Sunday, 16 February 2014

Coming soon... Phase 5

My mind drifted – as it so often did – to Wesley. He was strong bodied – gloriously so – he was like Adonis…
And I was quite certain he had a good solid mind too – let’s face it; he had the control in his mind to move objects and to become invisible – all at the same time. He could also dematerialise as well as the next person – well, hybrid person anyway.
I sighed. I didn’t have any special gifts – I wasn’t one of these wonderful beings but somehow I felt so at home with them all. And yet at the same time I was constantly afraid – afraid of our discovery – if they were all taken from me – what would I do?
My biggest fear was far more selfish and something I was a little ashamed of – them being discovered and abused for their skills was by far the worst thing that could happen – but for me the worst thing would be the next hybrid through that door being Wesley’s soul-mate…

I jumped when I heard two sets of heavy boots walking towards the kitchen. My heart started thumping hard – I knew those footsteps – the only two constantly starving guys here – Joshua and Wesley.
Hope....Phase 5....coming soon