Friday, 24 June 2016

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“Please don’t leave me.” Sam whispered, breaking my heart and making me wonder just what the hell I thought I was doing.
But I knew I was doing the right thing – there was only one way forward for us – and that was for me to go crawling back to Dad – then I’d have money. I could make something of myself and then I’d go back and find Sam – and I’d get him out of that awful place and I’d look after him…
“I have to, Sam – but don’t give up on me – I’ll come back for you – I promise.” 

I broke that promise – not on purpose – I went back and he’d gone and I had no idea where to find him…

I stared at him. He might just have been the person I’d been waiting for my whole life – and he belonged to my best friend – and that really sucked but it was the way it was...

Everyone was hooking up around here – and I didn’t mean just for the night either.

Peyton and Kody had kicked it all off – the monogamy thing that is... They’d been a couple for over a year now and everyone knew they were totally exclusive.
And then River went and followed suit – now that really was a surprise. He’d been on anything with a pulse for as long as I’d known him. He was everyone’s sweetheart until he went and got jiggy with his best friend’s boyfriend and wham! True love.
Not great for Jake but whatever – they seem to have worked it all out between the three of them now... and River and Jodie were getting married next spring.
Alfie was sorted with Harley the cop – and Simon was seen in the company of the same mystery man more times than he wasn’t. He just hadn’t gotten around to admitting it to himself – or us lot – yet.
Seth and Siobhan were also solid – so... that just left me.
And I wasn’t bothered really... Well, you know – I did wonder when I was finally going to find Mr Right.
I never expected it to happen on our quietest night...
I never expected it to love at first sight...
And I really didn’t expect it to be a twink...

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I crouched down next to the filthy, stinking mattress and stroked Alfie’s hair, “It’s okay, baby.” I whispered, “I’ve got you now – you’re safe again.”
He whimpered and backed away from my touch. I bit my lip, willing myself not to cry for him. “Lionel Hessey will go down for a very long time for this, Alfie – I promise you.”
He looked up at me, his massive blue eyes still filled with fear and horror at what he’d been through, “Th-thank you.” He managed to whisper.
“I need to get you to the hospital with all the others now.” I said.
He frowned at me, “The others?” he asked, “What others?”
You’re not alone here – it’s like a holding camp – all around your age – or younger. You were going to be sold to some guy in London who has connections with some place abroad – we got here just in time.”
He blinked, his jaw dropping, “Oh, God.” He muttered.
“Did he hurt you?”
He nodded, “Yeah.” He said, “A lot.”

The anger welling up inside of me was almost too much for me to bear but I couldn’t show it. I didn’t want to frighten Alfie anymore than he already was. I had to be strong for him because God knows he needed me to be...

Harley.... Studs and Steel #4