Thursday, 29 August 2013

Some kind of Paradise...

Brooklyn was getting married to his childhood sweetheart Sandy.
I had mixed feelings about it – Brooklyn was my brother’s best friend and I’d always had a bit of a crush on him – but he was three years older than me and kind of out of my league – particularly with my brother breathing down his neck….
We’d always got on really well though – and there was that kiss in the garden on my brother’s eighteenth birthday… I’ll never forget that.
Anyway, of course I was invited – since my brother was to be the best man and I was on the one hand delighted to go – to share in the best day of his life – even if it was up there with the worst days of mine – Nana’s funeral… fluffy getting run over… Yes, I was in love with the groom; had been since I was thirteen and he was first brought round by my big brother after they met at college. This guy was the man of my dreams since then and I knew I’d be in love with him forever – and he was marrying someone else… bummer huh?

Madison Allbright; Some Kind of Paradise...coming soon....

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Smashwords Interview....

Have just finished an interview with Smashwords. If you fancy checking it out, please visit my page at

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Holiday time....

Porth Beach Holiday Park - can't beat it for a great location when the weather's good - and by 'eck the weather's good. Have been on the beach, paddled in the sea, got sun burnt - not so great - should have remembered the sun cream :(  and have generally had a really lovely day - now we're sitting in the tent while the dinner cooks before we mosey on down to the Mermaid.... Life doesn't get better than this....
And of course I've brought the lap top so I can continue to write my stories.... :)

Monday, 5 August 2013

The Secrets of Sebastian Valentine....coming soon....

I looked up and down the street as I met her at the gate, “No Ben today?” I asked, raising my eyebrows questioningly.
She shook her head, “We’ve kind of fallen out.” She admitted, biting her lip and sending funny feelings through my whole body as I stared at her mouth.
Pulling myself together and forcing myself to look into her eyes instead, I frowned, “Because of me?” I really didn’t want to be the one to break up a friendship of hers – even if it was a guy that I was a little worried fancied her…
She shrugged, “A little I guess – he thinks you’ll be bad for me.”
I nodded, “He’s probably right,” I muttered.

Sebastian, The Secrets of Sebastian Valentine...coming soon...

The Secrets of Sebastian Valentine...coming soon...

I didn’t really know what to say to him – the last time we’d been together was that day a couple of years ago when he just turned up out of the blue…
“So, how have you been?” Well, it was a valid question…
He looked sideways at me. “I’ve been surviving.” He said cryptically, “What about you?”
Without really thinking I answered him honestly – it’s the only way I know how – and my shrink doesn’t seem to think it’s a real problem anyway… “I’ve been seeing a psychiatrist.”
He did a double take; his eyes widened and his mouth dropped open – he reacted in exactly the way I expected him to – no one thinks a fifteen year old girl should be seeing a shrink… Then again, most people think thirteen year old girls shouldn’t be having sex with multiple partners – and they’d be right – and that’s why I see the psychiatrist…
“Uh, right,” He finally managed; nodding his head and pretending to be comfortable about the conversation, “And how’s that going for you?”
I grinned, “Nice recovery,” I murmured, “It’s going really well; my counsellor is really nice, her name is Hilary and she just asks me questions that make me think and I talk and that’s it really…”
“How does that help?” He sat down opposite me in a booth and stared at me in confusion.
I stared back; not because I had to – but just because he’s the most beautiful person on the planet and I can’t help it. “I get to question why I did the stuff I did – and I get to see why the choices I made weren’t good for me and I get to see where I can make better choices in the future…” I shrugged.
He nodded, looking impressed. “Well, you seem like you’re in a pretty good place right now.”
“I am,” I beamed at him, “Well, let’s say it’s a much better place that I was a couple of years ago anyway.”
The waitress came over, “What’ll it be, kids?”
I checked the menu and chose a strawberry milkshake. Dead original, I know… Seb had a chocolate one and we sat and talked for ages – well, I did – he just sat with a little contented smile on his face, listening to me for the most part – he asked a few questions too here and there.
“So what else does she do?” He asked, looking as though he was really interested.
I shrugged, “She kind of makes me challenge myself and I also have to write a journal and take it with me.”
He frowned, “How does that work?”
I smiled, “I have to set myself a challenge a week at the moment – I used to have to do a challenge a day – I’m improving apparently!” I rolled my eyes, making him smile. “So, my challenge this week was to do something that I was afraid of.” I looked up at him.
“What are you afraid of?” He raised his eyebrows questioningly, his eyes boring into mine making him look really intense – and really handsome. I glanced at his lips. Oh God I wanted to kiss him. He’d asked me a question though…
I looked back up into his eyes, “I’m afraid of having a relationship with someone without sex getting in the way.” I answered truthfully.
His jaw dropped again. He hadn’t been expecting that answer… “Well, don’t you have that sort of relationship with Ben?” he asked, looking puzzled and surprising me.
I nodded, “Yes.”
“So why aren’t you afraid with him?”
“I’m not afraid of Ben because I’m not attracted to him that way. But I’m really attracted to you and I want to do things with you that are not healthy for me in my present state of mind.” Have I mentioned that I have no filter? Yeah – it’s a problem – maybe I should make that my next challenge…
He nodded, going very red. “Yeah, well – I totally get that – me too.”

Carly and Sebastian on their first date.... coming soon