Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Have had the best night!
Halloween is a pretty big event in our house - we decorate it all up and have the family around for the evening.
All the kids in the neighbourhood go trick or treating and they get a surprise when they come to ours.
Tonight we had gravestones in the garden lit up with tea lights in jam-jars. The chiminea was lit and we were all in the conservatory which was lit up with halloween lanterns and carved out pumpkins lit from the inside with tea lights too.
I was dressed as Bellatrix Le Strange. Both of my lovely girls were pirates, and amongst the guests were zombies, slytherins (complete with dark marks!) witches, wizards and vampires.
It was great fun and I'm completely exhausted now!
We are now looking forward to Saturday night, which is of course Bonfire Night - think we'll be visiting Markeaton Park at Derby for their annual fireworks event - I can't wait!!
As soon as that's over I start looking forward to Christmas!!!
Happy Halloween everyone!