Friday, 27 January 2012

Wooo to the Hooo!

I've got another week off next week! I am positively hurtling through the last exciting climax of the Chosen One and I'm very pleased with it too.
As soon as I've completed that one, I'm going to start on the Wolf Moon (which I've written about a fifth of so far) which is focused on Franklin and the way his life is being affected by the changes in his body since he turned sixteen and became a werewolf.
Obviously, you know me well enough by now to know that writing that one alone is never enough, so I'm also working on (in between everything else) my Seltham Community College books, and I've had another idea for the next but one (I think that would make it number 10). I was in the car going to work the other morning and Jar of Hearts came on. Well, I listened to the words and thought to myself - now there's a song that should be a book...
So, it'll be number ten I think - or at least I shall weave it in somewhere.
The Prom night specials are coming on a treat - basically, they're around 6-8 short stories all about a few of the character's time at the Prom. I'm writing the first one about Becky, Julia, Hannah, Lucy, Emily and Tabby - and maybe Jessie too - I haven't got that far yet.
The second Prom Night Special is about characters that I haven't introduced yet, so I'm thinking that I'll release that before the books are written about them just to give you an idea of who they are and what makes them tick so to speak. I'm really enjoying writing them!
Anyway, the time is ticking on, I've got to go and wake up the girls and get them off to school, then I've got to drag myself to work...but I escape at 2.30pm and then my time is all my own for a whole week!!!! Yippy-I-Yay!!