Sunday, 29 May 2016

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“Come on, mate – we need to go shopping for some decent stuff to wear while we’re there.”
I shook my head, “Uh, no...”
Harry took my arm firmly and nodded, “Oh, yes you are,” he said, “You’re the only one out of the four of us with an eye for what looks good.”
I rolled my eyes, “Yeah, right.” I scoffed.
He looked at me, his face serious, “Aw, c’mon Angel – you must realise that you’re like a male model.”
I look at him incredulously, “Get. Lost.” I said, “My nose is fat and my lips are too big, I’ve got eyes like an anime character and my hair is completely tragic if I don’t straighten it – which makes it as dry as hell....” I could have gone on but he’d started to laugh at me.
“You’re such a diva.” He chortled, “You know damned well girls drool all over you – and half the lads too.”
I blinked. I really didn’t know that. I was kind of in a bubble with Kayleigh all of the time. If I wasn’t with her – I was with Harry and the guys.... I honestly had no idea so many people found me attractive. “They do not...”
He shook his head, “Oh, Angel,” he said, “You really have absolutely no idea, do you?”
I shrugged, “Guess not.” I murmured.
We met Justin and Brad at the tram stop and all piled on. I was sat opposite Brad and Harry was opposite Justin.
Justin looked across at me, “Hey, Angel,” he said, “What sort of sunscreen should we take?”
I frowned as I looked at his skin tone. He was pretty pale, “I think you need at least twenty-five.”
His face fell, “Shit, man.’ He said, “I’ll never get a tan.”
I rolled my eyes, “How much of a tan do you think you can achieve in four days?”
He scowled, “It’s alright for you with your perfect skin.”
My jaw dropped, “Perfect?” I squawked, “Get real – I get spots just like you do.”
“And that’s something else you can help me with,” he said seriously, “– what should I use on my face.”
I was about to tell him that he could sort his own spot program out, but then I looked at him. He was genuinely asking, and his face had gone a bit red, “We’ll have a look when we get there.” I said.
He grinned, “Thanks mate.” He said, “Brad gets all the girls and I get all the mingers – I’m sure it’s because he’s more confident – and doesn’t have spots...”
I sighed, “they’re not mingers – don’t be cruel.”
He rolled his eyes, “You’ve got no idea.” He muttered.
No, maybe I didn’t...
We all piled back off the tram in the centre of town and headed straight for Starbucks on my request.  I really couldn’t face hours of traipsing around town without a latte first.
Harry and Brad were deep in conversation about some girl that Brad was interested in. “I’ll leave it till after we come back from Magaluf – or she’ll get all peak about me banging chicks while I’m there.”
Seriously? How old were we? He sounded like he was still in high school. And banging chicks? Jesus. I sincerely hoped I’d never said anything so damned crass. I racked my brains but I really didn’t think so.
Harry was regarding me with amusement, “No,” he said, “You’ve never said anything like that – and neither have I.”

 I grinned.

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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

They're on their way....

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I looked up as the door opened. I’d been feeling a little irritated that Sam was late but more anxious about him than annoyed with him. Sam was a complicated character and had a bit of a tendency towards depression. I let out a sigh of relief. Finally… But instead of finding Sam looking at me with his big baby blues that always managed to make my insides go a little funny, my eyes met with Tom’s instead who was stood grinning at me with his gorgeous baby girl in his arms.
“Daddy,” she said, “What Guca doing?”
He chuckled, “Luca is preparing the vegetables for tonight’s diners.”
She nodded earnestly, looking back at me, “That what I said,” she responded indignantly, “Where Sam gone?”
I looked at Tom and raised an eyebrow, “She took the words right out of my mouth, dude,” I said, “where the hell is he? He’s supposed to be helping me prep.”
Tom nodded, his earlier grin fading fast, “He’s up at the main house with True – she got a letter from his mother – looks like the bitch is back out.”
My jaw dropped, “Fuck.” I muttered as my heart sank for him. I looked up at Tom, “He’s not gonna like that.”
Tom shook his head, a frown on his face, “I know.” He agreed, “That’s why I came to find you – I was kind of hoping I could count on you, to like, keep an eye on him or something. Make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid…”
We both knew what he meant by something stupid. Sam had high highs and very low lows. When he was low he definitely had tendencies towards being suicidal. He was undiagnosed because he point-blank refused to go to a therapist after his initial few sessions when he first came to live with the Fletchers went badly, but I totally got the feeling he was on some kind of spectrum leaning towards bi-polar and I worried about him. A lot. I nodded, “Of course I’ll look after him,” I agreed, “He’s my best mate.”
Tom smiled and nodded, “I knew I could rely on you.” He said, “He really trusts you, you know – please be careful around him at the moment – he’s going to need us all to keep things really stable with her back around messing with his mind.”
I swallowed. I would do anything for Sam, anything. He was like a brother to me. I loved him… “You can rely on me.” I said.
Tom grinned, “You know what,” He said, “I knew you were going to say that.”

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Monday, 9 May 2016

Equal Measures.... Not long now...

“She can’t keep him from me forever.” I grumbled, “We’ll be going to uni in September, Dad – that’s only six months away – we’ll find each other again there anyway.”
Dad looked at me over the top of his newspaper and frowned, “It would be my advice to let sleeping dogs lie – and to find yourself a new boyfriend if that’s what you want.”
I sighed, “I don’t want a new boyfriend, Dad – I was perfectly happy with the one I had.”
He put his paper down and leaning on his elbows he laced his fingers together and looked at me sternly, “He was more or less your step-brother, Dakota.” He said.
I shook my head, “You know as well as I do that if we don’t live together it doesn’t actually count – and his mother was only your girlfriend – not your wife.”
He nodded, “Yeah, I know – that was a cheap shot – I’m sorry.”
I sat down opposite him and looked at him, “What’s going to happen to him?” I asked, “What’s Georgina got planned?”
He sighed, “He’s been sent off to Southborne Boarding College to complete the year – and then she’s planning on him going to some fancy university in Chicago – she’s moving to the US with her job. I’m sorry, Dakota but you probably won’t see him again.”
My heart dropped in my chest. He was going to America? Oh. My. God… My hands started to shake and I was struggling to keep it all together but I wasn’t going to let Dad see how much his words had affected me. He and Georgina clearly didn’t have any idea what we meant to each other and I guess that was only to be expected since we’d kept our relationship a secret from them – it was time to come clean…
“Dad – we’ve been boyfriends since Georgina first came to stay with us – this isn’t some silly crush you know – it’s been going on for a while…”
Dad sighed. “There’s nothing I can do about it, son.” He said sadly, “She’s hell bent on making him straight.”
I threw my hands up in the air with frustration, “You can’t make someone straight any more than you can make someone gay – doesn’t she understand anything?”
Dad seemed to wilt under my gaze. He shook his head, “It would appear not,” he said, rubbing his eyes – something he always did when he was getting stressed. “I’m really sorry Dakota – truly I am – but she just wouldn’t listen to reason.”
I looked at him in surprise. Had he tried reasoning with her then? “What do you mean?” I asked.
He took a deep breath and looked up at me, “I tried to explain things to her – she was absolutely horrified and she totally blamed you for ‘turning’ her son – there was nothing I could do to make her see sense – believe me – you don’t need a mother-in-law like that.”
Maybe not – but I did need a boyfriend like Gabe… no, not like Gabe – I just needed Gabe…
And it was ridiculous of her to be so against us being together – Gabe made me happy and I made him happy – how could she be against that?
Well, I guess she could try to keep us apart – but surely we were a little more resourceful than that… what about Facebook? What about Twitter? What about texting or calling? I grant you his mother had probably taken his phone off him – but there was nothing to stop him getting another one – or borrowing one and calling me… was there? “But this is all so unfair.” I whined. To hell with being all grown-up about it – I was still only seventeen for another couple of weeks and I was heartbroken…
Dakota... Equal Measures... 

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Friday, 6 May 2016

Looking for Trouble...

I really loved Angel. He was the sweetest person I’d ever met and when he asked me to marry him I felt like the luckiest, happiest girl in the world.
But I couldn’t stop the nagging little voice in the back of my mind that kept questioning our relationship.
We were best friends. And sure, we kissed and cuddled – and sometimes when we’d been to a party and had a lot to drink – we even got into some pretty heavy petting, which was always very nice while it was happening but I was always left frustrated afterwards. Angel must have felt it too...
But as frustrated as we both most certainly were – we’d never had full sex with each other – and I wasn’t all that sure Angel was ever going to want to. And that really was going to be a problem... for both of us.
I’d tried talking to my girlfriends about it but they didn’t really think there was anything wrong with Angel being ‘old fashioned’ and wanting to wait until we were married. They thought he was charming and adorable – which, you know – he was.
I was more concerned than that. I’d suspected he was gay before we started going out with each other, but I’d buried my fears for a while. I couldn’t however, stop them from bubbling back up to the surface now that we were going to get married. What if he cheated on me with a guy? What the hell was I going to do about that?
I should have confronted him about it but I didn’t know how to bring the subject up. What if I was wrong and my friends were right? What if he really was just an old-fashioned sort of guy?
“Morning Kayleigh.”
My heart stuttered in my chest as I looked up and found myself staring into the dark eyes of Steve Allbright. Oh, my God he was gorgeous... “Morning, Steve.” I smiled at him, “How are you today?”
He shrugged and smiled, “Fine – I’ve got a brand new nephew to dote on.”
I raised an eyebrow, “Oh?” I had no idea he even had any brothers or sisters. I was quite new at the firm and I was still getting to know everyone. I’d seen Steve around and his name was known to me because he was one of the senior partners in the firm. Other than finding him incredibly attractive, I didn’t know him very well at all.
He nodded, grinning all over his face, “Madison and Brooklyn already have daughter from Brooklyn’s previous relationship.”
I nodded, “Oh, is Brooklyn your brother – or is Madison your sister?”
He smiled, “Brooklyn is my best mate – and Madison is my brother.”
I blinked, “Excuse me?”
He nodded, “Yeah, my brother and my best mate are both gay – and married to each other.”
Oh wow... “How did you know they were gay?” I asked. What a stupid question. He was going to think I was completely unhinged...
He frowned, “Uh, well, it was pretty obvious that Mads was gay from the time he was about four years old – no one was surprised when he came out at about thirteen...”
I nodded, “Okay – what about Brooklyn? You said he had a daughter? So he must have had a girlfriend at some point, then...”
Brooklyn nodded, “Uh, yeah. He and Sandy – that was his girlfriend before he and Mads got together – they were sweethearts from a really young age and I guess he got into a bit of a rut with her – he reckons he didn’t really know he was gay until he met Madison...”
I frowned. Oh my God – maybe Angel simply didn’t know...
“Why do you ask? Have you got a brother that needs to come out or something?” He smiled at me, making my heart take off again. Damn, he was far too good-looking for his own good... “Mads would be happy to talk to him...”
I shook my head. Without really thinking through what I was about to divulge, I blurted out, “No – but I am concerned about my fiancé.” I was. This conversation had made so many things fall into place...
He blinked, “You’re fiancé?” he asked, “You think your fiancé might be gay?”
I bit my lip and nodded, “It’s probably nothing...” I started to walk away. This was nothing short of mortifying.
He shook his head, “No, wait,” he said, catching hold of my hand and turning me back to him, “Something’s made you think this way – so why do you think he’s gay?”
This was awful. I didn’t even know Mr Allbright... “Well...” He’s utterly beautiful for starters; no one could possibly be cleaner or more well-presented. He always smells absolutely divine. He’s better put together than any female I’ve ever met – including me and I try my best to keep up with his beauty regime...and we’ve never had sex and he’s got a total man-crush on Dave Franco. Other than that...
His mouth dropped open as understanding registered on his face, “You guys have never...?” he trailed off looking mortified with himself for talking about something so sensitive with one of his new employees.
I shook my head, tears springing up in my eyes, “Never.” I whispered, “We’ve got close a couple of times...”
He cleared his throat and looked as if he wanted nothing more than to run for the hills. He didn’t though. The guy had staying power... “Was it after a few drinks?” he asked.
I nodded. Oh, God. It was like he already knew the pattern of behaviour... “Is that what happened with Brooklyn?” I asked.
He nodded and sighed, “It might be nothing – but I think you should talk to him.”
I sighed. “I’ve tried.” I muttered, “I never really know what to say.”
He scratched his head, “I could ask Brooklyn.”
I smiled and nodded, “That would be great.”

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Monday, 2 May 2016

And they just keep on coming... Boy Next Door # 6, 7 and 8...

 “Are you absolutely sure about this?” Harry looked at me in concern. He’d quite reluctantly agreed to be my best man and he’d arranged my stag party for me with the help of my two other best mates, Brad and Justin, “You know mate, we’re all still so young... twenty one is still far too young to be tied down to one person...”

“I won’t be tied down.” I argued indignantly, “Me and Kayleigh are totally cool with being together – it’s what couples in love do.”
He sighed and I knew he didn’t believe me. “Well, okay – fine – but you’re having your stag weekend in Magalluf.”
I rolled my eyes. No doubt he, Justin and Brad would be getting off with girls left, right and centre – well not me. I was quite happy with the one I’d got, thanks... “Fine – when do we go?”
“In a fortnight – that gives you a week to recover before the big day.”
I nodded, “Sure, fine.”
Kayleigh was going to a spa with her girlfriends for a four-day weekend – and Harry had decided that the ‘lads’ were going to Magalluf at the same time. I think I’d have preferred to go to the spa...

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 The end of year party was coming up. I didn’t have a date and neither did Jordan – we’d arranged to go with each other. Jordan even joked that he had the best looking date there – he might not have done, to be fair there were plenty of other far prettier guys out there than me – but I sure did.

We both had a few shots and then we started to dance with each other.
Jordan kept brushing his fingers against mine and staring into my eyes as we danced. I guess I was staring right back into his to notice them so much. His eyes were almost black in the dim lighting of the nightclub.
Why did I feel like this? We were best friends – nothing more and we never had been… but he was looking at me and I was looking at him and suddenly, with the alcohol coursing through my veins, I wanted nothing more than to be kissed by him and to kiss him right back… but why? This had never happened before while I was awake…

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“Did you know Leo could dance like that?” I heard the guy next to me at the bar ask his co-worker and a tingling sensation went through me from my head to my toes, “Would you look at that. I thought he was training to be a chef at that fancy restaurant in Stoney Croft – not to be a pole-dancer.”
“Oh, wow.” The other one breathed, “I thought he was into motor sport, I had no idea he could move like that.” He was quite clearly admiring what he was seeing.
I frowned. Leo? Okay so there had to be more than one Leo on the planet, but put together with the rest – being a chef at the only restaurant in Stoney Croft? And being into motorsport? Well, it was just too much of a coincidence. I turned around slowly and followed the line of sight that the guys behind the bar were looking – with their tongues hanging out of their mouths.
My stomach nearly dropped through my arse, “Oh, holy hell.” I breathed as I took in the writhing sexy body wrapped around the pole on the central podium, “Leo...?”
Brad leaned across and whispered in my ear, “So, what about him?” he nodded towards Leo, “It looks to me by that expression on your face that you wanna spend the night dancing with him?” he chuckled.

I didn’t have to even think about it, “Definitely.” I said, “I don’t want anyone else.” I never have...
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