Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My plan of action for the week...

Sadly my new computer is still having the hard drive replaced, so my old trusty work horse is being flogged to death again (lovingly of course).
I have pretty much finished Highway to Society - last couple of chapters being written today and then I shall be editing and generally being as picky as hell before it goes off for its final read through.
Once that's done, I shall get back the Wolf Moon and the Genie and the Master who loved him - I'm seriously considering shortening this title - it's far too long! I shall keep you posted...
I now have a firm plan for the next Seltham CC book - it will be called Red Button Romance and will revolve around the members of the Red Button group (kind of rivals to the Dudes) and their relationships with each other and other members of the their yeargroup.
I'm still working on my other projects - three other historical romances and of course the next one in the Moon series.
So even though I lost a lot of my work, it's all coming together again and I save EVERYTHING now on a daily basis!!
It's raining this morning but I'm hoping it'll dry up a bit - I've got stuff to plant out!
Have a great day, see you later xx