Thursday, 21 August 2014

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What Happens with Vegas...

“Okay, break it up, break it up – who was on the field?”
Some creep had ratted on us immediately, I’ll bet it was Gordon Menzies – he was one of David Meakin’s best mates. David turned, spitting blood out of his mouth, “It was Tyler Barton – and Vegas McKenzie, although he didn’t really do anything….”
My jaw dropped. The freaking liar – he started it.
Mr Warner turned to Tyler immediately – no one would have ever expected me to hit anyone, but him… well, Tyler was Tyler. “Tyler,” he said with a long-suffering sigh, “What were you doing on the field?”
We all turned and watched as David Meakin was led away blood dripping down his school jumper.
“We were just talking, sir.” he answered with the hint of laughter in his voice.
Mr Warner wasn’t stupid. He looked it… but he wasn’t. “Let me see your hands, Tyler.”
He sighed and held them up, palms up. Mr Warner raised his eyebrows, beginning to look a little harassed. Tyler always had to push it. It was what made him such fun, “Turn them over.”
He eventually turned them over and I winced slightly as I saw the same as he and Mr Warner did; red knuckles from battering David about senseless.
“Talking?” Mr Warner asked, the corners of his mouth twitching slightly.
Tyler nodded, “It was a bit of a heated debate, sir…” he said, looking as though he was going to burst with the effort of not laughing out loud any second.
Mr Warner sighed and nodded towards the school, “I’m afraid it’s the headmaster’s office for you.”
Tyler nodded and sighed, “Fine.” He said. He put his head down and started the walk of shame back up to the school.
“Can I go with him?” I asked.
Mr Warner nodded, “Were you involved?”
I shrugged, “I could have stopped it.” I admitted.
“Go on – he needs someone like you.”
I eventually caught up with him, Tyler’s got long legs, “Sorry, mate.” I said and slapped him on the back.
He shook his head at me, “What was I supposed to do?” He asked, “Let him hit you?”
I frowned at him, “I think I could have taken him.” I offered.

He raised his eyebrows and shrugged, “Maybe,” he agreed, flashing me a grin, “but it’s what I do best.” he said, “And he deserved it.”