Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Kiss The Boy... Coming Soon...

I stared at him. His mouth was moving – which was a total turn on, by the way – but the words he was saying wouldn’t process in my confused brain. What the hell was he talking about? He couldn’t have found the one – because I was the one…
“He’s totally awesome, dude – I know this is the real thing.” Paris’s eyes were shining and his smile was enough to make me want to cry.
I nodded, forcing myself to smile along with him – he was so totally stoked about the whole thing I couldn’t show my disappointment – hell, never mind disappointment – this was totally heartbreaking… “The real thing, huh?” I asked and I was grateful that my voice didn’t wobble, showing how upset I was about this new episode. “Wow – that’s amazing.”
He nodded, “I know, right?” he laughed, “And I want to be everything he needs me to be – that’s kind of where you come in…” he blushed bright red.
I frowned; did I miss something? “What are you on about?”
He looked up at me through his eyelashes – something he’d done since we were kids and I’d always been putty in his hands when he did that, “Could you, like, teach me…?” he trailed off, going an even deeper shade of red.
My heart started to beat a little faster. “Teach you?” I faltered. Surely that didn’t mean what I thought it meant, “Teach you what?”
He shrugged helplessly, “Everything.” He muttered, “I’ve never…”
My heart started to thump out of my chest. Paris was asking me to teach him how to be a good lover? Holy shit. I nodded. Wiping my hands down my face, I found myself, against my better judgment, agreeing to be his teacher… This was going to end in tears – and they’d undoubtedly be mine but this was also my only chance to show him what he was missing in me. Maybe he really was in love with this wonderful guy he’d met. Only time would tell but I was not going down without a fight…

Liam... Kiss The Boy... Coming Soon