Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Have had the best night!
Halloween is a pretty big event in our house - we decorate it all up and have the family around for the evening.
All the kids in the neighbourhood go trick or treating and they get a surprise when they come to ours.
Tonight we had gravestones in the garden lit up with tea lights in jam-jars. The chiminea was lit and we were all in the conservatory which was lit up with halloween lanterns and carved out pumpkins lit from the inside with tea lights too.
I was dressed as Bellatrix Le Strange. Both of my lovely girls were pirates, and amongst the guests were zombies, slytherins (complete with dark marks!) witches, wizards and vampires.
It was great fun and I'm completely exhausted now!
We are now looking forward to Saturday night, which is of course Bonfire Night - think we'll be visiting Markeaton Park at Derby for their annual fireworks event - I can't wait!!
As soon as that's over I start looking forward to Christmas!!!
Happy Halloween everyone!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

X Factor

Okay, I'll admit it - Frankie wasn't too bad this week, but I'd still like to see him in the bottom two.
Best so far? Micha definitely and the two guys from Liverpool are my next faves.
Also still want to see Johnny next week and I quite like the boy band who have had a change of line up. As for Rythmics who have become something else over the last week - well, they're not all that are they?
So, bring on the results!

Monday, 24 October 2011

We shopped till we dropped...

Have had the best day today!
With it being half-term holiday, my lovely husband and I have both taken time off work until Thursday to have a mini holiday.
The original plan was to go back to the South West (probably Newquay) for five days to have a last of the sunshine kind of holiday. We couldn't find anywhere to go in the end, so we're just chillin' at home with the girls.
Anyway. we decided that we'd take a trip up the motorway to Meadowhall for the day. It was brill!
It's a fabulous shopping centre anyway, but it's even better when you can find everything you want to get too!
And since it's been such a lovely sunny day, we rounded it off with a wander around Attenborough Nature reserve and saw lots of birds - in no particular order, blue tit, great tit, robin, blackbird, lapwing, cormorant, black headed gull, great crested grebe, swan, egyptian geese, pink footed geese, mallards (by the hundreds!) moorhens...I'll stop there - I could go on for pages! Unless you weren't quite aware of my love (maybe that should read obsession) for birds - I kinda like em!
Have a great week xxx

Sunday, 23 October 2011

X Factor...

Are they kidding me???? How the heck did Frankie get through again?????
On balance I'd agree with Sami being in the bottom two, but against Kitti? Why - she's much better than some of the others.
Johnny to win....

X Factor

Is it just me, or is the quality of the acts just not up to scratch this year?
I thankfully missed most of the program last night - had a birthday party to go to which was very nice too!
So I got in for the last act - she was pretty good. But the rest? Okay, I only got a snippet of each, but they sounded absolutely dire to me...bring back Simon - all is forgiven!

Friday, 21 October 2011


Woooohoooo! I'm off for five days now!
I don't think we'll be doing anything particularly exciting, but it's still a nice break from the old routine innit?
We're definitely going to town tomorrow to do a little shopping and then we have four days to do as we like. Brilliant.
I'm hoping that the Euro Millions lottery will be kind to me and give me the winning ticket, but since that isn't really likely I'm not pinning too much hope on it...
Ooh, exciting stuff - Autumn watch tonight...yes I know I only watch it because of Chris Packham...and then tomorrow night is X Factor  - if that Frankie bloke gets through again I'm not going to watch anymore!!!!!
Anyways, have a great weekend and I'm sure I shall be writing again soon (particularly if that Frankie bloke gets through....!)

Thursday, 20 October 2011


Heyyyy! I've discovered today that my ebooks can be purchased through WHSmith's website as they are linked to Kobo!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Re-pricing Alert!!!

I have today reduced the prices of Stan; Stan, Remember Me, Molly, Stan In His Own Words and Midnight Moon, to fall in line with the pricing of my other ebooks.
I have changed them today on Smashwords, so they should alter on all other outlets within the next couple of days.
I'm nearing completion on Stan, New Beginnings, and the great news is that I have the next two days all to myself to immerse myself entirely in my own little world of fiction! I'm very much looking forward to it!
Anyway, for anyone that's interested, I'm recovering nicely from my tumble at the weekend - the bruising on my arm has faded from purple to yellowish green! (Nice). And I am hobbling less....
Just an aside - if you're not watching the latest series of Merlin (BBC1 Saturday nights - record it if you're an X Factor fan) then you're missing a treat - it's brilliant!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

What a lovely weekend!

It's so nice when I don't have to work on Saturday morning and I have all weekend to concentrate on fun stuff - like writing my books or going walking around Wollaton Park and seeing all the deer.
I took some lovely pics yesterday morning. We went quite early in the morning and it was sunny but still misty. It was absolutely lovely.
I've been having a bit of break from my writing this weekend - it started well, but then I went and fell over in the kitchen yesterday evening! Hahaha what a goon! You know when you feel yourself going, but you can't do anything about it and you crash and burn - well that was me - complete with the facial expression of the scream...I'll bet it would have looked hilarious, so thank God I was alone. Anyway I picked myself up and nursed my badly bruised arm with a groan and carried on - today however I haven't really been able to move without going "ooh ouch!" with every movement so I haven't done a lot...
Watched Grown Up's tonight with Adam Sandler while eating Pepperoni Pizza from Pizza Hut though so it's not all bad. ;) Hope your weekend was better (and by better I mean much less painful!)  than mine! Have a great week xxx

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I had another dream...

Just thought I'd let you know about this weird and wonderful dream I had last night - girl in her bedroom looking in the mirror - only the reflection in the mirror is around three hundred years out of date....spooky! ( I must be getting into the halloween spirit of things - no pun intended!)
Anyway - it has today become the first chapter of my latest creation Mirror, Mirror which may eventually become a book or not - I really don't know where I'm going with the story!
Anyway, I'm off to the day job again this morning :( but I've got tomorrow and the day after off so I shall be immersing myself in the world of fantasy and fiction over those two days and will hopefully get the majority of Stan finished and then I can go back to Eagles Mount and finish the Chosen One...I really don't know where I find the time...but I'm ever so glad I do!
Have a great day!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Stan, New Beginnings

I've picked Stan back up with plenty of enthusiasm - I've completed around 17000 words - I would guess that the final book will be around 40-50000 words. I'm really enjoying this one now and I'm hoping to have all but finished it by November.
Anyway, I'm totally exhausted tonight and I'm going to take myself off to my bed now with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (yes, I'm reading them again!)

Friday, 7 October 2011

New Idea has just hit me!!!

I had a dream!
And in that dream I got the entire plot for Seltham Community College number 9.
Problem is that I'm only just starting to write number seven and have done bits of number eight...
But I promise you it'll be a good 'un!
I've rushed down the stairs this morning to get all the main points jotted down before the dream disappears altogether into the depths of my foggy brain...
Anyway - I knew the weather couldn't last and it is positively chilly this morning. Still the sun is out for the time being so it's not all bad.
Have a great day! :D

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Stan, Remember Me

I've read this through now too and now I'm raring to go and finish New Beginnings - while I was reading, I noticed a couple more typos so I've uploaded a new version again. Ooops!!!
Not sure I'll be getting any done tonight - we've got to go to our eldest daughter's school to choose what A Level's she'll be taking next year at 6th form; so by the time we've done that and maybe even dropped into the Chinese takeaway on the way home it will likely be too late to start trying to be creative!
I've had a very long day at work today too so I think I shall just chill and put my feet up!!
Have a nice evening and I'll be back very soon!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Update on Stan...

Okay, so I've re-read through Stan and Molly and I'm just starting on remember me - have found a few typo's and have rectified them - have uploaded new versions of both books to Smashwords and as far as I know from Smashwords, those who have purchased the book can upload the latest version for free.
I've got to admit - I much prefer the book from Stan's point of view!
Anyway, I'm putting on my specs because I now have a headache from speed reading 80,000 or so words so far today and I'm powering through the next one....

Today's plan of action

I'm going to refresh myself on Stan and Remember Me and then I'm going to aim for at least 10000 words on New Beginnings.
Well, that's the plan...I'll let you know how things pan out!
I've also got all the housework (well I say that - a flick round with the duster and the vac should make it look half decent).
Have a great day everyone and I'll post again tonight to let you know how I did.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Amethyst is out there!

Amethyst's Dating Game is now published!
I've finally finished it properly and it's available to purchase through all the usual channels (or will be once it filters through from Smashwords)
The next one out should be the final instalment of Stan, but I'm also planning on working on the Chosen One and Three Wishes this week...well of course that's the plan, but nothing I do ever seems to go entirely to plan! Ha - never mind!
I think our mini heat wave is at an end - it's still really warm tonight but there's a lot of cloud around. Booooo!
Still, we had a great weekend of bar-b-queing - did a whole chicken last night! Weber bbq's - you can't beat em!