Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Oh Happy Day (Oh Happy Day) Oh Happy Daa-a-ay!!!

Good Morning!
And what a perfect day it is too.
Always a bonus when I have the day off anyway - but glorious sunshine and temperatures promising to hit the mid twenties - what more can a girl ask for?
I'm sitting here this morning, squinting at my screen as the sun streams in through my windows - making a lovely smoky haze since I burned the toast... :/
I've opened the windows - I'm sure it'll clear soon, ahem!
I'm planning the next book in the Seltham series, following Amethyst's Dating Game and I've got a few decent ideas going on.
It's also turning into a planning the book after that, since there'll be too much going on in the one book otherwise. So look out for Bradley's Bad Decision, since I think I've decided on that being the next one...unless I come up with something else in the meantime!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

How To Talk To A Widower, Jonathan Tropper

I've read loads of books and I mean loads...
I read all of the time. Mostly nice fluffy stuff with happy endings (I don't like anything that doesn't have a happy ending and I know that's my own personal problem but hey - it works for me).
Sometimes though, I pick up a book and it grips me, even though I know it may very well not have a happy ending, or it may traumatise me along the way or it may stay with me for years after I've read it and that's why I avoid them...
It's happened. I picked it up...I picked this book up off the kitchen table at work the other day and I am HOOKED!
It's sad and funny and brilliant all at once. The language is a little rich (it's aimed at an adult audience) but still it is possibly one of the best books I've ever read. I suspect it will stay with me for a while. (Don't even mention The Time Traveller's Wife to me!) but heck to it - life isn't always the way you want it! Read it for yourself and decide...

Friday, 23 September 2011

I love Tangled

Just watching tangled (disney movie) with my daughters.
This is the best Disney movie EVER!!
Frying Pans - who knew?

Thursday, 22 September 2011

New Front Covers for the Seltham Series

I have uploaded new front covers for Becky's Diary, Julia's Horoscopes, Nerd, Joe's Nemesis and Lauren.
I thought it would make them more identifiable as a series. What do you think of the new covers?
I'm quite happy with them. ;)
I'm halfway through editing Amethyst and the front cover is all ready to go, so that should be published a month early in October, yay!
As soon as that is sorted out, it's back to Stan and then the Chosen One, both of which are coming along nicely.
Have a great day (sunny again!) :)

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Gooooood Morning!

The sun is shining!
I'm just starting to get a little fed up of 4 Music The Breakfast Fix.... my daughter is not feeling well this morning and is making herself feel better with E4 and 4 Music (grrrr)
Oh joy - now she's getting out her box set of Ugly Betty...think I'll go back to bed....

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

It's raining....

I know I shouldn't moan because it has been a ridiculously dry year, but I hate the rain!
Still, I'm trying to think of the positives and my pumpkins should be swelling nicely in the garden :)
I haven't the foggiest what my celeriacs are doing, but my purple sprouting brocolli seems to have survived the attack of the cabbage whites over the summer. (I'm quite into this organic gardening lark - and who cares if you have to cut out the odd grub or two?)
Our plum tree gave us a magnificent crop this year- I've got more jars of plum jam than I've got storage...
I'm just looking out of the window and there's the most enormous spider web, complete with big hairy spider right in the middle (gulp :/) and the rain drops make it look all spooky - I think I feel a spooky halloween short story coming on...

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Amethyst is finished!!!

I'm happy to report that Amethyst is officially finished and I've even made a start on the next one, which may or may not be called Bradley's Bad Decision (but could just as easily be Sophie's Secret or something else entirely!)
Anyway. It is now being edited and added to etc to make it just the way I want it before publication.
I shall tell you as soon as it is ready and published. But I promise that it will publish it within the timescale I have promised - if not before.
The next book to be published after Amethyst is going to be the last one in the Stan series, which I shall start work on again next week.
Have a great weekend xx

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Happy, Happy, Happeeeee!!!!!

Just writing the finishing chapters and filling in the blanks of Amethyst's Dating Game and setting up the introductions for the next one in the Seltham Community College Series.
Once I've done that, it'll be the terribly boring period of editing and checking the whole thing and then I'll have to think about a front cover and then it will be ready for publishing yippee!!
I've been busily tapping away at it all day and I'm really pleased with it.
Unfortunately I won't get much done for the rest of the week as I'm back at the day job....
One day - all this will be my day job...and that will be absolutely fantastic!

Monday, 12 September 2011


Have written loads over the weekend and it's coming on a treat!
I was a bit stuck to be honest with the plot line and I've been shelving it and shelving waiting for inspiration - I was cured over the weekend when inspiration struck and I've been tapping away ever since!
I'm really happy with it now and I know exactly what I've got to do with the next 15-20,000 or so words to put it all together and make it good.
I also know what the basic plot line will be for the next one, but I'm still struggling for a title so I've got to do a bit of brainstorming on that one.
Anyway, I'll get back to the one in hand and I'll worry about that one later...
See ya xxx

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Grand Prix...

Just watching the Grand Prix. Now I know that I really ought to be cheering on Button and Lewis, but I so want Michael Schumacher to beat them - it's so exciting and I've always loved Schumy!!
So come on Michael - keep it going!!!!!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

New Idea...

I was lying in bed this morning, thinking I would like nothing more than to be able to stay there all cosy and warm, when an idea popped into my head.
Now, you would think that I might just turn over and go back to sleep, like any normal person...but then you don't know how barking mad I really am do you?? (well, some might...)
I leapt out of bed and snatched up my laptop to get my idea straight onto a fresh page...
I won't say too much now about it, but I think it may well be the basis for my next ebook in the Seltham Community College series (#7)
It's so exciting when an idea pops into my head!! I haven't been able to think about anything else all day.
I'm now going to concentrate on finishing my other books so that I can get on with it, or Amethyst will never have her day!

Friday, 9 September 2011

New Book Covers

I've been giving my Seltham Community College ebooks a facelift. I don't feel that the front covers as they currently stand make it obvious that they are part of a series, so I'm working on a "Seltham Community College #1,2,3" etc. They're working quite well and I'll get them uploaded soon.
I've been working on my Three Wishes story today, which is about Kit the Genie and it's coming on quite well. I can't see this being quite as long as my usual story length's so it will fit in nicely with my short stories I think - we'll see. It might get more novella sized...
Also working on Amethyst and The Chosen One, but since I'm at work (the day job - boooo!) most of next week, I can't see me getting much done :(
I will of course, keep you posted on developments...
Laters xx

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

My Website is all beautiful again!!!

It took a while but I've cracked it!
I have been tweaking my website (between tearing my hair out, eating too many biscuits and screaming NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! every five minutes that is!) and I am now satisfied with it.
I've updated the Extras page with a couple of stories that are background pieces for my newest ebook Midnight Moon and I've a few more in the pipeline that I'll add on when I get the chance.
I also plan to add a couple of new pages to the website, but I'm not sure if I can actually pull it off effectively so I'll keep schtum at the moment on my plans!
Anyway - I hope you like the new look website - let me know!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Please excuse the state of my website...

I've just been updating my website with a couple of short stories about Jonah and Adam and have found that the administrators have been making some changes which have kind of mucked up all my settings!
I've made a start at getting it right, but it'll take a couple of day before I get it absolutely right (well hopefully!)
So if you go onto the website, please ignore all the dreadful bits and I'll keep working on it when I get the chance!
Thank you for your patience!

Additional stories about Jonah, Adam and Oscar

I am in the process of writing a short piece about the Byrnes brothers' life at Belvoir Creek.
I thought it would be nice for us to be able to see how they got on with life there, as they lived there for a couple of years before they moved back to Fernley.
Adam is still the same - of course he is, he isn't going to change is he??
So you'll get to know a little more about Loraine and his relationship, also how Jonah ended up going to the Prom with Stephanie and of course how she ended up going home with Adam.
I'll add stories as I write them to my website: on the extras page.
They should be appearing within the next week or so.
Hope you like them!

Back to work...

I so do not feel like going back to the day job this morning!
Still, I'll see all my buddies so it's not so bad.
I'm planning on writing the rest of Stan, New Beginnings this month and getting it out there in November and I'm also looking at Amethyst's Dating Game. I'm struggling to find a name for my next one in this series. I was thinking of something like "Sophie's Secret" or "Brad's Bad Decision" or something - any ideas anyone?
Ah, well, I'm sure something will hit me right between the eyes when I'm supposed to be doing something at work today! (It usually does - I keep a note pad on my desk just for my ideas!)
Anyways, time's a wastin' and I gotta go!
Laters xx

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Midnight Moon released!

I am reliably informed that all editing has been completed and I have therefore today published my latest ebook, Midnight Moon.
I've got to tell you that I really do like this one - I think I might even like the characters better than the ones in the Stan Trilogy - particularly Jonah....
Anyway, I shall of course update this site with my next book that is coming soon and the like, and I will also post another taster on my additional page so you have something else to read before it comes out...
Hope you love Jonah as much as I do!

I'm having a moan....

I was all excited about Muse being shown from Reading/Leeds Festival on BBC3 last week and set the recorder and everything. The Slot was for 2 and a half hours - 'brilliant' thought I 'all of the songs from the Origin of Symmetry live - bliss!'
But no. It was cut down to only an hour, there were only about 3 songs in that hour session that were actually from the OoS. Please don't get me wrong. I'm happy to have the hours worth of Muse (10 minutes worth is better than nothing!) but I felt that the BBC mislead the Muse fans!
Fearn Cotton said that we could get the full set on the Radio 1 Webpage. I excitedly tuned in last night - 40 minutes. Not even as much as I recorded myself.
It's no good - I'll have to go and see them again when they tour.
I'm disappointed with Muse too - they surely know that their fans would be delighted to have the full set and I think it's a little bit precious to have the BBC only show what they felt was their better performances.  They seem to have forgotten what they are doing it for...

Friday, 2 September 2011

Home, Sweet Home!

Ahhh. So nice to be home.
I love going on holiday, but equally - I love coming home again.
It's so nice to cuddle the cat and kick back and relax.
I will definitely go back to St Ives again. It's a really beautiful part of England and I really love the sea. Being in the middle of the country just doesn't give you the same views!
Anyway, now that I'm home again, it's back to work on those books that I've been neglecting for the past seven days!
Midnight Moon will definitely be out in the next week or two. Just tidying up the last bits of editing and reading through to make sure it really does make sense. Then I'll get cracking on Amethyst's Dating Game, which I've really been neglecting for a while.
After I've got that one finished, I might try to get The Chosen One somewhere near completed and of course there's the last one in the Stan Trilogy to finish. Good Heavens - I've got a lot to do haven't I???
Better go then and get started! See you later xx