Sunday, 1 November 2015

RIverside... It's here!

Out Now!

Tom stood up after a few drinks, “I like this song.” He said, grinning at me and holding out his hand to me, “Come on, Will – you can dance, can’t you?”
Trey and Toby were looking on, grinning all over their faces. 
I stood up too. Damn straight I was gonna dance with him – I’d been admiring him from afar for too damned long. Tom looked delighted as he strode to the dance floor. He turned to check I was still with him and the smile on his face to find me right behind him was heart-stopping, “I’m not going anywhere,” I shouted over the music, “Not when I’ve got you all to myself.”
He grinned at me and started to dance. I danced with him, admiring the way his body moved. He was so tall and so graceful. We soon had quite a lot of attention from girls; something that didn’t escape Trey’s notice. He joined us within about thirty seconds and I overheard him chatting one of them up, “You’ve got no chance with either of those two,” he said good-naturedly, “They’re a couple.”
I wanted to laugh. The girl clearly didn’t believe him so I thought I’d throw him a lifeline. I got really close to Tom and whispered in his ear. I was only asking him if he wanted another drink, but he stopped dancing to listen to what I was saying and he didn’t move his hand away when I took his and led him from the dance floor, winking conspiratorially at Trey as I did so...

Will Adams...