Saturday, 18 June 2016

Boys Next Door series continues...

Homosexuals,” Gran scoffed, as she watched the news clip about the Gay Pride parade I’d been to with Jordan the day before. It had been absolutely amazing – not as amazing as what happened after the parade back in his room but still... “There’s no such thing.”
I cleared my throat. I was going to have to educate her... “Actually there is,” I started, even though Dad was giving me a death glare from across the table and shaking his head warningly. Well stuff that. I’d had enough of hiding in the closet, “ it’s all to do with the balance of hormones in the womb while the baby develops...”
She snorted, “Oh, that’d be right – blame the womenfolk – typical.”
I blinked, “I wasn’t blaming anyone…”
“Perverts, they are.” she said, as Dad rolled his eyes and started to cut up his piece of steak with a little more vigour than was strictly necessary. “All just twisted, perverted, disgusting creatures – they’re just choosing to be different – they’ll all go to hell.”
I looked across at Dad. He damned well knew I was gay. When was he going to stand up for his only son against the old harridan? Errr, that would be never...
Right. That was it, then. I was outta here. Once she started spouting all of her religious crap it was time for me to make a sharp exit. I’d heard enough anyway. If she carried on and I stayed there was every chance World War three might be triggered.
 I pushed my chair backwards and stood up. I wasn’t going to listen to anymore of her ridiculous prejudice. I strode towards the door to the hall, I’d eat later. I just wanted to go to my room and call Jordan.
"And where do you think you’re going, young man?” Dad growled from his seat at the head of the table.
I turned around and looked him in the eye. He and Mum were just as bad as Gran for not defending me against her. We might not have discussed it openly but they both knew. It wasn’t as if I could hide it when Jordan insisted on holding my hand every time he came around. Thinking of Jordan lifted my spirits – and gave me the confidence to stand up to the old bitch...
"Hell, apparently.” I said coolly and stalked out of the room.
Grandma dropped her fork, “What?” she gasped, “Taylor?”
I couldn’t resist turning back to see what sort of an effect it had had on her. I poke my head back around the door and nodded, “Yeah, me,” I said, “And just so you know, Grandma – I didn’t choose to be homosexual.”
Grandma looked at me, horrified sympathy all over her face that I’d been struck down with the terrible homosexual disease.... “Oh, Taylor, of course you didn’t choose...”
I just couldn’t resist winding her up for her outdated and frankly offensive views. I cut in over whatever stupid comment she was going to come out with next, “But I guess I just got lucky!”
Mum’s jaw dropped and she glared at me for my cheek. It took all of my willpower not to laugh out loud. I smirked back at her. Okay so it was devilish behaviour to out myself like that – but she’d damned well driven me to it. I winked before I shot off to my room, grinning to myself. I couldn’t wait to tell Jordan...
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