Sunday, 21 December 2014

White Water Series....

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There was something about Sophie – from the moment I laid eyes on her I knew there was something – it was believing it that was the hard part – how could she be anything like me and my family – we were hardly what you could call commonplace… but the very fact that I could hear her and her father making fun of my appalling attempts at clay pigeon shooting was filling me with absolute glee – if she wasn’t like me; then my gift had gotten a whole lot better all of a sudden – I’d never been able to hear normal human’s thoughts before…

Cody Conner

White Water.... Out Now!

 “Do you think that maybe you’re, you know, like, from…” he gazed out of the window towards the rapidly moving clouds and whispered, “…Out there?”
My gaze followed his; I shrugged. I had no idea and I didn’t much care anymore, truth be known. I’d wondered for years if I was some kind of super-human like Superman – dumped on this planet because I wasn’t quite as super as I should have been… “I don’t know where I’m from,” I said with a sigh, “– just like you were, I was dumped by my real parents and adopted. You’re my family as far as I’m concerned; you and Mum and Dad.”


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I squeezed my eyes more tightly shut and tried my best to ignore my brother’s insistent voice, Oh go away; you’re interrupting my time with Josh.
I’d been having the best dream too. Only it wasn’t really a dream – it was where I met my boyfriend. Let me explain – Kyle – that’s my brother and I are a little different to the normal kids – we have powers for want of a better description – Kyle’s are absolutely phenomenal – mine not so great but both of us are pretty handy one way or another – and I’m guessing my boyfriend also has powers since we’ve been meeting for months in our dreams.
“Yeah?” I replied stupidly. Well I was sleeping. It wasn’t always easy to distinguish between the spoken word and the one transmitted by mind…
I’m in your head, stupid – shut up! My brother’s amused voice had me awake in seconds.
I sat up, instantly on my guard. Where are you?
He sounded relieved that I was finally back in the real world, I’m outside the window, waiting for you to open it so I can get past the rottweilers at the gates.


Kallie's Secret....Coming Soon

“You’ll find who did this to her and you’ll bring him in to the Watchtower – he’s gonna die for this.” I snarled. Right at that moment I meant every word. I was going to tear him limb from limb.
Wesley bit his lip and nodded. Like me, he was a destructive soul; there was no mistaking it – but he liked to use his powers positively – he wasn’t into mindless killing – none of us were unless we had to… “You’re the boss,” he muttered and turned back to the complex.
I closed my eyes and shook my head. I couldn’t get the image out of my head of Kallie’s blank look at me. It was going to haunt me forever if I didn’t get her back…


The Watchtower... Coming Soon...

Saturday, 20 December 2014

The Operation Boyfriend Series...

 “She thinks I’m gay?” I cried indignantly before she could even invite me inside, “Why for the love of God?”
Celeste grinned and shook her head, she beckoned me inside and shut the door behind me, “I have no idea, Dallas,” she said stifling a chuckle as I discarded my jacket, “– maybe it’s the guy liner; or maybe it’s your amazing fashion sense.” She shrugged, eyeing my lime green jeans and turquoise and lime checked shirt combo, and sniggered again – maybe she had a point…
I frowned. Okay so I liked to look good – there was nothing wrong with that, “But I had a girlfriend when we first met and everything,” I grumbled, “Maybe it’s time I ramped things up a bit – I’m not having this!”

Dallas McKenzie
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 She needed someone stable; someone who would love her enough to protect her without smothering her. Someone who would stand up for her and not be afraid to tell the world he loved her – only her but without freaking her out. I wanted to be that guy – but I wasn’t sure I qualified.
Dallas thought I did – he thought I was being really stupid avoiding her – but he hadn’t done what I’d done – he didn’t know how much it owned me – and I decided that I couldn’t put that on her.
“She’s not going to see it that way.” He warned me, “She’s going to think you don’t want to know her because of what she did with the teacher – you’re messing everything up.”
I shook my head, “No – it’s better this way – she’s better off this way.” I mumbled.
Dallas shook his head, “Suit yourself,” He grumbled, “But you’re being stupid.”
He pulled his trainers on. What was it with him that he just couldn’t undo his laces? It actually took him longer with his method. I shook my head at him.
‘What?” he asked.
“Why don’t you just undo them?”
He grinned and shrugged, “Who does?” he asked as he grabbed his wallet, phone and keys. He yanked the door open and was gone.
“I do.” I muttered to myself.

James Barton
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 Tyler was looking at me. The look in his eye wasn’t one I’d ever seen on him before. It was almost longing – for me.
I took a deep breath, “What?” I whispered.
He leaned closer, “I really want to kiss you.” He said.
I shook my head, “Friends don’t kiss.” I said.
He nodded and bit his lip, his head turned down slightly as he contemplated my words, “Fair enough,” he said. He was silent for a minute, mulling over what I’d just said and then he turned back to me, “Maybe I don’t want to just be friends with you anymore, then.” He looked up at me through his eyelashes – which were really long and curly by the way – making him even more adorable than he already was. He gave me a little hopeful smile.
I sighed, “Tyler.” I said, “I’m not like the other girls you’ve been out with.”
“Damned right your not.” He spluttered, “You’re amazing.”

Savannah Jones
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My name is Vegas McKenzie and I am officially a screw-up. It should be tattooed on my forehead, no seriously…

Everyone (Tyler especially) thinks I have the most amazing girlfriend in the whole world – Daisy Oldham. And you know – if you don’t scratch the surface too much, it’s kind of true – she is pretty incredible – she’s beautiful and smart and funny and sexy. So what’s the problem? Weren’t you paying attention? I am.

Vegas McKenzie

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