Sunday, 3 January 2016

Kiss The Boy...(Boy Next Door series #1)

“What do you mean?” Mike whispered, his eyes huge in his face and his mouth hanging open.
“Shhhhh!” I pressed my finger up to his lips as I shushed his declaration of surprise and looking over my shoulder as if I expected Liam to be right behind me. I’d given him the slip in the bathroom and half of me was relieved that I’d got away to sort out my confused brain – the other half of me was terrified that he’d get lost while he was finding his way back to the tent and I’d never see him again – it’s weird the way your mind works when it’s buzzing with alcohol.
“Sorry,” Mike whispered back in the quiet of the night, “but I’m a little bit out of the loop here – you’re gonna have to start from the beginning, man.”
I nodded, trying to gather my scattered wits. “Liam and I got drunk – I pretended that I was a little more drunk than I really was so he’d loosen up a bit and stop being so damned careful around me – and we kissed and it was the best moment of my life…”
Mike frowned at me, “And that’s a problem because?” he asked.
I stared at him, “Because I told him I was straight – he thinks I’m straight, Mike.” I had no idea why I was spilling my guts to Mike – it’s not like we were really close or anything – he was far more friendly with Liam, Dakota, Ben and Ross than he was with me because they all did sports together, but still – he’d always been a sound guy and I needed his advice.
“But you’re obviously not.” He said bluntly, “Anyone with half an eye can see that, Paris.” He smiled at me, “And Liam’s a really good friend of mine and he adores you, so why don’t you just go back to your own tent and tell him the truth?”
I shook my head sadly, “I can’t – he’s all about some guy at the running club – I’m just a holiday romance.” I sighed dramatically. I think Mike might have had a point about me…
Mike snorted, looking at me as if I was completely stupid, “Aw come off it – he’s been all about you since we were kids, ‘Paris this and Paris that’ – and this is a lads fishing weekend,” he added with a frown, clearly irritated that I was making it sound so much less manly, “– not a holiday…”
I brightened, ignoring his jibe about it being only a weekend away. I didn’t give two shits what he thought about my calling his lads weekend a holiday. It was a holiday as far as I was concerned – not all of us were rich kids. Some of us didn’t get a million holidays a year like him and Ross (and Ross only got them because he went with Ben everywhere). I focused on what he’d said about Liam instead, “Really?” I asked, my heart in my mouth, “You really think he likes me – like that?”
“Yes,” he said, clearly getting exasperated with me, “I really, really think he does.” He replied, “Now do one and find him – tell him you love him and want to have his babies and let me get the hell to sleep!”
He was quite sexy when he got all bossy like this, “Yes, sir.” I said with a flutter of my eyelashes.
He laughed, “Go on, get lost.”

I marched back to the tent, all set to tell him that I was gay and in love with him – but he still wasn’t back. That was okay – I’d get into my sleeping bag to keep warm and I’d tell him just as soon as he got back… Well, that was totally my intention but instead I fell to sleep and by the morning I’d forgotten all about my plan to tell him I loved him…

Paris, Kiss the Boy (Boy Next Door #1) Pre-Order Now; release date 1st February 2016