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Operation Boyfriend...coming soon...

Damn it was hot night – and my stupidly tight skinny jeans were making my legs feel like they were on fire. I was very grateful for my ripped tee shirt I can tell you. The weathermen had promised us a really hot night too – it wasn’t gonna drop past twenty degrees – scorcher! Still, as hot as it was, I wasn’t gonna miss a chance to hold her hand – or to hold her in my arms and dance with her. I grabbed her hand as we walked down to the bus stop. “You look lovely,” I blurted out. I grinned embarrassedly at her. Jeez, I really had to rein it in – I was being a total doofus around her tonight.
“Thanks – so do you,” she smiled back at me, taking my breath away with those fabulous green eyes.
“I look stupid.” I said, then I remembered that I was supposed to be all flamboyant. I didn’t elaborate.
She gave me a stern look, “No you don’t – you look seriously sexy.”
Seriously sexy? Wow! “Really?” my voice went all high with excitement, “You think I’m sexy?”
She got all embarrassed and went all pink which was totally adorable, “Yeah, dude.” She said looking anywhere but at me, I could tell she was all flustered when she muttered, “Come on, bus.” I just smiled to myself. I was beginning to think Celeste was an absolute genius.
We got on the bus and I sat down – probably closer than I should have done but what the hell?
“You look sexy too,” I said huskily, “Danny’s gonna be bowled over.”
She let out the most un-lady-like snort and muttered under her breath “Yeah, well – he can totally go screw himself.”
My heart skipped a beat. Did she really mean that? Was I really in the running? I had to find out… “I thought all of this,” I waved my hand between the two of us, “was just so you and he could get it on again.” The very idea made me feel nauseous if I’m honest. I’m sure that showed on my face too.
To my surprise she got all flustered again. “It is.” She said with utter conviction. “It totally is.” Well, that left me out in the cold again didn’t it?
We made our way into the nightclub. It was quite early for a club, but there was a surprising number of people already there, dancing and generally having a good time. We went to the bar and I ordered us both a drink. I could see Faith scanning the crowds for that cretin ex-boyfriend of hers. I’d already spotted him as soon as we’d walked in – he had his tongue down the throat of yet another girl – honestly – what the hell did they all see in him?
Thankfully she hadn’t seen that – or maybe it would have been better all round if she had…
Celeste waved from where she was hanging out with a group of her languages friends – she was studying French and History so she had loads of mates from her course. She grinned and winked when she saw us together. I waved back.
I turned back around to face Faith and I knew in that instant that she’d seen Danny. I turned and checked; well – thank God he’d stopped trying to choke her with his tongue.
Before I could stop myself, the words had already left me, “Seriously, Faith, are you sure you want him back? The guy’s a total loser.”
She nodded with a sigh, “Yeah,” she said with a bit a forlorn expression. I could just tell that he would only have to snap his fingers and the feeling of jealousy that coursed through me surprised me a little – I was seriously annoyed.
Giving myself a mental shake – really, I had no business whatsoever to feel that way – I decided it was time to get rid of some of my nervous energy and I really loved dancing…
“Wanna dance?” The sexiest song had just come on – and it was one of my favourites – right up there with Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke – now that one was seriously sexy. It was Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo and wouldn’t you just know it – I knew all the words…
Faith seemed totally up for dancing with me – I kind of got the idea it was more for Danny’s benefit that mine, but I wasn’t complaining – it was my hands on her body after all…
Grinning all over my face, I grabbed her hand and pulled her close to me on the dance floor. She could move just as well as I could and we definitely had a Dirty Dancing moment going on there. I kept singing the lines to her and making really quite suggestive moves and she seemed to be lapping it up – which was totally the idea.
We ended up with quite an audience and I had to admit I was getting really turned on by her. In the end it all got too much and I felt it would be better to go and get another drink. “Hey, sexy girl,” I grinned at her, “Wanna get another drink?”
She nodded which was a relief because I swear these jeans hid absolutely nothing…
I passed her drink to her and perched on the bar stool. There were none of the comfy sofas left unoccupied – which on reflection was probably a good idea – we’d have totally been making out otherwise and she’d no doubt wake up in the morning wondering what the hell she’d been thinking of snogging a gay guy… I was beginning to wonder just how the hell I was supposed to break the news that I was actually straight…

Dallas, Operation Boyfriend… coming soon…

Out Now!

Stan is sent to Earth from his homeland, Gore, a planet in outer space that has intelligent life.
He meets Molly and his life suddenly becomes far more interesting, especially when he makes a discovery in her father's office that makes him question whether Molly is really quite as human as she first appears...
This is the first part of the Stan series, only told entirely from Stan's point of view.

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Stan, Remember Me....

Molly has had her memory erased and cannot remember Stan at all.
She is dating a new guy, but keeps dreaming about a beautiful guy with black eyes and she knows she's met him somewhere before.
Can she regain her memory and find Stan before it is too late and he is tracked down and eliminated along with the other hybrids?
She keeps remembering snippets of her life before the Prom but it is all mixed up. She starts to piece her memory back together when she finds a book, a locket and some files at her father's work which point to her being one of the hybrids that are being hunted and eliminated!
Available Now!

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White Water - available for pre-order now!

Sophie and her family are different. They keep themselves to themselves and try their best to blend in with the regular humans around them; it isn't always easy but they do their best...
That is until Cody Conner and his family come to their town and Cody decides that Sophie is someone he really doesn't want to live without.
With his stunning good looks, she thinks he's just making fun of her. After all; in her opinion she's mousy and cute at best... but when she realises that she can hear his thoughts in her own head, it dawns on her that maybe they are more compatible than she could ever imagine....
White Water is the first in a new series that follows on from the Stan Series.


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New covers for Stan Series....

I thought it was time Stan had some new front covers - so here they are.... coming very soon
courtesy of Selfpubbookcovers/diverse

courtesy of selfpubbookcovers.com/shardel

courtesy of selfpubbookcovers.com/diversepixel

Aren't they gorgeous!

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Coming Soon....


In fast moving water there is always the potential for injury or death by drowning or hitting objects; such water is often referred to as white water.
Danger can lie under the surface of such water and other factors work towards creating the dangers within… it’s a bit like falling in love…
“Hey, Dakota – got a minute?”
My brother turned to me with a slight frown, “What’s up?” he asked.
I took a deep breath; it was risky opening up and talking to Dakota about stuff like this – he was a merciless teaser at the best of times. “The Milestone sisters – noticed anything strange about them?”
“What? Apart from being the best looking girls in the whole of this town?” he grinned.
I grinned back, feeling slightly relieved; it wasn’t just me that had noticed them, then. I was safe to speak freely. “Well, as hard as I try to charm her, I still don’t think Sophie’s particularly impressed with me – and it could be wishful thinking on my part – but I swear I can hear her thoughts – and I thought – you know, being the way we were – we could only hear each other’s.”
He frowned. “We can only hear each other’s,” he stared at me, his eyes widening as he reached the same conclusion as I had, “– unless they’re…”
“Like us,” I nodded, staring back at him, “That was what I was thinking.”

Cody Conner

Monday, 13 January 2014

White Water....it's on it's way.....

Should have about finished writing this one by the end of the month; so expected release date will be around the end of February - it might be sooner than that depending on my schedule....
Have just about decided now that the next one to be completed will be Phase 5 - that one is around a third complete. I'm trying to choose cover designs at the moment and it is so difficult; I really like the cover to reflect what's inside down to the way they're described - and it really isn't easy finding a guy with long dark curly hair! The search continues....
In between completing this new series (which is a continuation of my Stan series) I will still be writing Operation Boyfriend - that is definitely the next one I want to complete and Something Stupid. I'll also be tinkering around with Hunter's Moon - should keep me out of mischief until March I reckon!
Have a great day and I'll catch up with all you soon x

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


White Water Series:
I'm having a break from all the angst and loved up stuff in Operation Boyfriend, Some Kind of Paradise and Clean Break and going for a white water ride instead....
I'm in the process at the moment of writing White Water which I'm totally loving - Cody Conner is one of my favourite characters of all time to write - he's got brothers too - four of them actually - each with their own story to tell....maybe.
So the next in the series is Phase 5 - well, it might be - or it might be Kallie's Secret - I haven't quite decided yet since they're more linked than in order if that makes sense?
The final one of them has to be The WatchTower - since that one is the where they all kind of meet up and it is the end of this chapter for them.
I'm also working on Hunter's Moon which will be released later on this year - I'll post more details about that one separate - in the meantime; here's an excerpt from White Water...


There was something about Sophie – from the moment I laid eyes on her I knew there was something – it was believing it that was the hard part – how could she be anything like me and my family – we were hardly what you could call commonplace…
Me and my family were hybrids – well, actually I was second generation hybrid – my parents were the cross-breeds – me and my four brothers were actually like a whole new-improved breed. I’d better explain…
My father’s father was a volunteer for a super-human breeding program (no really, I’m actually not joking here) from another planet called Gore – he came to Earth and met a human girl – they fell in love and he decided to stay here – they had a child – and that child was of course, my father.
Of course my grandfather wasn’t the only volunteer and my mother crazily enough – was also a hybrid – it would seem these gorevans couldn’t stay away from Earth once they’d discovered it – and they must have found it pretty easy to run into each other too – and goodness only knows how many others there were out there – which brings me back to Sophie – call me psychic – some people do – but there’s something about her that I really feel strongly attracted to – it’s like she’s my own personal magnet… Could she be like me? Because I’m not gonna lie – that would be absolutely awesome. In all my sixteen years (which okay, is not exactly a long time but still) I’ve yet to find another hybrid like us and it’s a shock to finally run into one – particularly since she seems to really dislike me – but I’ve never been so attracted to another person in my whole life….
We’ve only recently moved to this small town, Long Ridge, in the middle of nowhere – a sort of hide-out for my family and I – and I thought it was gonna be the most boring place in the history of the universe – how wrong could I be?