Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Ahhhh - a rare day off....

Well, not that rare - but it's my only day off this week in any case!
I've done the washing, the dishwasher is doing it's thing and there isn't too much of an ironing pile so I'm happily ignoring it today - because my head is full of my Wolf Moon and I'm gonna do that aaaaalllllll day!
I may have a little break and continue with my Prom Special number 1 of the Seltham series too, who knows...
Anyway - have a great day all - oh and a very special Happy Anniversary to my beautiful sister and her lovely husband who have been married 20 years today!

Byee xxx

Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Wolf Moon

Ooooh! I am enjoying writing this one!
I've got a whole new clan of wolves that don't like Franklin at all!
I've also got a new love interest for Adam, and if you've read Midnight Moon, you wouldn't have to think too hard to guess who she is...
Adam and Jonah's father may well turn up in this one too....and so might Oscar's....intrigued? I do hope so!

I've had a lovely weekend - didn't have to go to work this Saturday so I could chill out in the conservatory - which was thankfully bathed in sunshine all weekend and not too chilly at all!
I've had good company, good food (thank you Jamie Oliver for your wonderfully inspirational books!) and plenty of time to do what I love best - writing my books!
Hope you all had a great weekend too - and I hope you all have a great week too!
Laters xxx

Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Chosen One

Finished editing and have published this evening on Smashwords!
Caitlin is the latest in a long line of Chosen One's, but she is a little reluctant to believe her Secret Keeper...
Eventually she does believe him and turns out to be the most powerful Chosen One in history.
I do think this could have a sequel at some point, but I need a rest from it at the moment!
I've been neglecting my other books and I'd like another couple of Seltham's out there by April/May.
Anyway - I hope the Chosen One is as fun to read as it was to create!

Laters xxx

Sunday, 12 February 2012

It's finished!!!!!!

Yes! At Last - I have penned the last few lines of the Chosen One this morning - I am now painstakingly reading through to make sure it all makes perfect sense (or as much sense as a book about a chosen one, a secret keeper, a load of vampires and other strange creatures of the night can anyway).
Then it needs editing, a front cover and all the other gubbins that go with an ebook production...
How exciting, I thought this day would never come!

Still feeling like a wrung out sponge.. :(

Worst cold I've had in ages....

I'm suffering :(
I hate getting colds - I'm normally happy and healthy!! But this last week I've been coughing and sneezing like a good un' and it's not good!
My daughter has it too so it's like coughing in stereo...
anyway that's enough of my moaning - since I haven't been able to do much but sit around surrounded by boxes of tissues and cold remedies I have been enjoying a spot of writing!
The Chosen One (oh no - not that old chestnut) is very nearly complete - I have been neglecting it horribly, but the end is in sight - I'm writing the final scenes and trying to decide whether or not to kill off the evil beast Auberon, or to allow him to live and wreak havoc again in the future...decisions, decisions...
Oh, no another attack of coughing is upon me so I shall go before I pass it on!
Have a great day xx

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Hysterical Historical Romances...

Been having a lot of fun this week writing short Historical Romances - don't actually know if I will ever publish them, but enjoying them for a change nonetheless!
I'm really enjoying my week off work - it's so nice just having the house to myself to do as I like. I've made bread, I've cleaned the house from top to bottom, got the ironing pile under control (?) well kind of...
And I've written loads!
The Chosen One is so close to being finished, but I keep getting distracted - like the historical romances for instance - I get an idea and so I have to pursue it...relentlessly!
Anyway, plan of attack today...Chosen One and then Wolf Moon...better get started then!
See you later