Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Toby... Captivated (Riverside #4) coming soon....

“What time was her flight?” Tom shouted over his shoulder as we all piled out of the house and ran for the V-Dub.
I shrugged helplessly, “I dunno – I think she said it was around eleven?” I honestly couldn’t remember. I’d just sat on my bed for hours after she left before I couldn’t stand it anymore and felt the need to share my heartbreak with the rest of my family.
Will nodded, “We’ll be able make it then – we’ll get you there, buddy.”
Trey pushed me into the back of the van and piling in behind me he slammed the door shut and we both hurriedly pulled our seat belts into place, “Hit the gas!” he yelled to the front of the van.
Banging on the side of the van had us all thrown forward as Will hit the brakes. “What the…?” he managed before the door was wrenched open and Sam and Luca both piled in, “Couldn’t miss this.” Sam panted, “We ran all the way.”
I gaped at them both, “Seriously?” I muttered.
Sam grinned and leaned forward, “We might not be blood-related, fella,” he said, punching my arm, “But you’re still my brother and I love you – I want to see you get back with Robyn.”
Luca grinned and nodded at me from where he was sat, “Me too.” He said, “You’re perfect together.”
Will hit the gas once everyone was safely strapped in and we were finally off. I allowed myself a smidgen of hope. If I could stop her from leaving we might have a chance…
Tom turned around to us, a huge grin on his face, “This is so awesome,” he shouted, “I never thought I’d be involved in a mercy run!”
Will chuckled as he pulled onto the main road towards the motorway, “Me either,” he agreed, “I did think you’d end up being a getaway driver at one point.”
That earned him a punch; rubbing his arm and grinning at Tom’s scowling face, he shot a look at me through the rear view mirror, “I just hope we make it.” He said.
As we turned onto the motorway, all six of us groaned in unison as our hearts collectively sank. It was bumper to bumper with the “40” signs over each lane. Shit – why did there have to be an accident now…?
“Well, we may as well still try,” Will said, trying his best to remain cheerful and upbeat, “It can’t stay like this forever.”
I sighed and looked gloomily ahead. All we could see were four rows of cars for miles and miles and miles... “It’s hopeless.” I muttered.

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