no she isn't afraid of the dark) and I am becoming quite beside myself with worry and grief that she has met the same sticky end as her sister Ruby did two years ago...
At ten thirty I was giving up all hope of seeing her ever again when my husband went into the kitchen and said  "Bella, if you come home now, you can have double helpings of Felix." The cat flap went and there she was!!! I told you she liked her food...
She was absolutely scared stiff though and went and hit under Jessie's bed (Jessie is my eldest) for the whole night.
We don't know if she was stuck in someone's shed or garage, or if some kindly old lady had taken a fancy to her and kept her prisoner all day - or if she simply went playing a little further afield and then got scared by a fox on her way back (She really doesn't like foxes and we have plenty of urban ones around here let me tell you).
Anyway - I'm not bothered - we've got her back and that's all that matters! We do so love our little Bell-star!
She also goes by the rather silly names of "Belly-bee" "Smelly" "Welly" and "Belly-elly-ooo" So if you see a rather beautiful black and white moggy with a bit of a baggy belly and a tendency to roll on her back for a tummy stroke - bring her back will you!? We don't like it when she's gone!
Thanks x

Friday, 27 April 2012

release update

I'm nearing the end of Wolf Moon and hope to have this released by June 2012.
I will also be releasing The Genie and Master who loved him around this time too - it's going very well, but there's a long way to go just yet - I'm also trying to fit it around my Prom Specials and to weave in the next couple of books too.
On the historical romance front - I've got two or three in the offing. "The Duchess of Chittenden" will be my first one released - it's about Emilia and her disastrous marriage to the Duke of Chittenden, Isaac Wolseley.
The follow up to this book will be "Highway to Society" and is about Maisie Bywater - Emilia's younger sister. She falls in love with a highwayman - but he's not all he seems...
I've also three others dying to get out there to join the rest - it's a very exciting and busy time!
I'm having a ball!
Hope you're all happy and well - have a great weekend everybody!!!!
Lots of love, Heather xxx

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Hitting a wall with Wolf Moon

Don't you just hate it when that happens?
I've been tapping away - a little unethusiastically I have to say - and I don't like anything that I wrote so I've deleted the lot - the 4000 or so words I've done - not the whole thing!
I'm having a break now - writing something else for a bit before paranoia (is that the right spelling?) sets in!
So I'm going back to my hysterical historical romances for a change - I don't know if these will ever see the light of day or not at the moment, I just can't decide...
Anyway - we've had the weirdest weather this afternoon - it was lovely and sunny, then it started raining, then hailing, thunder and lightning - and now it's brightening up again! Maybe there was a Janey around casting a spell....

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Release Date Update...

My humblest apologies for missing my deadlines with the Wolf Moon and The Genie, somewhere along the way they got more complicated that I first imagined and I am still nowhere finished...
So, by my reckoning, the Wolf Moon will be completed in around a month's time - I'm figuring now on a June release date and the Genie around July.
Anyway, on a less exciting subject - I've got to go to the day job today - I've just got up to get ready and see that there isn't a cloud in the sky and the sun has got his hat firmly on his head! What the?????
Harrumph! Not happy with that at all!
The whole weekend I've been off it's been grey or worse, tipping it down with rain! Ahh well, never mind eh...I've got the whole day to myself tomorrow and I'm planning on writing for most of it!
Never a dull moment...
Have a great day and if you can, do exactly what you want to do!!!

Friday, 30 March 2012

Hope the weather stays nice...

Typical isn't it - the best weather we've had all year and I go and agree to working extra days at the day job, when I could have been in my deck chair in the garden under the flowering cherry writing my book!
Okay, so I would have now looked like a pink snowman, but still...
Anyway, the week is almost over and the weekend upon us instead - sadly I'm working Saturday morning too, so it will be well into the afternoon when I next pick up my laptop and find my way back into the heart of Fernley...harrumph! :/
Oh well, at least the sun is still shining today - hope your weekend goes well and I shall talk to you soon, Have a good 'un xxx

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Seltham Community College Prom Night Special II

Just thought I'd let you know that I've just uploaded my second Prom Night Special over at Smashwords - and it's free again so you just need to go in and download yourself a copy onto your ereader!
Hope you like it - it's all about Sapphire and her year group - it's a taster really of what's to come in the next few books because we haven't even got to Prom night yet for her year in the one I'm currently working on - although it's given me some great plot lines!
I'm around a third of the way through the Genie and the Master at the moment, but I've been having a short break to concentrate on finishing this and also I'm working flat out on the Wolf Moon - things are getting really complicated in that one!
I'm having a blast writing it - can't wait to get it out there!

Anyway - that's enough about that - you know how much of a twitcher I am on the quiet...I've been for a walk this morning and I saw loads of birds! Here is my very exciting list - three (three!! I couldn't believe it!) yellow hammers (sooooo cute!) more than I could count of blue tits and great tits, two pied wagtails, a little group of long tailed tits, five magpies (all together) a group of Canadian geese, a group of mallards and a lonesome moorhen (poor thing!)
I'm very happy now!
Have yourself a very nice weekend and I'll write soon!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Smashwords Read an Ebook week update

I've had an absolutely fantastic response to my books this week on Smashwords Read an Ebook week so thank you to all of you who bought one! Hope you enjoyed it!
I don't know if any of you will have noticed, but I've loaded my first Prom Night Special onto a page of it's own - you can also download a free copy from if you would prefer to have your very own copy on your kindle or other ebook reader. I have to say I absolutely love mine! (And I can't wait for Harry Potter to be available as an Ebook as I shall then be able to carry him around with me everywhere - it's kind of hard to do that with seven great big books!)
I am now working on Prom Night Special II - that one is about Sapphire's year group, then Prom Night Special III is all about Amethyst and Selina's year group.
Prom Night Special IV is quite interesting - none of the characters have yet turned up in a book of their own yet - one of the characters is Martha - she is Daphne's younger sister who has only just been mentioned in the Genie and the Master who loved him - so I'm kind of planning the book at the same time as the Prom!
The Wolf Moon is coming on a treat - the plot is kind of complicated and I've done bits and pieces all of the place - so I'm working on gluing them all together at the moment!
Anyways - once again a great big thank you to all of you who bought my books this week through Smashwords - most of my books are sold through Barnes and Noble so it's wonderful to see them going through Smashwords!
Have a fabulous week and I'll see you soon xxx

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Smashwords Read an Ebook week

Just thought I'd let you know that all of my books are in the Smashwords "Read an Ebook" week and are half their usual price. Log onto for more information.
All of my short stories are free as they are only $0.99 usually so automatically reduce to free during the sale period.
Have a look and see what you think!

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Ahhhh - a rare day off....

Well, not that rare - but it's my only day off this week in any case!
I've done the washing, the dishwasher is doing it's thing and there isn't too much of an ironing pile so I'm happily ignoring it today - because my head is full of my Wolf Moon and I'm gonna do that aaaaalllllll day!
I may have a little break and continue with my Prom Special number 1 of the Seltham series too, who knows...
Anyway - have a great day all - oh and a very special Happy Anniversary to my beautiful sister and her lovely husband who have been married 20 years today!

Byee xxx

Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Wolf Moon

Ooooh! I am enjoying writing this one!
I've got a whole new clan of wolves that don't like Franklin at all!
I've also got a new love interest for Adam, and if you've read Midnight Moon, you wouldn't have to think too hard to guess who she is...
Adam and Jonah's father may well turn up in this one too....and so might Oscar's....intrigued? I do hope so!

I've had a lovely weekend - didn't have to go to work this Saturday so I could chill out in the conservatory - which was thankfully bathed in sunshine all weekend and not too chilly at all!
I've had good company, good food (thank you Jamie Oliver for your wonderfully inspirational books!) and plenty of time to do what I love best - writing my books!
Hope you all had a great weekend too - and I hope you all have a great week too!
Laters xxx

Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Chosen One

Finished editing and have published this evening on Smashwords!
Caitlin is the latest in a long line of Chosen One's, but she is a little reluctant to believe her Secret Keeper...
Eventually she does believe him and turns out to be the most powerful Chosen One in history.
I do think this could have a sequel at some point, but I need a rest from it at the moment!
I've been neglecting my other books and I'd like another couple of Seltham's out there by April/May.
Anyway - I hope the Chosen One is as fun to read as it was to create!

Laters xxx

Sunday, 12 February 2012

It's finished!!!!!!

Yes! At Last - I have penned the last few lines of the Chosen One this morning - I am now painstakingly reading through to make sure it all makes perfect sense (or as much sense as a book about a chosen one, a secret keeper, a load of vampires and other strange creatures of the night can anyway).
Then it needs editing, a front cover and all the other gubbins that go with an ebook production...
How exciting, I thought this day would never come!

Still feeling like a wrung out sponge.. :(

Worst cold I've had in ages....

I'm suffering :(
I hate getting colds - I'm normally happy and healthy!! But this last week I've been coughing and sneezing like a good un' and it's not good!
My daughter has it too so it's like coughing in stereo...
anyway that's enough of my moaning - since I haven't been able to do much but sit around surrounded by boxes of tissues and cold remedies I have been enjoying a spot of writing!
The Chosen One (oh no - not that old chestnut) is very nearly complete - I have been neglecting it horribly, but the end is in sight - I'm writing the final scenes and trying to decide whether or not to kill off the evil beast Auberon, or to allow him to live and wreak havoc again in the future...decisions, decisions...
Oh, no another attack of coughing is upon me so I shall go before I pass it on!
Have a great day xx

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Hysterical Historical Romances...

Been having a lot of fun this week writing short Historical Romances - don't actually know if I will ever publish them, but enjoying them for a change nonetheless!
I'm really enjoying my week off work - it's so nice just having the house to myself to do as I like. I've made bread, I've cleaned the house from top to bottom, got the ironing pile under control (?) well kind of...
And I've written loads!
The Chosen One is so close to being finished, but I keep getting distracted - like the historical romances for instance - I get an idea and so I have to pursue it...relentlessly!
Anyway, plan of attack today...Chosen One and then Wolf Moon...better get started then!
See you later

Friday, 27 January 2012

Wooo to the Hooo!

I've got another week off next week! I am positively hurtling through the last exciting climax of the Chosen One and I'm very pleased with it too.
As soon as I've completed that one, I'm going to start on the Wolf Moon (which I've written about a fifth of so far) which is focused on Franklin and the way his life is being affected by the changes in his body since he turned sixteen and became a werewolf.
Obviously, you know me well enough by now to know that writing that one alone is never enough, so I'm also working on (in between everything else) my Seltham Community College books, and I've had another idea for the next but one (I think that would make it number 10). I was in the car going to work the other morning and Jar of Hearts came on. Well, I listened to the words and thought to myself - now there's a song that should be a book...
So, it'll be number ten I think - or at least I shall weave it in somewhere.
The Prom night specials are coming on a treat - basically, they're around 6-8 short stories all about a few of the character's time at the Prom. I'm writing the first one about Becky, Julia, Hannah, Lucy, Emily and Tabby - and maybe Jessie too - I haven't got that far yet.
The second Prom Night Special is about characters that I haven't introduced yet, so I'm thinking that I'll release that before the books are written about them just to give you an idea of who they are and what makes them tick so to speak. I'm really enjoying writing them!
Anyway, the time is ticking on, I've got to go and wake up the girls and get them off to school, then I've got to drag myself to work...but I escape at 2.30pm and then my time is all my own for a whole week!!!! Yippy-I-Yay!!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Prom night special for Seltham Community College series

I'm just in the process of writing a collection of short stories about various characters from the Seltham Community College, all set at the same Prom night. Each one of the stories intertwines with the others, and I'm just considering whether to publish it along with all the rest or to simply post it on my website...decisions, decisions!
Anyway, whilst I'm on the subject of my books, here's a little update for you:-
Chosen One - getting there (finally) I've got to do around another 15-20,000 words to finish this one properly. I've already written the end, it's the last about quarter of the story that I'm having trouble with!
The Wolf Moon - I've got to be honest, this one is going really slowly at the moment - I've been spending too much time on other stuff - I promise to get back to work on it as soon as Chosen One is finished!
Three Wishes - I've just not got around to this one for a looooonnnnngggg time! I will return...just not immediately...
Also I'm working on something totally unrelated to anything else too and that has been taking me away from my other projects a little too much recently.
So, here is my solemn promise...By the end of March I will have finished Chosen One and it will be out in April sometime.
The next Seltham Community College book will be out at around the same time and the Wolf Moon, I'm figuring will be out in June(ish).
There may be a couple of other books out too, but since these are the top secret ones, they may not.....!
Ha ha! How mysterious!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday??? How did that happen?

I can't believe it's Friday already!
I've had a great week, just chilling out and writing my books.
The Chosen One is almost finished and I've also been working on a couple of other projects that I'm very happy with.
We're going for a day out at Chatsworth tomorrow, which is always lovely - we always walk up to the hunting lodge - which always sees me gasping and wheezing like an old woman but still - I'm always very proud to reach the top!
So here's to a lovely weekend and I'll write soon when I've got something new to tell you!
See you soon


Sunday, 8 January 2012

Woooooo to the Hoo!

Holiday time for me, which can only mean one thing - I get to write to my heart's content without anyone giving me the look for not taking any notice of them!!! (By that I mean from my immediate family, all of whom have to put up with vagueness from me at some time or other because my head is in Gore or some other weird and wonderful place!)'s the plan....
Actually the first thing I've really got to do is visit my Poppy Pops (that's Dad to most normal folks) and take his Christmas tree down for him. (He's getting on a bit, so I'll leave him to making the tea and toast)
But as soon as I get home, it'll be the Chosen One all the way.....
I got a Kindle for Christmas and I honestly can't put it down - totally love it! I've uploaded loads of books and I'm working my way through them in between keeping the house tidy (well, kind of) and going to work and writing my own books! It's all go innit!
Have a great day!  xxx

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Back to the grind....

I'm off to the day job this morning...Booooo!
Still, only for the next three days and then I have a whole week to myself to do exactly as I like!!
my plan for next week is to get the Chosen One completed. it's coming along nicely and should be ready for checking through for mistakes and typos - my least favourite part of the job!
The next book on my hitlist will then be Three Wishes which I have been neglecting mercilessly. I would also like to get my teeth into Charlotte's theatre and the Wolf Moon but we shall see how the week pans out...
I have been busy this week checking all my already published books and have updated them all with new versions - silly things like typing errors, but they were bugging me so they should all be right now!
Anyway, have a great day and a great weekend and I shall write soon - Happy New Year!!