Tuesday, 29 July 2014

If it's hot, hot, hot where you are....

Take a dip in the water....

Sophie and her family are different. They keep themselves to themselves and try their best to blend in with the regular humans around them; it isn't always easy but they do their best...
That is until Cody Conner and his family come to their town and Cody decides that Sophie is someone he really doesn't want to live without.
With his stunning good looks, she thinks he's just making fun of her. After all; in her opinion she's mousy and cute at best... but when she realises that she can hear his thoughts in her own head, it dawns on her that maybe they are more compatible than she could ever imagine....
Available now from smash words:https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/400204

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Coming Soon...

I felt inexplicably annoyed at Dallas this morning. He’d just woken me up and immediately dropped into conversation that ‘we’ were going to meet Faith and Celeste for brunch. Didn’t I ever have a say in these things? What if I didn’t want to feel all awkward and exposed in front of the most beautiful girl on campus? What if I wanted to go still dressed in my jogging bottoms and holey top with my twatty specs instead of my contacts?
Dallas was eyeing me with glee. He knew all about my ridiculous crush on Celeste and he didn’t seem to think there was anything ridiculous about it either – in fact he thought she had a bit of thing for me too, which was at once thrilling and terrifying, and he seemed hell-bent on getting us together.
We’d had a whole conversation about it the other day on the way to class, “She’s totally into you – she told me so.”
I almost choked on my milkshake and sprayed a little onto the floor, earning me a dirty look from a group of girls that I may or may not have caught too. I smiled apologetically. Turning back to Dallas I eyed him incredulously, “Celeste Pearson?” I asked, “Faith’s mate? You can’t possibly be serious – there’s just no way.”
He nodded, “Way,” he said with a grin, “She’s great fun too – you’ll love her.”
My heart ached; I fancied her like mad – but she was definitely dating some guy – I’d seen them together a few times. I mentioned this to Dallas but he poo-poohed that straight away.
“No way – she’s just friends with him. She doesn’t really do dating at all as a matter of fact.”
Well, I could totally understand that – neither did I. I wouldn’t want to subject anyone to my madness. I couldn’t stop thinking about her though and Dallas’s words “You’ll love her,” struck a chord with me. I totally could, I was sure of it. The idea of loving her though – I couldn’t let it happen – I was bad news and I wouldn’t inflict myself in such a way on another human being for as long as I lived… “She doesn’t want a guy like me.” I murmured.

Dallas shook his head, “Dude,” he said seriously, “I beg to differ.”

Available for pre-order now from Smashwords.com and ibooks... release date: 30th August 2014

Monday, 7 July 2014

Midnight Moon Series....

I've got beautiful new front covers for Midnight Moon and The Wolf Moon courtesy of Selfpubbookcovers. com - and here's also a sneaky peak at the latest in the series which, although delayed a little bit - will hopefully be out by the end of 2014 - or at least early 2015... watch this space for further details.

Midnight Moon - artist:  SelfPubBookCovers.com/diversepixel

The Wolf Moon  - artist:

Hunter's Moon - artist:

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Since it's Summer - get all hot and sweaty with Zayn and Maria...

Summer Break - Out Now (And currently half price at Smashwords.com)

“Ah, here she is at last, Maria – this is Cassidy.”
I’d been looking down, fiddling with the fastening on my handbag, which was a combination of nerves on my part and the fact that the damned fastening was always coming undone. I wasn’t so great at meeting new people and particularly when we’d kind of invited ourselves because Wesley had some tenuous relationship with the guy from a year ago.
Wesley was right in front of me, leaning against the worktop as I walked into the kitchen. Cassidy was to the right of him and I hadn’t noticed him standing there when I first walked in.
I caught sight of a black and white cat circling his legs and my eyes dropped to his bare feet first; all tanned by the sun and my belly flipped over – whether that was nerves or something else, I wasn’t quite sure. My eyes travelled up past his ankles and I registered that he had quite tanned legs too – with no visible white bits to show that he wore socks… wow; this guy was seriously hot.
He was wearing a pair of cut-off jeans and they were frayed a little at the bottom, reminding me strongly of Zayn – he’d always worn well-worn cut-offs too – well, he might not have worn them all of the time – but I’d never seen him wearing anything else.

I shook myself mentally and forced myself to stop ogling his body and to say hello. I eventually looked up into his face. My eyes widened as they met with his and I probably even gasped. He was regarding me with a polite smile; his lip ring glinting in the late afternoon sunshine streaming through the kitchen window. It also caught his hair, making it glow a glorious dark blonde. There was no mistaking him. It was Zayn…

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Half Price Summer/Winter sale!

All my books are enrolled in the Smashwords Summer/Winter sale promotion! For the whole month of July, use code SSW50 to get the books half price - it makes "Friends" and "Molly" absolutely free!