Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Christmas is coming...

Since the jolly fat man with the red suit will be visiting my chimney in the next few weeks, I thought it would be very nice to reduce my ebook prices for the festive season. The discount codes expire on 24th December 2011. So here are the codes you'll need to get between 50 and 100% discount...

Becky's Diary JX43Y half price!
Julia's Horoscopes WB25L half price!
The Nerd and the Masquerade Ball TE57R half price!
Joe's Nemesis QF24U half price!
Lauren's Magnificent Production QJ54P half price!
Amethyst's Dating Game CM83C half price!
Re: Vamp JE74H half price!
Eternally Yours KS22N half price!
Stan PD78L half price!
Stan,Remember Me MB34R half price!
Molly, Stan in his own words ZS97E half price!
Save the Last Dance GD39L This code makes this book free!
Friends HZ43W This code makes this book free!
Alyson The Time Travelling Weirdo AC22T This code makes this book free!
Zoe's First Date with Fate RL67P This code makes this book free!
Midnight Moon XJ46Y half price!