Friday, 31 May 2013

Too Easy to Pretend....coming soon

“So – did you tell her?” Dylan looked at me hopefully – I’d confided in him years ago how I felt about Brooke and he’d always been on side about the whole thing.
I shook my head. “Nah – it wasn’t the right moment.”
Dylan rolled his eyes, “Man – it’s never gonna be the perfect moment for anything – if you don’t make a move sometime soon – someone else is gonna come along and snap her up – she’s a hot girl – you know that better than anyone.”
I frowned at him. “You’d better not be getting any ideas, dude.” I warned him.
He shook his head at me, “What? You reckon? Nah,” he shook his head again, a little more emphatically – “she’s not my type at all.” He said firmly.
“What is your type?” I raised an eyebrow. As far as I could tell, Dylan pretty much liked to nail anything that had a pulse.
He grinned, “Blondes with big tits.” He held his hands up as if he had a pair right there.
“Great – you can take Deanna off my hands.” I mumbled into my pint.
Chas...Too Easy to Pretend.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

White Water...coming soon

We were walking together from English to Science and I saw Cody coming the other way. I groaned. Faron snorted with amusement at my discomfort. He kind of knew all about my terrible crush – I’d been complaining to him constantly since I’d first had to deal with Cody at the payment booth…
“Here comes lover boy.” Faron teased.
“Right back atcha.” I murmured as I saw who was behind him, “There’s Jared.”
“Oh, holy crap! This is so embarrassing now that you know!” Faron tried to make himself as inconspicuous as possible, but Jared had already removed himself from the crowd he was walking with and was making a beeline for him.
“Hey – Faron!” He called with a great big smile.
Faron made an incoherent squeaking noise that I took as panic and looked as though he was about to bolt in the opposite direction. I grabbed his arm and turned to him. “Don’t be stupid.”
Sophie Milestone, White Water...coming soon

Friday, 17 May 2013

White Water...coming soon....

 “Dean isn’t right for me.”
“I could have told you that, weeks ago.”
He nodded with the ghost of a smile on his beautiful face. “Then why did you ask him out for me?”
Ah – he’d got me there. “Well – you wanted me to – what are friends for?” I know – as lame as they  come, but I’d been caught on the back foot…
“He hasn’t come out to his parents – by all accounts his dad would rather see me dead than see his son truly happy – so I’m thinking I should end it now before one or other of us gets too fond of the other.”
“So – you’re not… too fond of him… yet?”
Faron looked me straight in the eye and my stomach went all fluttery as I gazed back at him – surely he must have guessed by now how I felt about him?
 “No.” he said firmly. “I’m really not.”
I breathed a silent sigh of relief. “Right, well – you know – whatever you think is right.”
Faron frowned at me – I’m not surprised – I was being a right dick. “What would you do?” he asked.
“Um, well – now you come to mention it – I’d probably finish it – I finished with Chelsea last night…” I held my breath wondering what he’d say to that.
I chanced a look at him and nodded. “Yeah – it wasn’t going anywhere – and she fancies Brad Higgins – he’s more her type…” Damned right he was more her type – he was straight for starters…
Faron seemed to be in a world of his own; he was barely listening.
“Did you hear me?”
He jumped and looked at me a little guiltily. “Um – sorry – no I didn't.” he blushed. “I was wondering how best to tell Dean it was over...”
Jared, White Water...coming soon

White Water...coming soon...

“Faron.” I said; I couldn’t hold in my news any longer. I just hoped he was ready to really hear what I’d got to say.
“What?” he glanced down and must have thought I was protesting at him holding my hand as he immediately dropped it and put his hands in his pockets, looking all awkward.
I took a deep breath, “I came out to my parents.” I looked at him, wondering what his reaction was going to be.
He stared at me for the longest time, his mouth was slightly open as he gazed at me; all sorts of emotions flickered across his face. Finally he spoke. “But you’re not…”
Jared, White Water...coming soon.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Too Easy to Pretend...coming soon....

We couldn’t seem to stay away from each other for long and I bumped into him in the library one lunch time a couple of days after Ryan and I had split up.
I picked a book off the shelf and jumped slightly as a pair of dark twinkly eyes met mine through the shelving. He grinned. “Is it safe for us to talk M?” He asked in a low conspiratorial voice.
I couldn’t help it – I grinned and rolled my eyes at him. “Uh, huh, thank you double-O-seven – the enemy has been disposed of.”
His eyes widened, “What? You mean…?”
I nodded. “I couldn’t stand him trying to tell me what to do all the time,” I said.
He nodded thoughtfully. “He really didn’t like me, did he?”
I smiled up at him. “No, Bond – he really didn’t like you.”
He grinned. “But you do – so it’s all good.”
Brooke and Chas, In the library, Too Easy to Pretend...coming soon...

Friday, 10 May 2013

Too easy to Pretend...coming soon

It was right there – that moment when I knew. My heart kind of cracked and a little bit of it died I think – I was always going to love him – and he was always going to think of me as nothing more than one of the boys – I was just his best friend… nothing more….
Brooke, Too Easy to Pretend...coming soon

Too Easy to Pretend...coming soon

Turned out he was as screwed up about our friendship as Deanna was – maybe there was something in their paranoia – maybe they could see something that we’d always been happily oblivious to.
Chas Bond, Too Easy to Pretend...coming soon

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Can't wait to get them out there...

I'm really excitedly working on my new series at the moment. White Water is the first one in the series and focuses on Sophie and Cody.
Cody also has brothers, Dakota, Ethan, Genesis and Fabien - each of them have a story to tell too... and Sophie has a sister Dana - all of them are gifted one way or another.
The second book in the series is Phase 5, then Kallie's Secret and finally (or not) Only Human.
I'm guessing these will be out nearer to Autumn than any time soon - they're a follow on from the Stan Series; which goes in this order; Stan; Molly; Stan, Remember Me; Stan, New Beginnings.
Anyway, gotta go - off to the day job today - but tomorrow is mine, all mine - so you know where I'll be - in the conservatory with a long glass of water and my laptop... :)

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

White Water....Coming Soon....

Cody was leaning against the veranda looking up at the trees. He had an adorable frown on his face. He turned to me, still frowning. “What are those big round things hanging off the trees?”
I looked up. The big round things that he was referring to was the parasitic plant mistletoe that had infested the trees.
Oh God he would ask that…“Um, it’s mistletoe.” I mumbled feeling mortally embarrassed.
He nodded. Then he raised an eyebrow, an impish grin on his face, “Really?” He asked. “Well, wouldn’t you know it? We’re stood right beneath it.”
Sophie Milestone, White Water...coming soon

If I Can't Have You...

His grin stretched across his face and his eyes danced. “I’m transferring back to sixth form,” He shrugged. “– I’m not doing so well at the college – away from all my mates.” His smile faded a little, “– and from you.”
Seeing his smile fade I asked in a small voice. “Am I still not in the mate category, then?”
He gave me a funny look that I was too groggy to analyse at the time. “You never really were.” He said quietly.
Leila Duval

New Series, coming Soon...

I looked up into the kindest face I’d seen in a long time. “Hello – are you Joshua’s brother?”
He nodded. “I am yes – I understand that you have suffered from some loss of memory – we don’t know if this was done to you, or from some sort of trauma but I’m hoping that my gift as a healer will make some sort of improvement…”
“Will it help me remember Joshua better?"
He grinned. “Boy – I hope so; he’s been hell to live with since you disappeared…” He stopped talking abruptly.
“I’m guessing there’s a little silent communication going on here?” I said with a smirk. I might have forgotten all about our past relationship, but memories or not, I already liked Joshua – a lot!
“I’m going to have to touch your head – just with my fingertips – I won’t hurt you, I promise.” Kelsey said and then he stopped talking again and rolled his eyes.
“Don’t tell me – you’re being told not to lay a finger on me or he’ll rip your heart out of your chest?”
Kelsey chuckled. “Are you sure you don’t remember?” he asked.

Kallie Jacobson, Only Human

Monday, 6 May 2013

The Ballad of Jon and Lisa (Smoke & Mirrors) Out Now...

“But we’re not coming back.” I whispered. Two big fat tears rolled down my cheeks. She looked at me in alarm. It must have looked a little odd. There was I, a giant of a teenager with a buzz cut and huge gold earrings, with hair flopping in my eyes, sobbing like a baby.
My mom got out of her seat and came to fetch me.
“Is he yours?” The stewardess asked kindly; making me feel like a lost piece of baggage. Maybe that’s all I was…
“He is – he’s had to leave the love of his life behind – he’s kind of heart-broken.”
The words washed over me. It was true. I really was broken. I didn’t think I’d ever be fixed again…
Jon Willis, The Ballad of Jon and Lisa

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Like No Other...out now....

He grinned at me, "What about snowball fights? How are you at them?"
Now that was a challenge. The truth was, I hated the idea of being hit by a flying frozen missile…still – he was my boyfriend. Surely he wouldn’t intend to hurt me…
"I can hold my own." I said, trying to sound confident.
His grin got even broader. "So can I," he said huskily, "But I much prefer it when you do."

Lacey Shaw, Like No Other...out now

Summer Break - out now

The bus pulled out. I’d been hoping against hope that Zayn might have come down to say goodbye. He was back on his feet after all – in fact there was hardly anything left to show for the ordeal we’d been through at the hands of that dreadful woman. I so wanted to hear him tell me he knew I’d been telling him the truth. But I guess some things are too painful to face even when the truth is staring you in the face. How could he possibly have thought I’d go back to Wesley after what we had?
I sighed and checked my phone. Not even a text message. I closed my eyes and tried not to cry.
Maria Bliss, Summer Break.

Too Easy to Pretend...coming soon

...I groaned into my coffee cup. Seriously – was she ever going to realise how I felt about her? I swear I told her I loved her last night – my foggy brain was quite sure she said it back too. I must have been dreaming. Oh God – and she’d seen my tattoo – so now surely she knew? How could she not know?
Chas Bond, Too Easy To Pretend...

“You can’t be with him without thinking of me. It isn’t him you’re kissing when he takes you in his arms – it’s me. All you can think of is me, because you burn for me,” He stroked my neck with his fingertips, “for my touch,” he trailed his hand down over my chest and came to rest on my hip, “for my kisses,” he captured my lips in his....
Brooke, Too Easy to Pretend...

Like No Other - out now

...Apart from Sam, she was the only person to have ever really shown me any sort of love and I realised that I really needed that… “But…you can’t, I don’t want you to go.” The lump was back in my throat and I was finding it hard to try to suppress it. I grabbed her hand and made her look at me. “Please don’t leave me, Lacey,” I begged her, “– everyone does.”
Logan Fisher, Like No Other...out now

Summer Break - out now

“I always listen to what you don’t say as intently as to what you do say.”
Zayn Cassidy; Summer Break...

Friday, 3 May 2013

...Like No Other

Currently working on my latest novel - Like No Other; which should be out by the end of the month with a bit of luck.
This one is about Logan and Lacey - they rush headlong into a pretty intense relationship without really ever getting to know one another properly... Can their love survive?
I've also got another couple I'm working on - Too Easy to Pretend should be out next, following Like No Other and then I'm hoping the one after that is a compilation of shorter stories - well, that's the plan anyway...