Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year!

More of the Riverside Series Coming In 2016...

I got in my battered old VW Golf. I loved this old car and I missed it when I was away on an operation. I sat in the seat, my mind going at a million miles an hour. I could hear my dad’s voice in my head, “Now then, Tate – you might be seventeen and think that you’re king of the road – but you’ve got to consider other drivers too you know – you’re not the best driver the world has ever seen, no matter how much you think you are.”
I couldn’t help myself smiling at the memory but my eyes had filled with tears at the same time. Dad had always been really careful and considerate – so how the hell had they managed to end up killed in a road traffic accident? I sighed miserably. No doubt True would fill me in on all the details when I got home...

Okay – so my family isn’t perfect – but then, whose is? And besides, it’s a loving and wonderful family and I love every one of my brothers – I have three of them; my sister and my brothers in law – and yes. I did say brothers in law – Tomas and Will are married now too.
I’m aware that we might appear dysfunctional. I’m aware that my relationship with my twin brother seems weird to some – but it’s what we are and they’ll just have to deal with it.
Oh, and to top off all of the madness – I’m in love with an actress – and of course she’s never going to want me – but there it is – ever since I saw the movie ‘Captivated’ – I have been…

I was totally used to calling the shots. Women kind of fell at my feet – not the other way around. I didn’t like to brag, but all of us were really good-looking and none of us had any issues with attracting the opposite sex (Even Tom who didn’t actually want them since he was married to a guy…) and I could, if I chose, have a different girl on my arm – every night of the week. And I did date girls – quite a lot. I didn’t fall in love with any of them though. If I’m honest, the thought of actually being in a relationship with any of them was quite horrifying. I wasn’t into that sort of nonsense. Relationships were for other people – grown ups – not me… I wasn’t like everyone else. I didn’t think I was really capable of it. Toby was the lovable one – I wasn’t. I’d felt this way since… well, since forever really – but definitely since Mum died. Mum had loved me unconditionally. She saw past all the flaws in all of her children – even me.

 I couldn’t wait to marry Will. Seriously, I could not wait. He was the love of my whole life and I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else – ever.
We had a really great relationship but there was one thing I regretted not telling him when we first got together – and that was the small fact that I was named on my best friend’s daughter’s birth certificate… I know, right…  

 I stared at True. “A letter from my mother?” My insides felt all wobbly and I was starting to lose feeling in my legs. I pulled out a chair and flopped down. Nausea threatened to have me running for the sink but I tried my best to stay calm.
She nodded, biting her lip. “I didn’t know whether to tell you or not…”
I swallowed. “It’s fine,” I lied, “I can handle it – give it here.”
She passed me the envelope and I took it with slightly shaky fingers. This was surreal. She’d never been able to write in all the time I’d known her – she lived only for the skunk and the sex… I shivered. She’d sold me to anyone for her next fix – and had enjoyed the whole sordid show too – I guess she could argue that she wasn’t fully aware but I’m not sure I would agree. In my opinion she just wasn’t quite right in the head…
“What does it say?” True asked quietly.
I shook my head, “Nothing much – just that she reckons she’s clean now and wants me to meet her and that she has a wonderful new boyfriend – how has she got a new boyfriend when she’s spent the last two years inside?”
True sighed and shook her head, “I have no idea – he must be one of those weird people that writes to the inmates.”
“Freak,” I muttered.
“Freak’s right.” She agreed, “Are you okay?”
I looked up into her beautiful face, all concerned for me and not in any way other than that of a sister who cared about me. This was my family – the Fletchers. They were the ones who had given me their surname to give me a new start in life and to make me less easy to find. Mum’s letter had come to me via the prison service. She didn’t know where to find me. I could just ignore this letter and never see her again…

Nothing mattered to me more than attaining my Michelin star and putting the Riverside pub on the map. I wasn't looking for a relationship. I wasn't going to be distracted by anything as reckless as a woman... A relationship? Kids? Give me a break - I was going place!
But then Josie was hired. I'd never seen anything so utterly beautiful in all my life - and damn it she was feisty and sassy and I instantly fell for her.
She wasn't interested in my chat up lines. She wasn't looking for a guy - said she'd given up on men altogether - thought we were collectively a bunch of wasters.
She'd been hurt - that much was obvious. I wanted to help her. I wanted to know her. I wanted to be with her. Suddenly a relationship and kids didn't seem such a bad idea...

Monday, 14 December 2015

Introducing Kody....

Introducing Kody...
It was never my intention to babysit some bent git that was covering his past by going straight – but Tate was a guy that I found it hard to say no to and he swore blind that the guy was actually pretty decent, and from a good family, so I found myself agreeing to being his bodyguard without even meeting him – something I was bound to regret along the way somewhere…“So – what’s his story?” I grunted when Tate came to find me.He shrugged, “Not too sure if I’m honest – he’s definitely bi-curious so no funny business.” He gave me the evil eye, which would have lesser mortals shaking in their shoes – but not me. We’d known each other too long. I knew that at least one of his brothers was gay – and somehow or other married with a kid already. I swear he’d also adopted some kid at sometime – it was a freaking weird set-up but it seemed to work for them… “Like I’d be interested.” I snorted.He raised an eyebrow, “He’s blond and tall – off the record he’s freaking gorgeous and right up your street.”It was my turn to raise an eyebrow, “Are you dipping a toe in our pond dude?” I asked with a wry smile.He grinned, “Nah,” he said, “But I’m beginning to understand what turns you guys on – I have two gay brothers now, you know.”I sighed and shook my head, “I don’t need any complications in my life. I’m cool on my own.”He frowned at me and I got the feeling I was about to be counselled whether I wanted to be or not – and I wasn’t wrong… “You’re allowed to move on,” he said gently, “You don’t have to mourn forever, you know.”I swallowed and tried my best to keep my stiff upper lip... I’d been in love once. His name was Peter and he was an agent just like me. He was a glory seeker and a bit of a show off, I guess – something I’d really adored about him – something I never thought I’d hate about him… until he was reckless and killed in a hail of bullets leaving his wife, his three children – and his biggest secret – me… “Yeah.” I agreed, “I know that – I’m just not ready.”He nodded, “Probably best that you’re not,” he shot me a wicked grin. I stuck my tongue out at him, “– but I can count on you to protect him?”I nodded, “I’ll protect him with my life – you have my word.” Nothing mattered anymore now that Peter was gone. If I died in the line of duty I’d have done my job. I wasn’t suicidal or anything – but I wasn’t afraid to lay down my life either. After all – what did I have to live for anymore, anyway?
Kody... Protecting Peyton Studs and Steel #1... Coming Autumn 2016

Introducing Studs and Steel...

Introducing the cast of Studs and Steel... Meet Peyton McKenzie...

I blinked. Looking around I brought the room into focus. Holy hell. What the hell had happened to me this time? And how many times was I going to actually wake up after an incident before I stopped waking up?
I turned by head and squinted at the unfamiliar voice, “Who are you?” I croaked.
“I’m DC Fletcher – Tatum Fletcher – and I’ve been assigned to your case – I’m here to help you – not to judge you, so please – speak to me freely and I’ll do what I can to protect you while you’re in my custody.”
I frowned at him, “Seriously?” I asked, “You’re here to protect me?”
He nodded, “Of course.” He said, “It’s kind of my job.”
I raised an eyebrow, “Kind of?”
He shrugged, “I may have a personal interest in your case – since I believe my brother used to know you.”I blinked. Fear clenched in my stomach. Holy hell – was he going to wreak revenge on me from the inside so to speak? Had they actually infiltrated the justice system somehow? “I’m quite sure I have no idea what you are talking about.”
He smirked, “No – you wouldn’t – sorry – I’ll explain. We kind of adopted him – Sam Grundy.”
My jaw dropped, my heart started slamming painfully against my already battered and bruised ribs. “Sam?” I whispered, “My Sam?” I’d finally found him?
He gave me a hard stare, making me wonder if he knew about Sam and me. “I doubt it.” He said, “But that’s not my decision to make – I’ve told him you’re here – what happens between you two is your business – but I can promise you here and now – you mess with his head and his happiness, you’re dead meat – you get me?”
I had absolutely no doubt that he meant every word. I nodded, “I get you.” I said.

Peyton McKenzie... Peyton... Protected, Studs and Steel #1 Coming Autumn 2016

Friday, 4 December 2015

They're on their way.... release date 13th December 2015...

Conner raised an eyebrow. “Did you do something stupid?” he asked with the ghost of a smile.
I nodded maintaining my no-eye-contact fa├žade, “Yup,” I sighed.
He brightened and sat forward in his seat, “What? You mean… did you actually tell him?” he sounded pleased and incredulous all at the same time.
I rubbed my eyes and looked up at him sheepishly; I was never any good at the whole no-eye-contact thing anyway, “Yup,”
He looked hopefully at me, “And?” he asked with a hint of a smile.
I looked at the two eager faces before me. There wasn’t a trace of gleeful mickey taking in either of them. They both knew the way I’d felt about Skye back in school and sixth form – hell, sad git that I am, they knew that I’d never felt that way about anyone since too.
I shrugged, “He already knew,” I said. “He reckoned he looked for me to tell me he’d made a mistake but…” I trailed off.
“Well, why don’t you go over there and ask him to go out for a drink with you one night, then?” he nodded in the general direction of where I’d been stood talking to him.
I scratched my neck nervously, “I can’t do that – I’ll look all pathetic and needy.”
“I don’t want to knock your confidence, mate – but you are all pathetic and needy,” Biff leaned forward and patted me on the shoulder, “– we’ve been propping you up for years mate – It's Christmas, just get laid already.” Biff had such a nice turn of phrase.

Zac looked up at the rather imposing building and did his best to swallow down the nerves that threatened to overwhelm him and have him running for the exit again and just spending the day down on the wreck with his skateboard… Okay, dude – no one knows you here. No one’s judging you. You’ve got a whole new start… 
After his twin brother died and he was shipped off to his rather austere grandparents while his parents recuperated, Zac just wanted to get through his A Levels and to finish school altogether; to move on with his life and try to get over his loss in his own way. It never occurred to him that he might meet someone who was going to mean more to him than anything had ever meant before... Things sometimes have a funny way of working out. Maybe just maybe he could finally find his happy ever after with Shay, or maybe he was just doomed where relationships were concerned and it was never gonna happen...

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On the first day of Christmas...

True Love was released.... #HappyHeatherAfters