Sunday, 31 August 2014

What Happens with Vegas... coming soon...

I scowled at Mum, “I’m bored.”
Mum rolled her eyes and put her book down, “I’m not.” She said cheerfully, “I’ve got one day off and I’m perfectly content.” There was a warning tone there somewhere but I chose to ignore it and ploughed on.
I felt all stuffy and clogged up being trapped inside and I really just wanted to get out somewhere and do something. The problem was that the universe didn’t revolve around me. I really just wanted to stretch my legs and have some fun. But since I’d spent my last few pennies on an adorable little outfit for Nevada that really would look gorgeous on him once he grew into it, I had no money to spend and nowhere I could go that would entertain me. Particularly since the weather had also ruled out going for a nice walk or a jog by deciding that today it was going to be humid and rainy. Great. No fun for me there.
I slumped onto the sofa feeling simultaneously utterly deflated and fidgety and restless.
“There isn’t even anything for me to eat.” I complained. There was a fridge full of food but none that I particularly wanted to eat. It all had to be cooked or prepared or it was just far too healthy and lacking in chocolate to make me feel any better. I really shouldn’t boredom eat anyway – I’d put back on all the weight I’d finally gotten rid of after my pregnancy.
“Well what do you want?” My mother sighed, reluctantly looking up from her book once again.
“I don’t know! Well – I do know; I want some milk chocolate digestives but I finished the pack days ago and I don’t have any money to buy myself a new packet.” I felt a little bit like a sulking, petulant child and rebuked myself that I was a responsible adult with a baby and I shouldn’t whine over biscuits.
“They’re on sale at the minute. I think I’ve got a pound in my purse. Take that, walk to the shop and buy yourself a packet. That solves all your problems. You can walk there so you’re out of the house, you’ll have something to do so you won’t be bored and you can get yourself the biscuits you want – you could even take Nevada for a walk – he needs the fresh air.”
I shifted uncomfortably on my feet.
“I don’t want to…”
“Oh for goodness sake, you’re impossible!” she shrieked slamming her book down and glaring at me over the top of her glasses.

Yeah, I guess I was. I gave her an apologetic smile, “Soz.”

Lydia, What Happens with Vegas... coming soon...