Sunday, 2 September 2012

Red Button update

Phew - my little fingers have been going like bee's wings today!
I'm really enjoying writing my latest Seltham Community College book, about the Delgardio triplets.
Angelica has a thing about Karl, the bass player of the Red Button band, Ricardo is enjoying his new found status of heartthrob a little too seriously and it being a bit of a tart...and Antonio is trying to hold it all together....
Have just finished my favourite bit of the book so far - a night out that starts out fun, and ends up a bit of nightmare with Toby being stuck on the roof of a hotel and Antonio and Karl having to rescue him...
I would expect that I'll have got this one round about finished at the end of next month, with a release date of November 2012. Well, that's the plan at the moment - of course there are other books that are clamouring to get out there too, so watch this space for more updates!