Sunday, 13 November 2016

November newsletter... A great big thank you!

You've no doubt noticed that my Studs and Steel series has launched and that I currently have no book cover for Simon... Spellbound, which is number five in the series... and that's because I've not found the perfect cover for it yet! I'm working on it though... Alfie is number three in the series and I'm currently working on it with Buzz Bedazzled at number four.  and I'm planning at least another one after Stake Out... (number six) Number seven is called Seth... Saved but I have no idea what I'd call number eight  in the series or who it would be about. Possibly Jake (Jodie's ex) or Thai.... that's as far as I've got... I will of course keep you posted.
May I just take this opportunity to thank everyone who have bought record numbers of my Boy Next Door series - and even more exciting - Peyton Protected, the first in this new series - I'm absolutely bowled over! Thank you all so much!

And finally.... Just a quick reminder that my latest book in the Boys Next Door series is currently available for pre-ordering and is released on 1st December and River... Redeemed (Studs & Steel #2) is available for pre-ordering and released on 24th December...