Friday, 4 March 2016

The Boys Next Door Series continues...

One year ago…

I blinked in the morning sun. Turning over I realised I was alone. I frowned slightly, so where the hell was Gabe?
I scrambled out of bed, keeping an ear out for sounds from the kitchen. We’d have to be careful again today – Dad and Georgina were coming back from their cruise and we’d have to go back to being ‘brothers’ again… something we’d gotten quite practiced at over the last year or so.
I grabbed my jeans off the floor where I’d discarded them in double-quick time the night before and padded down the hall towards the stairs, eager to find him and enjoy a last few minutes of freedom before they arrived home.
I made my way down the hall, which took me straight past his bedroom. His door was open. His bed was made. I frowned. That really wasn’t like him; Gabe was, aside from myself, the untidiest person I’d ever known…
“He’s gone.” Dad’s low timbre made me jump.
I whirled around. Dad was stood inside his and Georgina’s bedroom. His face was pale and he looked stressed, “Gone?” I asked in confusion, “Gone where?”
He shrugged, “Just gone – we got back late last night – well, early hours, you know…”
My eyes widened as I realised what that sentence meant, “Oh, God…” I whispered.
Dad shook his head, “What the hell were you guys thinking?”
I swallowed. It was time he knew the real me. “We love each other…” It sounded so pathetic, but it was true – we’d been secretly in love from almost the first time we’d been introduced…
Dad sighed, “Yeah, okay – I understand that you’re confused…”
I frowned at him, “Confused?” I scoffed, “I’m not confused about anything – and neither is Gabriel – we just want to be together.”
He nodded, “Well, that’s not about to happen any time soon, Dakota – Georgina flipped her lid when we found her son in your bed fast asleep, naked and wrapped around you. She had no idea that Gabe had those sorts of feelings.”
I rolled my eyes. Was it really that abhorrent to them? Did being straight count for more than being happy? And ‘those sorts of feelings’? What the hell was that all about? Couldn’t he say the word ‘gay’ anymore? “Well, you’d better call her and get them to come back so we can all discuss this properly.”

Dad gave me a pained look, “You don’t seem to understand, son – she’s gone – she’s left me because of this – and she’s taken Gabe with her.”

Dakota... Equal Measures... Coming Soon....