Saturday, 7 July 2012

Two new books on the way....

I'm just finishing two new titles - The Real Duke of Circhester and Philip Brunswick is getting married.
I'm really enjoying writing my historical romances - these two are quite short stories and will therefore be retailing at $0.99.
I'm still working on my other titles - The Wolf Moon (Riley's Return) is around about three quarters finished, but I'm having a bit of trouble with Franklin's magical abilities at the moment - he's so powerful in my head but I'm not seeming to get that down on the paper - it doesn't help that I lost so much of this book when my computer hard drive failed and I didn't realise quite how much I'd lost of this one... :(
Anyway - it will all come good in the end and I reckon it will be on sale by September (with any luck).
The Genie and the Master who loved him (which may or may not get a new title before it's released) is coming along nicely - as is Red Button Romance - they both have to fit around the Prom Night Special II so I can't get it wrong!
Once they're done, I shall concentrate on Prom Night III which I've got written quite a lot of....
I can't seem to help it - they just ooze!

Anyway - I truly hope you are getting better weather than I am - it's just constant heavy rain here - the river down the road has burst it's banks and the park is flooded. Let's hope it doesn't get any closer...
Have a lovely weekend. xxx