Friday, 11 November 2016

Coming Soon... River... Redeemed Studs & Steel #2

I was bouncing out of my own skin with excitement at seeing Jake again. We chatted on the phone a couple of times a month – but Skype wasn’t really my thing and I wasn’t desperate to look at him – just knowing he was out there and happy to talk to me was enough – but when he walked in I could have shouted with joy. He was finally here! 
“Jake!” I shouted, “Just in time, dude – my dancing slot’s been changed – well, extended,” I rolled my eyes, “Justin’s called in sick – some bug or other he picked up from his little sister.” I glanced around him, “So – where’s the boyfriend?”
He smiled, “He just needed to take a leak – he’ll be right back.”
I hugged him, “He’d better be quick – I’m on in like, two minutes.”
I leaned up and kissed his cheek, “See you later  – let me know what you think of my new moves.”
He chuckled as I made my way to my podium. It was Thursday night and that meant I was wearing a little more clothing than I did on the weekends. I had on my ripped skinny jeans that showed off my muscled thighs beautifully, teamed up with a sleeveless tee shirt that was also artfully ripped. I had my good old red Converses on and I felt a million dollars.
The music changed to indicate that the dancers were about to start off their numbers and I glanced to my left and then my right to Simon and Chase. They were my co-dancers for the night and we all had moves that gave the crowd instant wood.
I closed my eyes, a smile on my face. I was as close to being in heaven tonight as I’d ever been.

I opened my eyes again, my body knew exactly what it was doing to the music and I could scan the crowd to see if I could get eye contact with Jake. Even as I was planning on getting off as early as possible I found myself staring into the most startling pair of bright, sparkly eyes and they were staring back at me with as much interest as I was feeling for him. I’d never felt such an immediate attraction to anyone else, ever before in my life – it was almost like we had a connection. It was so intense I almost lost the beat of the music. Wow. He was seriously attractive. Maybe I’d have to blow Jake and his boyfriend off in favour of this seriously hot twink… Oh… maybe not. He’d turned to the guy stood with his back to me. Damn. It looked like he was with him… I was wasting my time then – but I still couldn’t tear my eyes away. The guy with his back to me turned to the side to hear what Gorgeous was saying to him... Holy shit – the beautiful guy was with someone, alright – and that guy was Jake...
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