Friday, 29 June 2012

Muse - Survival

Just had to say that I am totally stoked that Muse got to be the official song of the British Olympics - obviously you all know that they are my favourite band in the whole world forever, but have you heard it???
It's completely bonkers and totally over the top and absolutely brilliant!!!!!!
Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!!!
Muse - best band in the world EVER!!!!!!!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Highway to Society is out there!

I've just uploaded my latest release - Highway to Society. It follows on from the Duchess of Chittenden, and follows Maisie Bywater's relationship with Matthew St Clair - a roguish highwayman...or is he??
Now that I've finished it, I'm concentrating on getting Wolf Moon nearer to completion - I think I've replaced most of what I lost earlier on last month - and I'm rather pleased with it.
I've had a few new ideas over the last couple of weeks and I'm putting those in place too - my apologies for getting behind with the Seltham series - I lost quite a bit of my Prom Night 3, which was a shame because it involved quite a few new characters that will be in future books - still never mind, I'll just create new ones!
I'm going to start creating new covers for all the books I've published (Already have done a new one for Chosen One) as some of the distrubution outlets now need more pixels or something and my covers aren't good enough! So hopefully they'll look better soon!
Anyway, enough about that - we've been to Chatsworth today - went up to the hunting lodge and walked around the lake at the top (it feeds the fountain next to the house).
I have to say the house is looking magnificent since they've done it all up - gold windows and everything. Gorgeous!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My plan of action for the week...

Sadly my new computer is still having the hard drive replaced, so my old trusty work horse is being flogged to death again (lovingly of course).
I have pretty much finished Highway to Society - last couple of chapters being written today and then I shall be editing and generally being as picky as hell before it goes off for its final read through.
Once that's done, I shall get back the Wolf Moon and the Genie and the Master who loved him - I'm seriously considering shortening this title - it's far too long! I shall keep you posted...
I now have a firm plan for the next Seltham CC book - it will be called Red Button Romance and will revolve around the members of the Red Button group (kind of rivals to the Dudes) and their relationships with each other and other members of the their yeargroup.
I'm still working on my other projects - three other historical romances and of course the next one in the Moon series.
So even though I lost a lot of my work, it's all coming together again and I save EVERYTHING now on a daily basis!!
It's raining this morning but I'm hoping it'll dry up a bit - I've got stuff to plant out!
Have a great day, see you later xx

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Home Sweet Home...

Yes - we're back on home turf again - after the journey from hell!
Whenever we go to Cornwall (which is quite a lot, since it seems to be our spiritual home!) we always drag ourselves and the kids out of bed at around 5 o'clock in the morning (to plenty of moans and phrases akin to "What have I ever done to deserve this" and "Why are you doing this to me" and "But I didn't even know there were two 5 o'clocks in the day..."
So, there we are in the car and on the road for 5.30am - we then arrive at around 11am in St Ives or Newquay (our two fave spots).
We had a slight change of plan to return on Friday morning - we didn't have to leave until Saturday but the weather wasn't great and we'd seen all the 10.50am we set ten to eight in the evening we arrived home. We queued from just outside Lelant all the way home. It was absolutely awful!!!
Anyway, the cat was very pleased to see us a day early and followed by husband around the house like a little lamb! She's so cute.
Hope your jubilee holidays were as good as mine - did you happen to see Madness on the roof of the palace for the jubilee concert - stunning! Made me so proud!!!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Diving Gannets....

Had a change of plan and went to the Minack Theatre instead today - once we'd been there we found this lovely beach at Porthcurno and stayed there for the rest of the day enjoying the sunshine.
The water was clear and that lovely turquoise blue in the shallows deepening to dark blue as it got deeper - we could see Gannets diving for fish a little way out, which was so exciting for me, being a bit of a twitcher - fab day!
Going to Falmouth tomorrow - or at least that's the plan for now - I'll let you know!

Taking a break in St Ives....

We are back in lovely St Ives this week - same place as last summer, well not quite - we've got a much nicer house to stay in this week and I'm feeling very smug to be in such luxurious surroundings.
My laptop's hard drive had died and was un-recoverable - not quite so heart-broken as I was - I realised that most of what I'd done on the Highway to Society was saved and the changes I've been forced to make (well re-write from memory actually) have only made it better and led to a better conclusion - plus a quite likely future spin-off story too so it's all good.
I'm working on it at the moment, plus the other four I was working on, and I should be back on track by the end of the month.
Sadly quite a lot of the Wolf Moon wasn't saved, so I'm trying to put this back together - I'm sure I'll get around to it before much longer and the Genie and the Master who loved him is pretty much intact so I shall get to finishing that soon too.
I will never forget to back-up again - but my God what a horrible way to learn by a mistake!
I didn't dare check what was missing for a few days - and I honestly couldn't work out what I did with my spare time without my computer! It really is almost an appendage!!!!
Anyway - we're off to Newquay today and then probably Perranporth as the weather looks better on that side of the peninsular. Laters xx