Friday, 23 November 2012

Just finished reading the best book...

As I think I posted the other day, I went to see the final instalment of the Twilight Saga with my two beautiful daughters on Sunday.
Well, before the movie started, there were of course the trailers and I saw the trailer for The Host...
I've never considered reading it, but the trailer looked so good I thought - well, why not give it go.
I downloaded it onto my Kindle and started to read it....I could not put it down. It's absolutely brilliant!
I've just finished it and I'm sitting here with a pink nose from all the crying - it's superb - you HAVE to read it!!!!
And what's even better is - the movie is out in March so I've got that to look forward to! (Not forgetting that Reckless, by S C Stephens is also out then - bring it on!!!)
Laters xx