Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Out Now....

The One That Got Away...

“Rachel,” Mr Wardle said brightly. “This is Evan, Evan Jones – he’s a sixth former here at Franklin Adams Academy."
Yes, I know that, I thought, I’ve been crushing on him since I was eleven and since this outstanding Academy was only a crappy Technology College…
Evan Jones was everything I'd ever wanted - or at least he was until he dumped me and I met the most wonderful guy, Paddy - who turned out to be his best mate...
Paddy was perfect for me. My soul-mate, my life...But one day, life was changed forever and my soul-mate was gone.
I thought my life was over, but then who should come bursting back into my life? None other than Evan Jones and he wasn't taking no for an answer....                

If I Can't Have You... Out Now!

“Are you seeing Alex at the weekend?” it was an innocent enough question, but I’d learned that Jackson was good at asking a question within a question – that wasn’t what he was asking at all – the real question was something along the lines of ‘are you really serious about this guy, because he isn’t good enough for you and he isn’t me’.

Leila, If I Can't You...Out Now

Out Now!

If I Can't Have You...
Jackson was my best friend all through High School and I loved him with all my heart - but best friends was all we were meant to be, right?
Wrong! But somehow, neither of us seemed able to put into words what we felt for each other and we finally drifted apart...
I ended up with Alex, the control freak, but when he'd cheated on me for the third time, enough was enough and I left.
On a whim I ran to my sister's place in Truro, where to my surprise and delight, I found my best friend all over again...
Unfortunately, Alex was a little more persistent than I'd given him credit for and as far he was concerned, we still had unfinished business...       

Out Now!

Too Easy To Pretend...
Friends - they'll do anything for each other right? Yeah, that's what I figured, so when my lifelong friend Chas asked me to be his plus one for the upcoming wedding of his best friend Ozzie, I naturally agreed. There were a couple of problems with his plan, one - he was just trying to avoid his ex - and two - I was finding it hard to remember that I was only supposed to be his fake girlfriend...

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Available now...

Available now from Barnes and Noble:

When Lacey first meets Logan, she has no idea that he’s going to become the love of her life. All she knows is that he’s the best looking guy she’s ever met, with his beautiful green eyes and his wavy dark hair. Lacey doesn't believe in love. In fact she does her best not to fall for guys – everyone ultimately lets her down anyway. Logan is different – he’s like no other – or so she thinks...
Logan Fisher is a player. He’s incredibly good looking, charming and well off. He can have any woman he wants – and often does.
Life is easy and he’s comfortable with the way things are – until Lacey comes bursting into his life and turns it upside down that is...
Suddenly he’s experiencing feelings he’s never had before and he’s shocked to realise that he could very well be falling in love for the first time in his life…
Their relationship is peppered with flaws and anxieties; both are harbouring secrets from each other and both are terrified to admit their true feelings for each other. Can they work out their inner demons and make it work – or is their tenuous relationship ultimately doomed to failure?

Monday, 21 October 2013

Out Now!

...I was wandering along the beach minding my own business when it happened – not to be too dramatic about the whole thing – but it was the moment my life changed forever...
Zayn and I had five days together that summer and I never thought I'd see him again once I got home...Five years later, on holiday with my new boyfriend we found each other again and things started to get a little complicated.
We arrived at the house of Wesley's friend, Cassidy. My eyes widened as they met with his and I probably even gasped. He was regarding me with a polite smile; his lip ring glinting in the late afternoon sunshine streaming through the kitchen window. It also caught his hair, making it glow a glorious dark blonde. He hadn’t changed a bit – well, he was obviously five years older, but he was every bit as gorgeous as he had been back then...                

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Available for pre-ordering soon....

Let me tell you a little bit about Sebastian Valentine. He’s gorgeous; he’s effortlessly stylish, handsome beyond all reason and ever so slightly mysterious – and he happens to live right next door, which let me tell you, was the only silver lining in a very dark and cloudy sky when we first moved into Sunnyside Street; I swear my dad only chose this street for its upbeat name…

Carly Reynolds

Monday, 14 October 2013

I am the queen of procrastination....

It's true - I was going to write so much yesterday but instead I found all sorts of stupid things to do!
Must focus...

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Summer Break.......Out Now!

“Look – all I’m saying is, I don’t need some minister banging on about his idea of what makes two people love each other. I know how I feel, I know how you feel – we belong with each other and that’s good enough for me.”
I nodded. It was good enough for me too.
He suddenly grinned at me cheekily, taking my breath away with his stunning beauty, “– but I can’t deny – I do like a bit of bling.” He said.

Out Now! Like No Other

The pretty guy that I’d seen Lacey leaving with turned around; a frown on his otherwise completely perfect face. “Are you speaking to me?” he asked politely.
I frowned. Well obviously. “You’re Nathan, aren’t you?” I growled.
He gi...ggled. Actually giggled. I stared at him. What the hell was she screwing this big girl’s blouse for?
“No.” He said. “I most certainly am not. I’m David. Nathan’s my boss – now why don’t you take a seat, and I’ll go and fetch him for you.”
He wasn’t Nathan? “Well who the hell are you then – and why were you hanging all over my girlfriend the other night?”
David drew himself up and puffed out his chest. He looked down his nose at me imperiously and made me feel about as stupid as anyone could ever feel. “You must be Logan...”
Logan, Like No Other.............Out Now 

Smoke and Mirrors... out now

“Are you alright, man?” Jake was looking at me, a concerned look on his face. I sighed. He was the only person that had really shown any interest or friendliness towards me in all the time I’d been here – which seemed like forever but was a...ctually only three weeks.
“Not really,” I sighed, “My life kind of sucks.”
“Join the club, man,” Jake nodded, “The sunshine state is a big crock of shit.”
I raised an eyebrow, “So what’s your story?”
He shrugged, “My mother’s an alcoholic and Dad left.”
I frowned. That didn’t sound great.
He was looking at me expectantly, “You?”
I shrugged, “Well, I have both parents; we live this perfect life that everyone sees – but it’s all smoke and mirrors.”
Jake’s eyes lit up at my description, “Smoke and mirrors – I like that – we’ll call our first album Smoke and Mirrors.”
I smirked, “Okay,” I said, “Would you like me to tell you or not?”
“Sure,” He shrugged. I could tell he did want to know, he was just trying to act all cool – everyone around here did that I found – it was like they were all trying to be something they weren’t. Jake wasn’t bad – and I guessed he was just trying to get through the best way he could.
“Well, Mom and Dad pretty much hate each other, my sister is like this untouchable princess that can’t do anything wrong and I’m a total loser that Dad hates.” I stopped talking. I’d probably said too much; it wasn’t really great to air your dirty laundry in public and all that…
“And he beats you up?” Jake said, eyeing my chest where I was absent-mindedly rubbing it.
I hesitated. What was the point in denying it? “Yeah, that’s about the top and bottom of it.” I said.
“You’re right – your life sucks.” He grinned “So let’s make it better.”

Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Secrets of Sebastian Valentine....coming soon

“I’ve got something to tell you that might cheer you up.” Darren grinned.
I raised an eyebrow but it hurt so I stopped immediately. “What?” I asked.
“I heard that one of the science geeks was interested in you,” He said looking gleeful, “And she’s smokin’!”
I rolled my eyes; I had no idea who any of the ‘science geeks’ as he called them, were and I wasn’t in the slightest bit interested either – the only girl I was interested in smiled at me yesterday and totally made my day – week even… “Yeah, right,” I scoffed, “Why would I be interested in someone like that?” Why would someone like that be interested in me, more like…?
“Duh!” he said, looking at me as if I was completely thick, “Because she’s smokin’!”


Friday, 11 October 2013

Smoke and Mirrors....

“But we’re not coming back.” I whispered. Two big fat tears rolled down my cheeks. She looked at me in alarm. It must have looked a little odd. There was I, a giant of a teenager with a buzz cut and huge gold earrings, with hair flopping in my eyes, sobbing like a baby.
My mom got out of her seat and came to fetch me.
“Is he yours?” The stewardess asked kindly; making me feel like a lost piece of baggage. Maybe that’s all I was…
“He is – he’s had to leave the love of his life behind – he’s kind of heart-broken.”
The words washed over me. It was true. I really was broken. I didn’t think I’d ever be fixed again…

Jon Willis, The Ballad of Jon and Lisa

Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Secrets of Sebastian Valentine... coming soon

... being Sebastian Valentine comes with some responsibility – and that is to appear to the outside world like everything is rosy, to keep the secrets of my shit life close to my chest – sometimes they feel like they’re choking the life out of me…

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Alyson; Prom Night 1 and 2 updates

You can now read Seltham Community College Prom Night Specials 1 & 2 on my blog - they each have their own page and also Alyson the Time Travelling Weirdo - they are no longer available for downloading through any of the usual distribution channels. They'll still be available right here to read though.