Friday, 17 May 2013

White Water...coming soon....

 “Dean isn’t right for me.”
“I could have told you that, weeks ago.”
He nodded with the ghost of a smile on his beautiful face. “Then why did you ask him out for me?”
Ah – he’d got me there. “Well – you wanted me to – what are friends for?” I know – as lame as they  come, but I’d been caught on the back foot…
“He hasn’t come out to his parents – by all accounts his dad would rather see me dead than see his son truly happy – so I’m thinking I should end it now before one or other of us gets too fond of the other.”
“So – you’re not… too fond of him… yet?”
Faron looked me straight in the eye and my stomach went all fluttery as I gazed back at him – surely he must have guessed by now how I felt about him?
 “No.” he said firmly. “I’m really not.”
I breathed a silent sigh of relief. “Right, well – you know – whatever you think is right.”
Faron frowned at me – I’m not surprised – I was being a right dick. “What would you do?” he asked.
“Um, well – now you come to mention it – I’d probably finish it – I finished with Chelsea last night…” I held my breath wondering what he’d say to that.
I chanced a look at him and nodded. “Yeah – it wasn’t going anywhere – and she fancies Brad Higgins – he’s more her type…” Damned right he was more her type – he was straight for starters…
Faron seemed to be in a world of his own; he was barely listening.
“Did you hear me?”
He jumped and looked at me a little guiltily. “Um – sorry – no I didn't.” he blushed. “I was wondering how best to tell Dean it was over...”
Jared, White Water...coming soon