Monday, 5 December 2011

Duran Duran...

Okay, I know Duran Duran aren't as good today as they were back in the eighties (back in my yoof) but I can't help it - I still love them. So when my sister asked me last year if I wanted to go and see them, I thought back to 1985 and my Dad putting his foot down and not letting me go (even though I had a ticket) to Birmingham NEC with my sisters (they were 20 and 21 at the time!!). He said the weather was too bad and my sisters weren't old enough to look after me!! I was heartbroken at the time and I'm not sure if I've actually ever forgiven him...well okay, of course I have but still - I was in love with Nick Rhodes at the time...and I decided that I had to go!
So they may be a little wrinklier and not so gorgeously handsome anymore (but let's face it - neither am I!) but I am very excited to be finally seeing my heros from back in the day! What do you think the odds are of Wham! reforming.....?
I shall tell you all about it when I get back!