Sunday, 8 January 2012

Woooooo to the Hoo!

Holiday time for me, which can only mean one thing - I get to write to my heart's content without anyone giving me the look for not taking any notice of them!!! (By that I mean from my immediate family, all of whom have to put up with vagueness from me at some time or other because my head is in Gore or some other weird and wonderful place!)'s the plan....
Actually the first thing I've really got to do is visit my Poppy Pops (that's Dad to most normal folks) and take his Christmas tree down for him. (He's getting on a bit, so I'll leave him to making the tea and toast)
But as soon as I get home, it'll be the Chosen One all the way.....
I got a Kindle for Christmas and I honestly can't put it down - totally love it! I've uploaded loads of books and I'm working my way through them in between keeping the house tidy (well, kind of) and going to work and writing my own books! It's all go innit!
Have a great day!  xxx