Sunday, 29 July 2012

Five Spot Burnet - Attenborough Nature Reserve

What an exciting find today at Attenborough Nature Reserve in Nottingham - not so terribly far from our home.
We were walking along when we spotted in the grass this beautiful little moth - it most definitely had five spots not six - we took pictures of it and then compared it to the images on google - it was most definitely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, a FIVE spot burnet - amazing!!!!

Anyway onto other business - The Genie and the master who loved him is almost finished - I'm planning on a release date of mid August after all the checking. Sorry it can't be any earlier but I'm working pretty much full time this week, only giving me a few hours a night to work on it - and I'm so into the Olympics too I can't stop watching it - did you see the opening ceremony? Brilliantly bonkers and completely British!! Loved it!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Genie and the Master who loved him...

Just a quick update - I might be doing a few extra hours on the day job, but I am still committed to my writing at every opportunity and I' coming on great guns with the Genie and the Master who loved him. it's around 90% complete, and then obviously needs tweaking and ensuring that it makes sense.
Once I've finished it, I'll be going back to Wolf Moon to get that one finished - I know where it's going, it's just getting it perfect!
Red Button will be the next one in the Seltham Community College series and I've already started it!
Plus a little reminder that we're in the last week of the Smashwords Summer sale - all of my $0.99 books are free at the moment, so go ahead and give em a try before the end of the month!
So, can't wait till Friday for two reasons - I've got the day off - and it's the start of the Olympics!! Cool!
See you xx

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Finished it...onto the sequel....

Ahhhh what a wonderful story - I've just finished Thoughtless by S C Stephens - it was fabulous.
I've been in a bubble since Thursday night, just sitting reading at every opportunity - the ironing pile is almost as tall as I am and I have to admit that I've pretty much left everything else too!
Anyway, I was delighted to find that there was a sequel to this book and I'm now starting that - tee hee! Can't wait to get into it...
While I'm not reading Thoughtless and Effortless, I am actually still getting on pretty well with The Genie and the Master who loved him (really, I am going to have to think up a new title - that one takes so long to write!) and I'm going to likely have that finished within the month - well, that might be ambitious since I'm covering a colleague's maternity leave now as well as my own hours at work...hmm - well definitely by October then...
I'm also working on Wolf Moon and I have a nice new cover for that one to publish too - again, I fear it will be at least October before that one is published - I just can't convey what I want to convey at the moment - I'm struggling with Franklin's outstanding abilities...I'll figure it out!
Thankfully, it would seem that the rain has finally stopped and we're on our second day of sunshine - I know! Unbelievable - and if the BBC weather is to be believed, this ain't the end of it - here's hoping...
Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I'll talk soon!
Laters xx

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Two new books on the way....

I'm just finishing two new titles - The Real Duke of Circhester and Philip Brunswick is getting married.
I'm really enjoying writing my historical romances - these two are quite short stories and will therefore be retailing at $0.99.
I'm still working on my other titles - The Wolf Moon (Riley's Return) is around about three quarters finished, but I'm having a bit of trouble with Franklin's magical abilities at the moment - he's so powerful in my head but I'm not seeming to get that down on the paper - it doesn't help that I lost so much of this book when my computer hard drive failed and I didn't realise quite how much I'd lost of this one... :(
Anyway - it will all come good in the end and I reckon it will be on sale by September (with any luck).
The Genie and the Master who loved him (which may or may not get a new title before it's released) is coming along nicely - as is Red Button Romance - they both have to fit around the Prom Night Special II so I can't get it wrong!
Once they're done, I shall concentrate on Prom Night III which I've got written quite a lot of....
I can't seem to help it - they just ooze!

Anyway - I truly hope you are getting better weather than I am - it's just constant heavy rain here - the river down the road has burst it's banks and the park is flooded. Let's hope it doesn't get any closer...
Have a lovely weekend. xxx

Monday, 2 July 2012

Smashwords Summer Sale

Just thought I'd let you know that all of my books are currently in the Smashwords Summer sale, making them half price or free!
(Duchess of Chittenden and Highway to Society are the only ones that you actually have to part with your hard earned $1.50)
Check it out!

Have a great day and I'll be back soon with more news of my upcoming books.

Laters xx