Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Are you ready for a True... Love story?

“I’m so sorry Sebastyén… I don’t really know how to tell you…” My girlfriend, Nancy – the one person in my life that I absolutely adored – took a deep shuddery breath and then proceeded to destroy my whole world, “but I love someone else…”
I’d just got home after a really tough day and I’d been so looking forward to telling her the good news. We’d been saving like crazy for a better flat than the grubby one we currently shared with my friend, Dániel, and I’d just seen the perfect one. It was the right price too. I’d run all the way home from the estate agents.
I stared at her, hearing the words but processing nothing… How could she mean that? She was everything to me… everything. I shook my head, “Y-You cannot mean that.” I stuttered.
She nodded sadly, “I’m so sorry – we never meant to hurt you…”
I frowned. We? That made it sound like I knew the other party involved in the total destruction of my life… Who was she talking about? Feeling my heart sinking, because there was really only one person she could be talking about, I still felt the need to ask the question anyway because surely Dániel would never do that to me? No – we were as close as brothers… “Who is it?”
She looked at me with surprise in her eyes; surprised, no doubt, that I hadn’t already worked it out – but, quite honestly, I had absolutely no idea. I was happily clueless… “Well, Dan of course…”

I almost choked. Dániel  – the person I would trust with my life; my best friend… “Of course.” I muttered as things all started to drop into place.
Sebastyén... True...Love, Riverside #2 

Out 1st December 2015