Tuesday, 16 January 2018

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“Has anyone ever told you that you look just like Q from James Bond?”
I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. I’d heard this about a million times over the last five years since Ben Whishaw first played Q in Skyfall. I couldn’t deny it. I did look quite a lot like him – I had glasses and dark unruly hair that never sat flat no matter what I did with it – and as nerdy as it sounds, I was kind of chuffed that my name could be shortened to Q...
I would never describe myself as handsome though – not like Ben Whishaw, who I thought was absolutely stunning. I looked up and sucked in a sharp breath. It was the tall, dark, exotic-looking dancer that I’d been crushing on for weeks. I was quite sure he was called Thai. Oh my God! And he was speaking to me! Was he actually hitting on me? Nah… probably not – but he thought I looked like Q! For once it wasn’t annoying me to be compared to a super-geek.
I grinned at him, “Uh, yeah – I’ve heard that once or twice.”
He chuckled, his deep, almost musical laugh making my insides feel a little mushy. “And are you a mad, gadget-creating genius on the quiet – or do your talents lie elsewhere?”
Oh, my God – he really was flirting with me! Flirting! With me! Where were all my mates to witness this amazing event?
Oh, yes – Franz was snogging the face off his boyfriend in the foyer – and all the others were no doubt in the bathrooms getting their rocks off with unsuspecting punters...

“I’m more your artistic type.” I replied. I might be studying physics but I really did love to draw and paint. I had about twenty sketches of him that I’d done from memory. Looking into those incredible eyes now, though, with his super long and curly eyelashes – it was more than obvious that I hadn’t done him justice. I’d have to have another go when I got home...

Thai... Troubled....  Summer 2018

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Merry Christmas everyone...

Thank you so much for your support over the last year. I've had some absolutely wonderful reviews of my books - and some not so wonderful but you can't win 'em all!
I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.
Loads of love
Heather x

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Harley & Alfie's Wedding... Bonus Chapter...

Harley and Alfie’s Wedding...


I sidled over to my brother, who I could see was completely taken with Seth. I had to tell him that he was totally barking up the wrong tree.
“Forget it, he’s straight.” I warned.
Joel turned around and looked at me with a puzzled frown, “Straight? Are you sure?”
I nodded. Probably not absolutely straight, but he was convinced of it so who was I to argue? “ Definitely.” I said loyally.
I smiled as I heard him sigh under his breath and mutter, “What a waste...”
I still thought that I should hammer the message home. He had that look about him that told me he wasn’t about to give up. I’d grown up with this little monster to keep on the straight and narrow – and it had never been what you could call easy... “He’s got a girlfriend, dude. Look somewhere else. There are plenty to choose from.”
He looked at me with a slightly annoyed look on his face, “I was only looking.” He snapped, “Everyone’s allowed to window-shop.”
I grinned, “But not at Seth. He’s in love with that woman,” I nodded towards Siobhan, Seth’s girlfriend of the last few months, “ask anyone.” I felt it prudent to add.
He nodded, “Alright, alright – keep your hair on.” He sighed again, beginning to look a little defeated, “But if he wasn’t... God, he’d be absolutely perfect...”
I was aware that my brother, Joel, wasn’t exactly straight but I’d never seen him getting so hot and bothered about a guy before. This was as serious as I’d ever seen him about a girl or a guy before and I was kind of surprised – not to say disappointed for him that the object of his desire was very loved up with his girlfriend...
“Are you absolutely sure he’s straight?” He asked, turning tortured eyes on me.
I shrugged, “Well, everyone here seems to think he is.” I said. I couldn’t really start gossiping about the guy’s penchant for sucking the odd dick when he was drunk with random guys. It was hardly my business... 
Joel looked totally perturbed. “My gaydar has never let me down before.” He murmured, more to himself than to me, “I was so damned sure...”
I patted his arm. “Don’t sweat it – most people think the same thing.” I said. In fact I was pretty damned sure Seth was, at the very least, bisexual. How he couldn’t be when he got off with guys when he was drunk, I didn’t know. He just insisted he was straight when he was sober. I was quite convinced he was in denial...


I could see my new husband and his brother having a discussion over by the bar.
I didn’t want to go wading in and spoiling a heart to heart between brothers, but as pathetic as it sounded, I was missing him already. I could cope on my own. I wasn’t that pathetic, but since he’d rescued me from my ex from hell, I’d never really wanted to be apart from him. Hell, I should never have gotten involved with that awful guy. My heart had always belonged to Harley from the first moment our eyes had met. He felt exactly the same way about me and finally we’d tied the knot. My heart swelled with pride to see him there. My husband. Mine!
Harley must have sensed that I was watching him and he looked up and smiled at me. I grinned back at him and waved.
He came over to me, “Hey, baby.” He murmured, rubbing his nose against mine, “Ready for the honeymoon of a lifetime?”
I nodded, “Always.” I breathed.
He grinned, “Come on then.” he said, “It’s time we were leaving.”
I gaped at him. “Now?” I squawked.
He grinned, “Now.” He said with a nod, “Come on – we’ve got a flight at midnight. I know the timings were crap but I wanted to spoil you – and Hawaii seemed the place to go.”
I squealed and flung my arms around his neck. “Hawaii?” I exclaimed, “You are the best!”
He chuckled, “No,” he said, shaking his head, “You’re the best, sweetheart. I love you and I will love you for as long as there is breath in my body. You are everything to me.”
I sighed as I rested my head against his shoulder, “And you mean everything to me too. I’ll love you forever too.”
He hugged me close, “I know.” He said, “I know.”

Friday, 17 November 2017

End of the year round-up...

Hi Guys,
Sorry that I've been so terribly remiss at keeping a monthly update going... you know how it is... you start these things and then never manage to keep them going...
So... here's an end of the year round up of what's going on in my world and what you can expect to see in 2018...

My Studs and Steel series is romping along nicely and I'm currently working on Thai...Troubled, which is about Thai and Quentin - and that's about as much as I can reveal about that one at the moment... oooh, how mysterious...
I also have a couple of novella's planned around the nightclub before I'm completely done with the series - I love those boys so much...

I have a whole new series in the making in The Band and those will all be released in 2018 - starting from around March if everything goes to plan.

My Riverside series will also end in 2018 - I'm working on the Weddings and also on Emilio's story - but if I'm honest, they're coming along pretty slowly since I've been swamped with my other projects. I will get back to them though, I promise!

My other series that may or may not be released in 2018 is my Mr Right series - oh, and I also have a few more What If's up my sleeve!
Busy, busy, busy!

Anyway... Have a great Christmas and New year - and I'll post another update in January!

In the meantime, why not meet Kurt, Kane and Elliot? Curl up and enjoy a quiet moment with my Last Christmas series... Full of snow and fairy lights and warm, fuzzy feelings of love! Ahh, bliss...

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Get romantic this Christmas with my festive new series...

I’d been so damned focused on my own truth-or-dare challenge, I hadn’t been paying proper attention. Now it occurred to me that the very beautiful and very sexy Kane had pulled a name from the hat... and that name was mine. Shit. He was far too good-looking for this...
He smiled at me. I smiled back. Why wouldn’t I? He was gorgeous...
My eyes flickered towards Elliot who was gazing at Cristian with a bit of a love-struck expression on his beautiful face. I sighed. There was no way he was ever going to be interested in me. If I was honest, I wasn’t really bothered; I was just suffering from a little hurt pride. I’d spent money on him last Christmas – the least he could have done was to give me the gift back and tell me he wasn’t interested.
Kane’s eyes followed mine to look at his friend. They narrowed slightly as he took in what I’d just seen. Elliot was clearly setting his sights on Cristian. Kane took me slightly by surprise when seconds later, he was grabbing hold of my waist and lunging at me...
As his lips bumped a little clumsily against mine I had my epiphany. I closed my eyes and parted my lips. I was instantly in heaven. It was almost as if I’d been put on this earth just to meet Kane. I honestly felt that I’d been waiting my whole life to kiss the perfect man and he’d just been delivered in the sexiest packaging imaginable. Oh, my God! Talk about your ultimate Christmas miracle!

Desperate... Release date 15th November 2017

Kurt had gone to bed by the time I got back so I couldn’t talk to him until the next morning.
With a flash of genius inspiration I started to cook bacon. No one could resist the smell of bacon... He appeared in about ten seconds.
“Bacon?” he asked, looking at me hopefully.
I raised my eyebrows at him. “You get yours when you tell me what happened to Jonny’s nose.”
He went red, “He was disrespecting you.” He said sullenly, “I didn’t like it.”
Well. I hadn’t expected that. I looked at him, “He was disrespecting me?” I asked, “How? What did he say?”
He went, if possible, even redder, “He said you were a good lay, that you were nothing but a quick roll in the sack and that he didn’t think you had any sort of future.”
I blinked. He might have put it crudely, which had clearly offended Kurt, but in all fairness, he’d got it bang on the money – because that was exactly the way I felt about him too... “Okay.”
Kurt frowned, “Okay?” he echoed, “What’s okay about that?”
I shrugged, “Well, it’s not like I’m in love with him or anything – we’ve just been messing around.”
Kurt scowled at me, “Well, I think you should choose better guys to mess around with – he’s a right wanker.”
Suppressing a smile I nodded. “Okay,” I agreed, “Good idea.”

Oblivious... Release date 1st December 2017

“Who’s the lucky guy?” Sebastian asked kindly. He was such a sweetheart and I could totally see how Kurt had fallen for his subtle charms.
I felt my face heating up. Shit. Was I that transparent? Sebastian had only met me a handful of times since he and Kurt got together last year – the last time being when they were home for the summer break. It had now rolled back around to the winter break and since Kurt had missed Christmas with his family last year, due to realising that he’d fallen headlong in love with his roommate, Sebastian, and had only been back for the New Year; they’d come over to us straight from university for Christmas this year, with plans to spend the first part of their Christmas break with us and to go back to Seb’s family for the New Year. “There’s no special guy.” I mumbled – lying through my teeth of course but there was no way I was about to tell them.
Kane raised an eyebrow, “Oh, yeah?” he asked, “So why are you blushing?”
“Get lost, will you?” I said defensively. Well, wasn’t that the wrong thing to say? All four of them turned to me with their mouths open and then...
“Oh, my God!” That was George.
“You really have met someone!” That was Kane, looking utterly delighted for me.
“What’s his name?” That was Sebastian.
“The boy’s finally been tamed. We have to meet this mystical creature.” And that was Kurt, grinning knowingly and looking like a Cheshire cat.
I smiled bashfully back at them all, my heart swelling with their combined enthusiasm, “I’d love you to meet him but he’s rarely around here – he’s a flight attendant...”
I didn’t actually expect any of them to know whom I was talking about, since he didn’t even live in France anymore. He was from across the border and his family lived in Turin, but he had his own apartment in Les Arcs and he spent most of his down time skiing in the winter and mountain biking in the summer. He was totally into the same things that I was. He was amazing...
I was wrong about them being clueless though. Kurt was right on it. “Are you talking about Cristian Llardi by any chance?” 

Determined... Release date 15th December 2017

Monday, 30 October 2017

Available now for pre-ordering!

Sitting in my booth at the club I rarely frequented, while nursing my glass of cola, just to be doing something rather than being at home on my night off where it was becoming more than unbearable to be, I couldn’t help overhearing a conversation going on in the booth right next to me.
Some guy was having a drink with another guy – but the arsehole of the two of them seemed to be under the impression that the other one wanted to go home with him – and that really wasn’t what it sounded like to me…
“Let go of my arm, dude.” His voice had gone up in volume and he sounded kind of annoyed as opposed to scared, but you know how you get a feeling sometimes?
That was it. I’d heard enough… I shot out of my seat and rounded the corner, “You heard him.” I snarled, “Let go of my friend’s arm.” I’d acted on instinct and well before I’d even had a good look at the aggressor. I wasn’t unduly worried – being built like a rugby player (I played at school but I really didn’t fancy ending up with cauliflower ears or a broken nose and missing teeth and gave it up before I left for university) I was pretty well built and strong enough to take on pretty much anyone – that said, I wasn’t a street-fighter kind of guy and I wouldn’t dream of carrying a knife – but I knew nothing of this guy... At this point I still hadn’t even looked at the guy being manhandled. As much as I knew, he might have been totally able to take care of himself for the notice I’d taken before wading in. It was a terrible weakness of mine...
I decided to check at that moment and I’m not gonna lie to you, my knees about buckled when he looked around at me with a slightly surprised look on his beautiful face. Holy shit, Date Guy was the most beautiful guy I’d ever laid eyes on – and since he was on a date with another guy, I was pretty confident that he must also be gay…
The bully decided it was time for a sharp exit as he looked up, and up again (six feet five – what can I say? I’m huge) and Date Guy smiled up at me, “Thanks.” He said, “I was handling it – but thanks anyway.”

Pre-Order now exclusively from Amazon... Release date 1st January 2018