Saturday, 26 May 2012

My laptop has died....

I am officially heart-broken. My laptop stopped working mid sentence on Thursday night with four word documents open and being worked on. Apparently the hard drive has failed and it is in the computer repair centre at the moment. He is hopeful that he will be able to recover my data but I'm terribly worried.
I'd been working on Highway to Society and Not your usual Hero, so neither of them were saved (backed up) to my memory stick. I was also making minor changes to Master and Genie and the Wolf Moon, so I'll have to try to remember what changes I'd made if any of them have been lost. I could cry! My laptop was only purhased on New Years Eve - totally unexpected!
Anyway...that's me out of writing for a few days, I hate writing at the main computer and this lovely little net book I'm using right now isn't big enough.... :(
Still, could be worse - at least the sun is shining!
Have a good day and I'll keep you posted....

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Summer has finally arrived!

Ahhh, what a beautiful morning. The sun is shining and the birds are singing!
It's going to be hot, hot, hot today - and I'm going to the day job....grrrrr!
Oh well, as soon as 4pm arrives I'm outa there and on my way home for some gardening and a nice cold lemonade with ice!
I've got tomorrow and Friday off too, so I shall get down to some serious story telling...I'm getting on very well with the Wolf Moon - still need to write quite a lot more though - there's huge gaps between plot lines at the moment and my head is buzzing with ideas - also planning the next one at the same time so I'm threading lines through it for the next one...
The Genie and the Master who loved him is on the back burner at the moment, as I've launched my first Historical Romance, The Duchess of Chittenden, and I'm in the process of completing the follow up to that, Highway to Society.
As soon as I've got that one under way, I shall be returning with gusto to the Genie and the following one, which I'm bouncing around names for at the moment.
I've got a couple more Prom Night Specials on the go too - only I have to be a bit careful of getting the time-lines correct with them, so they're waiting to be published just in case they have an adverse impact on the Seltam Series.
Anyway - I've waffled on enough this morning and there's no sign of life from up the stairs so I'd better go and wake up the rest of the household - school waits for no girls!
Ooh - one last thing - I'm in the process of updating my website and I shall be uploading some more stuff to it - check it out if you like!
See you soon,
Heather xx

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Duchess of Chittenden...

I've finished it at last - this book has been in progress for well over a year!
It's all about Lady Emilia Wolseley. A beautiful young woman who is married to the wrong man!
Isaac Wolseley is a wonderful man, but his heart lies elsewhere and they are both rather unhappy with their current situation.
After reading a very interesting article in a newspaper, Isaac has a fantastic idea that he thinks will be the solution to all of their isn't.
I've had a huge amount of fun writing this book - and I am quite near to finishing the follow up to it, which is "Highway to Society" and follows Emilia's sister Maisie's story about her romance with a rather roguish Highwayman...
They are a little different to my usual style - in that they're aimed at a slightly more adult audience, and of course they're set way in the past too!
I'm also writing a few shorter stories in the same genre and hope to have them published soon too - look out for "The Real Duke of Circhester" "Philip Brunswick is getting married" and "Matilda's escape" - all of which are about the Brunswick family, and are a mini series.
Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I've enjoyed writing them!
I promise I'll get back to the Genie and the Wolf moon now. These two will (almost definitely) be out in June (just not necessarily the 1st of June!)
Laters xx

Monday, 7 May 2012

Oh pussy cat, pussy cat...where HAVE you been???

Saturday afternoon I noticed my lovely little cat Bella sneaking through the gap between the end of the kitchen counter through to the utility room (which is totally her room) as she is quite prone to do.  Her basket sits in prime position on the little table in there so she has a great view of everything around her and she can very easily jump across to the sink (which we don't really use save for washing out the brushes when we decorate - like I said...unused for most of the time) where she likes to sit too.
Anyway, that was around half past one, quarter to two time....I asked Chloe, my youngest daughter at around half past four if she'd fed the cat this afternoon. "Um, no." came her very helpful answer. I put out food and gave Bella a shout from the back door....she didn't come in. This is very unusual behaviour for our little Bella - her whole life revolves around her food bowl - she is particularly fond of Felix wet cat food, which is her evening meal treat...yes I know she's spoiled, you don't have to tell me...
Four hours later (and a fair few shouts from the back door, bottom of the garden, all around the neighbours houses etc etc) she still isn't home. It's getting dark (Before you ask, no she isn't afraid of the dark) and I am becoming quite beside myself with worry and grief that she has met the same sticky end as her sister Ruby did two years ago...
At ten thirty I was giving up all hope of seeing her ever again when my husband went into the kitchen and said  "Bella, if you come home now, you can have double helpings of Felix." The cat flap went and there she was!!! I told you she liked her food...
She was absolutely scared stiff though and went and hit under Jessie's bed (Jessie is my eldest) for the whole night.
We don't know if she was stuck in someone's shed or garage, or if some kindly old lady had taken a fancy to her and kept her prisoner all day - or if she simply went playing a little further afield and then got scared by a fox on her way back (She really doesn't like foxes and we have plenty of urban ones around here let me tell you).
Anyway - I'm not bothered - we've got her back and that's all that matters! We do so love our little Bell-star!
She also goes by the rather silly names of "Belly-bee" "Smelly" "Welly" and "Belly-elly-ooo" So if you see a rather beautiful black and white moggy with a bit of a baggy belly and a tendency to roll on her back for a tummy stroke - bring her back will you!? We don't like it when she's gone!
Thanks x