Saturday, 5 November 2011


It's bonfire night tonight in old Blighty which means that there will be fireworks galore and that old nostalgic smell in the air from my yoof!
No one seems to have a bonfire any more except for 5th November when Political Correctness seems to disappear for the night!
So we are off to Markeaton Park for their annual display (assuming of course that the weather behaves itself - if it's throwing it down with rain then I suspect it'll be a hot date with Gary Barlow over on the X Factor instead!)
But until darkness falls we have the whole day to ourselves to go long suffering husband looks so thrilled...not!
I'm after Christmas pressies for the girls so they are staying home (like a pair of Cinderella's they'll be...I have a list as long as my arm of household chores I've been saving for just such an occasion! heh heh heh!)
So I shall say cheerio for now and I'll write again soon - Have a great weekend, whatever you're doing have lots of fun!