Saturday, 18 May 2013

White Water...coming soon

We were walking together from English to Science and I saw Cody coming the other way. I groaned. Faron snorted with amusement at my discomfort. He kind of knew all about my terrible crush – I’d been complaining to him constantly since I’d first had to deal with Cody at the payment booth…
“Here comes lover boy.” Faron teased.
“Right back atcha.” I murmured as I saw who was behind him, “There’s Jared.”
“Oh, holy crap! This is so embarrassing now that you know!” Faron tried to make himself as inconspicuous as possible, but Jared had already removed himself from the crowd he was walking with and was making a beeline for him.
“Hey – Faron!” He called with a great big smile.
Faron made an incoherent squeaking noise that I took as panic and looked as though he was about to bolt in the opposite direction. I grabbed his arm and turned to him. “Don’t be stupid.”
Sophie Milestone, White Water...coming soon