Sunday, 29 May 2016

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“Come on, mate – we need to go shopping for some decent stuff to wear while we’re there.”
I shook my head, “Uh, no...”
Harry took my arm firmly and nodded, “Oh, yes you are,” he said, “You’re the only one out of the four of us with an eye for what looks good.”
I rolled my eyes, “Yeah, right.” I scoffed.
He looked at me, his face serious, “Aw, c’mon Angel – you must realise that you’re like a male model.”
I look at him incredulously, “Get. Lost.” I said, “My nose is fat and my lips are too big, I’ve got eyes like an anime character and my hair is completely tragic if I don’t straighten it – which makes it as dry as hell....” I could have gone on but he’d started to laugh at me.
“You’re such a diva.” He chortled, “You know damned well girls drool all over you – and half the lads too.”
I blinked. I really didn’t know that. I was kind of in a bubble with Kayleigh all of the time. If I wasn’t with her – I was with Harry and the guys.... I honestly had no idea so many people found me attractive. “They do not...”
He shook his head, “Oh, Angel,” he said, “You really have absolutely no idea, do you?”
I shrugged, “Guess not.” I murmured.
We met Justin and Brad at the tram stop and all piled on. I was sat opposite Brad and Harry was opposite Justin.
Justin looked across at me, “Hey, Angel,” he said, “What sort of sunscreen should we take?”
I frowned as I looked at his skin tone. He was pretty pale, “I think you need at least twenty-five.”
His face fell, “Shit, man.’ He said, “I’ll never get a tan.”
I rolled my eyes, “How much of a tan do you think you can achieve in four days?”
He scowled, “It’s alright for you with your perfect skin.”
My jaw dropped, “Perfect?” I squawked, “Get real – I get spots just like you do.”
“And that’s something else you can help me with,” he said seriously, “– what should I use on my face.”
I was about to tell him that he could sort his own spot program out, but then I looked at him. He was genuinely asking, and his face had gone a bit red, “We’ll have a look when we get there.” I said.
He grinned, “Thanks mate.” He said, “Brad gets all the girls and I get all the mingers – I’m sure it’s because he’s more confident – and doesn’t have spots...”
I sighed, “they’re not mingers – don’t be cruel.”
He rolled his eyes, “You’ve got no idea.” He muttered.
No, maybe I didn’t...
We all piled back off the tram in the centre of town and headed straight for Starbucks on my request.  I really couldn’t face hours of traipsing around town without a latte first.
Harry and Brad were deep in conversation about some girl that Brad was interested in. “I’ll leave it till after we come back from Magaluf – or she’ll get all peak about me banging chicks while I’m there.”
Seriously? How old were we? He sounded like he was still in high school. And banging chicks? Jesus. I sincerely hoped I’d never said anything so damned crass. I racked my brains but I really didn’t think so.
Harry was regarding me with amusement, “No,” he said, “You’ve never said anything like that – and neither have I.”

 I grinned.

Available Now for Pre-Ordering... Release date 15th July 2016