Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Time to write some more...

So - here's the thing - I've got the next two days off and I really want to get some writing done on the Chosen One.
I've been reading through what I've written so far and I'm reasonably pleased with it, but it has lots of gaps and I've not really devoted enough time to it for it to be as good as it could be.
That is about to be remedied! (Have a spelt that right????)
I'm going to get up in the morning, take the girls to school and then I'm writing and writing and writing some more!
Still haven't quite come down from seeing Breaking Dawn on Sunday...it really was superb (if you're a fan of course - it might just come across as the most bizarre thing you've ever seen if you're not...) and I loved every romantic slushy second of it!
Can't wait for the next episode this time next year...
Anyway the Chosen One is a calling me so I'll say tata and will write again tomorrow! Have a great evening xx