Wednesday, 26 February 2014

New Series on it's way....

 I dragged myself to the third floor where I’d been told the detention was being held. Mr Field, our head of year was there looking over his glasses sternly at all the assembled students – for a small community there sure were a lot of students that clearly couldn’t conduct themselves properly… His eyes about popped out of his head when I walked in the room. I wasn’t known for stepping out of line. “Take a seat, Miss Milestone,” he murmured, indicating to a space on the second row from the back. I hurried towards it with my head down and got my books out, doing my utmost to blend into the crowd.
I was working on my History homework when I became aware that someone was stood in front of me waiting patiently for my attention. I looked up.
Cody was stood in front of me; his hands were stuffed in his pockets and he looked totally out of his comfort zone.
Sophie Milestone...

I seemed to be able to control traffic lights. You might laugh – and I’d done it for fun when I was little – I’d think them to be green when they were on red and they would immediately change – I’d kind of treated it as a game – it took me a while to figure out that it really was me controlling them and not just chance.
As I got older I kind of took it for granted that if I wanted Dad to get home quicker I would think them all green.
If I was angry however, they would go completely haywire – they would either all stay on red – which wasn’t really a problem; I could usually calm myself down enough to make them change – it was when they all went to green at once that was the problem… I’ve caused traffic chaos a few times over the years.
Anyway – more recently I’ve been able to control stuff a lot better and I’d convinced myself that it was all my imagination and that I was completely normal. Only other stuff was happening and I was beginning to worry that there was something really odd going on…
Joshua Johnson

I squeezed my eyes more tightly shut and tried my best to ignore my brother’s insistent voice, Oh go away; you’re interrupting my time with Josh.
“Yeah?” I replied stupidly. Well I was sleeping. It wasn’t always easy to distinguish between the spoken word and the one transmitted by mind…
I’m in your head, stupid – shut up! My brother’s amused voice had me awake in seconds.
I sat up, instantly on my guard. Where are you?
He sounded relieved that I was finally back in the real world, I’m outside the window, waiting for you to open it so I can get past the rottweilers at the gates.
I scrambled off my bed and headed for the window. I’m on it. He wasn’t actually talking about the dogs; he was talking about our uncle’s minions....
Kallie Jacobson

 Ryder rolled his eyes. “For Christ sakes guys –how many times? I’m human! They’re not after me!”
I exchanged a glance with Wesley who was looking at him in despair.
I cleared my throat, “he’s right,” I said quietly, “He’s able to fly under the radar – we know we can trust him and we know he’s the best person for the job.”
“We also know that we’re up against murderers and he’s got no defence against them whatsoever.”
Damn him; he always had to say things like that. Ryder looked at him indignantly, “I’m not completely helpless you know,” he said.
I sighed, “Look – whatever’s been said, it’s said – let’s move on. Ryder – you can go; Wesley –back off.”
Wesley gave me a murderous stare and then turned on his heel and stalked off out of the room.

Joshua Johnson

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