Friday, 21 October 2011


Woooohoooo! I'm off for five days now!
I don't think we'll be doing anything particularly exciting, but it's still a nice break from the old routine innit?
We're definitely going to town tomorrow to do a little shopping and then we have four days to do as we like. Brilliant.
I'm hoping that the Euro Millions lottery will be kind to me and give me the winning ticket, but since that isn't really likely I'm not pinning too much hope on it...
Ooh, exciting stuff - Autumn watch tonight...yes I know I only watch it because of Chris Packham...and then tomorrow night is X Factor  - if that Frankie bloke gets through again I'm not going to watch anymore!!!!!
Anyways, have a great weekend and I'm sure I shall be writing again soon (particularly if that Frankie bloke gets through....!)