Friday, 14 June 2013

Operation Boyfriend...coming soon

“You know, I’ve been thinking…”
I looked up. “What?”
Dallas looked up from his task – he was painting my toenails for me – bright red – and yes, they looked absolutely fantastic. He grinned at me. “It’s really quite a plan – I’m very proud of myself of thinking up such a fine plan. Well, to be honest,” he shrugged modestly, “– it’s a total no-brainer. You just have to make him jealous.” He blew across his handiwork to aid the drying. It felt nice.
“Jealous?” I looked at him doubtfully. “He slept with someone else, Dal, so I’m not sure jealousy will actually feature – I clearly wasn’t good enough for him to wait for – what on earth could I do to make him want me back?”
“He needs to see what he’s missing.” Dallas grinned confidently and leaned forward slightly to grab my other leg so he could start on the next foot – his enthusiasm was catching. I found myself grinning back at him as he planted a little kiss on my ankle.
I loved it when he really grinned – it was the only time the dimple in his right cheek was so obvious – and I’d always loved that dimple…
I raised an eyebrow. “Go on then,” I said with a laugh, “– I’m listening.”
He leaned in towards me conspiratorially and lowered his voice to just above a whisper. “If you’ve got a new boyfriend – one that loves and adores you – one that positively worships the ground you walk on – and tells everyone how absolutely fantastic you are – he’s gonna want you back, like that.” Dallas snapped his fingers. The snap was very impressive.
I looked at him bemused. “Well, okay – that’s as maybe; but where am I gonna find myself such a perfect boyfriend?”
He stood up and swept a bow. “Look no further – I’m right here.” He said sitting back down and pulling my leg back onto his lap. He dipped the brush back in the bottle and carefully started applying the bright red polish to my big toe; a big sappy grin on his face.
Faith, Operation Boyfriend...coming soon...