Thursday, 23 July 2015

Riverside #7... Sam... Distracted... coming Autumn 2016

Toby and Trey turned out to be total mind-readers and seemed to instinctively know that I fancied Luca. What made it even worse was that they decided to make it their mission in life to match-make.
Trey was by far the worst of the two of them so of course it was his idea to play spin the bottle…
I couldn’t believe my eyes when the bottle spun and pointed towards Luca. I was totally sitting to his left. My insides started to squirm. There was no way he’d really go along with this, surely?
But he did. Trey and Toby knew him better than I did and totally knew he had the most competitive spirit known to mankind.
I glanced towards Trey who was grinning like an idiot at Luca, “Well, well, well,” he chortled, “Looks like you’re sucking face with the new boy.”
Shit. He was totally giving everything away. I looked at Luca who was eyeing me apprehensively. “You’re not gonna freak out on me or anything, are you?” he asked nervously.
It was a reasonable enough question. Things did sometimes make me freak out – raw fish for instance – I couldn’t go near the stuff without barfing. I was a bit of a liability in the kitchen around the seafood if I’m honest – I was a bit of a liability full stop. I couldn’t empty bins, couldn’t wash egg off pans and sometimes even just the thought of something icky had me retching. Luca though, bless him, just found me amusing for my little quirks – just another reason for me to love him… So the very idea of kissing Luca freaking me out was laughable. Not a problem my friend…
I smiled at his concerned face and shook my head. He was so damned beautiful… “Not my first time kissing a dude,” I said. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that…
His eyes widened with surprise, “Uh, right.” He said, going a little pink, “Well, it is mine.”
Of course it was. He was straight. I was actually more surprised that he was considering it at all. I could see Toby and Trey gleefully watching the whole scenario unfolding and I put on a show of looking as if this sort of thing was totally cool with me, “Well, anytime you wanna get started.”
Luca nodded, he looked to Toby for guidance on the rules of etiquette, “Just a peck or what?” he asked, “What are the rules here?”
Tom started to laugh, breaking the tension and making Luca laugh too, “I have to win,” he said, “– you know that.”
We all knew that. I grinned across at Toby and Trey.
Toby grinned back at me and Luca, “If you manage to last a minute – tongues and all – you can have Saturday night off. I promise to cover for you.”
My insides about turned to mush. Tongues and all? Oh. My. God...

Sam Fletcher... Distracted... Coming soon