Thursday, 5 January 2012

Back to the grind....

I'm off to the day job this morning...Booooo!
Still, only for the next three days and then I have a whole week to myself to do exactly as I like!!
my plan for next week is to get the Chosen One completed. it's coming along nicely and should be ready for checking through for mistakes and typos - my least favourite part of the job!
The next book on my hitlist will then be Three Wishes which I have been neglecting mercilessly. I would also like to get my teeth into Charlotte's theatre and the Wolf Moon but we shall see how the week pans out...
I have been busy this week checking all my already published books and have updated them all with new versions - silly things like typing errors, but they were bugging me so they should all be right now!
Anyway, have a great day and a great weekend and I shall write soon - Happy New Year!!