Saturday, 23 June 2012

Highway to Society is out there!

I've just uploaded my latest release - Highway to Society. It follows on from the Duchess of Chittenden, and follows Maisie Bywater's relationship with Matthew St Clair - a roguish highwayman...or is he??
Now that I've finished it, I'm concentrating on getting Wolf Moon nearer to completion - I think I've replaced most of what I lost earlier on last month - and I'm rather pleased with it.
I've had a few new ideas over the last couple of weeks and I'm putting those in place too - my apologies for getting behind with the Seltham series - I lost quite a bit of my Prom Night 3, which was a shame because it involved quite a few new characters that will be in future books - still never mind, I'll just create new ones!
I'm going to start creating new covers for all the books I've published (Already have done a new one for Chosen One) as some of the distrubution outlets now need more pixels or something and my covers aren't good enough! So hopefully they'll look better soon!
Anyway, enough about that - we've been to Chatsworth today - went up to the hunting lodge and walked around the lake at the top (it feeds the fountain next to the house).
I have to say the house is looking magnificent since they've done it all up - gold windows and everything. Gorgeous!