Sunday, 30 December 2012

Red Button update....

It's finished!
I've completed my latest Seltham Community College ebook. It's now in the process of being edited and the like. Should be out early 2013.
The next one is called Lucy's Journal and I'm hoping this will tie in nicely with the 2nd Prom Night Special.
Bad news about the Prom Night III that I'd almost finished - when I went looking for it to see how far I'd got and how to tie in the characters from Red Button - it has completely disappeared. You know how I lost a load of work back in May when the hard drive went - Prom Night Special III went with it! So I shall have to start it all over again....
We went to see the Life of Pi last night - it was very good, really beautiful - but very sad. I have to confess to having a bit of sniffle a few times!
Anyways - back to the day job tomorrow :(
One of these days I might win that lottery....
Happy New Year!